Zion Temple COGIC Memphis – Battle Of The Mind: Part II

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On 10/18/15 Pastor Rosman Randle of Zion Temple COGIC in Memphis, TN preached part II of a POWERFUL sermon titled; Battle of the Mind. In our daily life we battle against the mind on what we should do and just struggles of life. Through this sermon souls were saved, minds prayed for and the altar was full of souls crying out to Jesus. Pastor Randle invites you out to Zion Temple COGIC for prayer Monday through Friday from noon until 1pm and to Sunday Worship each Sunday at 10am. Hope to see you there.

Louisiana 16, Mt Zion, Racing, Creole Cowboys | Louisiana: The State We’re In | 07/06/18

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André Moreau visits with a history investigator. She is working to link the past with the present, focusing on the domestic slave trade of 19th century Louisiana and the descendants of those once enslaved here.

Visit a Baton Rouge church that is celebrating 160 years in existence, plus the role it played in social and civil rights milestones, not just locally but nationally.

Horse Racing in Louisiana is a billion dollar industry. Kelly Spires will take a look at how the ‘track’ has evolved in Louisiana.

Meet a Louisiana photographer who is remaking the cowboy image to better reflect history with a project about Creole horse riders.

Mt. Zion Fellowship Video | Church in Highland Hills

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At Mount Zion Fellowship we have a simple mission and vision. Our Mission is to preach, teach and live in a way that encourages the salvation of souls through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a ministry in pursuit of excellence through world evangelism, community outreach, educational development and the economic empowerment of all people.

We are an inclusive church. All persons of every race, national origin, economic condition and geographic location are welcome to attend and participate in our worship service and to seek membership here. We are a ministry in pursuit of excellence, pressing toward the mark of the higher calling. Utilizing all tools created by Christ to chase after his heart

Visit us online today at www.mtzionfellowship.org for more information about our church.


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Mt. Zion Experience (Mt. Zion Church Nashville, TN)

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Mt. Zion Experience (Mt. Zion Church Nashville, TN)
Pastor- Bishop Joseph W. Walker III,
Credits Videography Erica E. Mills/ Betsy Stublefield/Daemon Watson
Producer/Director/Editor Daemon Watson
Graphics Dywaun Brown
Written by Daemon Watson
Featuring Mt.Zion Nashville Church Family.

Tis The Old Ship Of Zion – The Gospel Imperials ,”Heaven”

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The CD begins with the live recording of “You Been So Good.” Mr. Holman seems to be at his best while singing a ballad and this song is no exception. Some may compare the vocals on this song to The Cantons. However, any similarities are strictly coincidental. For, The Gospel Imperials have a sound that is certainly unique and is in no way an attempt to mimic another group.

“See My Way Through” is the next song on this CD. This mid-tempo song will have you tapping your feet and moving your head from side to side. The background harmony on this song is one of the best. The instrumentation is just right. It is safe to say that on all of the songs the musicians never overpower the vocals.

The next song is “Send It On Down.” Yes, this song has been recorded by numerous artists. The Gospel Imperials has just updated the arrangement and added, what we describe as, that Huntsville, Alabama, touch to it. Meaning, it has a down home feel to it. Very little instrumentation, with drums that appear to resemble foot tapping in that “ole wooden church.”

“I Know I’ve Been Born Again” is another ballad. It is followed by “I’ll Be Free” and “You Brought Me.” The next song is “Tis The Old Ship Of Zion.” No, this is not the Jubes’ version of this song. One would have to admit, however, that there are resemblances to the Jubes. This is another song that showcases the background harmony. Now, this one will remind you of gospel quartet songs from the 60s and 70s.

The eighth song on the CD is “Do You Know Him.” This is an updated version to a very traditional gospel song. This is another song that really showcases all of the vocal talents of the group. The guys have added little variations to the lyrics and an upbeat tempo to make this song their own. This one should get plenty of airplay.

“Heaven (I Want To See Him)” is the title track. This is the song “Oh, I Want To See Him.” It was most recently recorded by Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s. In this instance, The Gospel Imperials have added to the lyrics in a way that does not take away from the well know lyrics, but at the same time focuses on Heaven. The original lyrics to this song do not contain the word Heaven. Of course, there is no disputing that Heaven is the place this song references. So, The Gospel Imperials have just made it clear for all that Heaven is the place where we will see Him.

The final track is “Sign Me Up.” This song has a country music arrangement to it. You may think that you are hearing the steel guitar on this one. This is another song that should get much airplay on gospel and country music stations. – Gloryland Gospel Music.