Latest Method On How To Fix/Repair Your Dead Water Damaged & Rescue Apple iPhone 6 6s 2016

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Please follow my method on how to bring back your dead Apple iPhone 6 6s. This method will work on ALL of Mainboard/Motherboard/IC Chips/Circuit Board from “Water Damaged”! Either you drop your device into toilet, sink, pool, and etc.

Successful fixed my customer iPhone 6 with my method. Customer brought this phone to me when it will not turned on at all and totally dead. Tools needed it include in my previous videos shown below, must watch to see it and believe it! Don’t give up and “Just Do It!”.

This is a tutorial on how to disassemble a water damaged Apple iPhone 6 & 6s smartphone. Please click on below links to link to my other tutorial videos on how to remove mainboard, motherboard, circuit board with step-by-step instructions.

*DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS! Not Liable For Any Damages To All Of Your Mainboard/Motherboard/Logic Board!!! USED IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS!

Easiest Way/Method To Repair ANY Water Damaged Phones Without Removing Any Radiation Shields or IC Chips!!!

Unboxing New Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Ultrasonic Full Review:

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 1 (Removal of LCD/Digitizer):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 2 (Removal of Mainboard/Motherboard/Circuit Board):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 3 (Cleaning Process):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 4 (Ultrasonic Cleaning):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 5 (Rescue Successful?):

How To Fix Missing IMEI & No Sound iPhone 6 128GB Rose Gold:

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Another Sunday Morning Cruise Las Vegas

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Another Sunday Morning Cruise Las Vegas West End Boyz 7/2/17 New Location ..
The Rodder Files.
2017. #rodderfiles

Our Lady Of The Mountain Sierra Vista, Arizona | Lonely

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Marco Ramirez
Arizona Media Project

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Rebel 6Ti
G7X Point and shoot
Action Cam

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Rian Fuller (My Daughter) Singing At This Morning’s Church Service.

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Awaken Church September 18, 2016
Charleston S.C.

Angels singing recorded Bethany/Kansas extended

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I absolutely loved this and could not get enough of it so I extended the length this way I could listen to it for 15 mins over and over lol.
I decided to make a video as well and I wanted to share with all those who feel the same as I do when listening to these Angels Praising the Lord Jesus Christ.
I lowered the sound somewhat for quality purposes and I removed the very beginning part of the singing in Bethany Israel..I also have mixed the songs but put the singing from Bethany specifically at the beginning and at the end.
when you begin to hear Hallelujah that is the singing from Kansas (not totally sure on the city)
Many people will not believe that this could happen and their not expected to understand if they don’t have the Holy spirit (Jesus Christ) living in them.
As a true believer in Christ we have been given spiritual discernment which is an intimate insight and wisdom which allows us to make a distinction and perceive what is from God and what is not from the Lord.
Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.” (Matthew 13:11) “Do not trust every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they belong to God” (1 Jn 4:1)

All the details which I found regarding both of these incidents I have put word for word below.

According to this report, it happened in a church in Kansas City, Kansas; however, I have differing reports as to its origin. It is within the realm of possibility that God allowed this manifestation in more than one place!
Near the end of the song there is a brief male solo. Exact words sung are difficult to discern, and listeners have speculated on what they are. I have taken their feedback and re-listened a dozen or more times myself, and the following seems to be correct, with a friend’s view added in parentheses, taken from his better equipment:
“Halleluyah(s), breathe it (or ringing) all across the land

Everybody’s singing at the Lord’s command

All the saints and the angels up in glory wait to hear the news

of Jesus and his children that (or as) they’re coming soon (through).

Halleluyah, halleluyah, etc.
Listeners have speculated on the words of the male solo at the end, especially the last line. I have taken their feedback and re-listened a dozen or more times myself, and the following seems to be correct:
“Halleluyah, breathe it all across the land
Everybody’s singing at the Lord’s command
All the saints and the angels up in glory wait to hear the news
of Jesus and his children that they’re coming soon.
Halleluyah, halleluyah, etc.
The name of the narrator is Claude C. Hargis, a Messianic Jew who went home to be with the Lord over ten years ago. I met him on several occasions and became friends with him. He ministered for a number of years in Oklahoma City and Pampa, Texas during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Bethany Israel 1973

This recording was made from an audio cassette tape. I still have the tape and it’s labeled “Angels singing Bethany Israel November 1973. This recording that was given to my Dad at a Businessmen Fellowship Association (a Christian group of buisness guys) in Nashville, TN back in 1981. I have the copy that was given to my Dad and it’s old so the quality is kinda poor.
The recording’s back story: During a religious outing of some sort, a group of folks were at a very old Church in Bethany Israel. It was stressed that the Church had no electricity thus no sound equipment either. It was an old historic Christian Church. While the group was visiting they started singing the Hallelujah. When they finish (about 15 seconds in) you can hear a very beautiful and haunting chorus start up. If you listen closely, you can hear the people whispering and praying as well as if they are overwhelmed. It gives me major goosebumps every time I hear it. I have not altered the recording in any way, I wanted to keep it as is.

“Love Song” – Live Worship from Journey Community Church

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Zach Loomis sings “Love Song” from the “Not Forgotten” live DVD.

Purchase on iTunes at

(C) 2012 Journey Creative Publishing

El Reno house fire kills three children

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The grieving parents of three young children who died in a house fire Monday are working through the shock of their loss while thanking the community for its comfort and support.


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We drove down to Tucson, Arizona to see the new Mormon temple. When a new temple is built, the LDS church will have an open house where the public can take a free tour inside the temple. We got some great footage outside the temple, but we weren’t allowed to film inside the temple.

If you would like to see inside the temple, please check out this video:

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