Marvin Winans Sings Before He Preaches in Phoenix

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Bishop-Elect Marvin L. Winans sings before he preaches for the final night of the Fresh Rain Conference 2016 in Phoenix Arizona held it from the rest Baptist Church presided by Bishop Alexis Thomas on 1/22/2016

My Edited Video: Holy Family Catholic Church, Tucson AZ.

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Virtual Surround Tour of Holy Family Catholic Church, Tucson AZ.

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Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church, El Paso, Texas

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Just so you know- we recorded this interview inside of a rather large Church with high ceilings. There is an odd sound quality to this recording. Hope you do not judge this recording by that. I did correct the timing on this. For some odd reason, Youtube was showing the original version at over 35 minutes!

I sat down with Rev. Dr. Lin S. Lilley, the Rector-Elect of St. Alban’s and had a wonderful conversation. After our talk, as we were talking about other things, we both mentioned that St. Alban’s feels like home.

We also discussed some of the history, and beauty of St. Alban’s. The small chapel, and more.

This interview is was done for a story I wrote for the El Paso Herald-Post about the Church. I do hope you enjoy the interview and will read the article.


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USA churches – Catholic churches + in Illinois and Louisiana (St. Louis Cathedral)

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USA churches – Catholic churches + in Illinois and Louisiana (St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans)

-nondenominational church
-United Methodist Church
-St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, Louisiana
-Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Peoria, IL

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Lynchburg, Tennessee

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We had a few moments before our factory tour at the Jack Daniel Distillery, Lynchburg, Tennessee so we took a quick walk around the town, not that far at all … even heard the church bells. Enjoy the walk.

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First Baptist Huntsville: The Gloria Patri and Opening Hymn

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First Baptist Church
Huntsville, AL

June 1, 2014

David Harrison, organist

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