“By The Time I Get To Heaven” (Original)(1973) Star of Bethlehem COGIC Youth Choir

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This is track 4 from the 1973 album “By The Time I Get To Heaven”.
Lead by Tawatha Agee (later to sing with Mtume)
Written by Harvey Lewis Jr.
The Star of Bethlehem Church of God in Christ was founded in May 1955 by the late Mother Ruth Powers. It was located at 1244 5th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. The original name of the church was the “Second Church of God in Christ.” At that time there were only three members, Mother Ruth Powers, who served as General Church Mother until her home-going on January 24, 2000, Mother Janie Jones, and Sister Rosa Walston.

The First pastor appointed to Jurisdictional Bishop Samuel Kelsey to lead this small flock was Elder Gibson. Elder Gibson sowed for two years, and after many obstacles and trials, decided to leave. However, the three members remained. They fasted, prayed, and worked diligently (selling pies, cakes, and dinners) to keep the church doors open.

Later, the late Elder Shaw was appointed by Bishop Kelsey to pastor. Elder Shaw was responsible for changing the name of the church to “Star of Bethlehem Church of God in Christ.” Elder Shaw was not only a preacher, he was also a baker. He worked faithfully in the church, and as a result, the church began to grow. After a year of devoted leadership, Elder Shaw, Bishop Kelsey immediately appointed Elder Wiseman as the pastor. Elder Wiseman served several months and left suddenly.

Elder Metcalf was the fourth pastor appointed to the Star of Bethlehem Church of God in Christ by Bishop Kelsey. He worked very hard and spent his personal monies to help keep the church open. This was a hard time and the church was not progressing very well.

Bishop Kelsey later installed Elder Hammond of Delaware as the fifth pastor of the church. Due to some denominational differences, Elder Hammond served only a few months. Upon the departure of Elder Hammond, Bishop Kelsey reappointed Elder Metcalf as pastor. He again worked faithfully. The progress of the church was slow due to the many changes in leadership. Bishop Kelsey, determined to turn Star of Bethlehem into a “soul saving station” for the Lord, made yet another appointment.

On the third Sunday in March, 1960, Elder Harvey Lee Lewis, Sr. was appointed pastor. Elder Lewis, Sr., the seventh pastor, was accompanied by his wife and their three children, Marie, Harvey, Jr., and Winona. The early years of the ministry were trying and hard, but under Pastor Lewis’ leadership and guidance new members were being added and the church began to grow. Two years after Pastor Lewis’ appointment, Mother Madeline Walston joined the church. The first family to join the church was the family of Mother Esther Jones. Her daughter, Church Mother Shirley Jones Fields and Mother Madeline Walston are yet worshipping with us today.

The first choir was organized by one of the faithful members of the church, Sister Willie Thompson. The choir was made up of children recruited from the neighborhood. Sister Thompson served as president, and Pastor Lewis served as the first choir director, with Mother Lewis as his assistant.

By the fifth year, under Pastor Lewis’ leadership, the church’s membership grew from 3 to 75. The church was progressing spiritually and financially. The church grew to a position where it was able to serve not only the church family, but also the surrounding community. As the church grew, Pastor Lewis saw a need for a larger facility in which to worship. In a tremendous act of faith by the pastor and the Star of Bethlehem congregation, the church family relocated to 2033 11th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., where we continued to grow both spiritually and financially.

As you can see, the “Star” family took an even bigger step of faith and moved into this beautiful edifice at 14th and Colorado. The Lord allowed us to purchase this church without money, when it was not for sale. To God be the glory for the things he has done.

Texas Mass Youth & Young Adult Choir -2014 Spring Workshop Houston, Texas

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Texas Mass Choir 2014 Spring Session. Saturday Night Musical. Hosted by The Houston Chapter GMWA. Host Church, St. John on Dowling. Host Pastor, Rev. Dr. Terrance Grant Malone. TMC President, Kenneth Butler. The video indicates the recording was made in April but that was a typo, it was actually recorded in March.

Miracle Temple Youth Praise Break

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Miracle Temple Churches of America presents Youth In Action For Christ. These are clips of our youth back in 1992 having a praise break after they preached the Word Of God during our youth convention. This is a throwback how we had church back in the day.

How an Unusual Temple Prompting Led a 26-Year-Old Youth Leader to Adopt one of Her Young Women

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Dorothy tells the story of her mother finding the gospel, and the many trials they faced. After a tragic car accident, Dorothy is taken in by her Young Women’s leader and they become a family.

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National Youth Poet Laureate Celebration

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2017 National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman and the 2018 National Youth Poet Laureate finalists participated in a reading and moderated discussion with Michael Cirelli, executive director of Urban Word NYC. Jacqueline Woodson, National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, gave opening remarks. This event is free and open to the public. Presented in partnership with Urban Word.

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Gabriel’s Oboe – Ennio Morricone – NSYO Sinfonia – Northern Sydney Youth Orchestra

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Gabriel’s Oboe by Ennio Morricone. Performed by NSYO Sinfonia conducted by Emily Palethorpe.

“Gabriel’s Oboe features in the soundtrack of the film “The Mission” directed by Roland Joffé with music by Ennio Morricone. The soundtrack was nominated for an Academy Award in 1986 and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. It was selected as the 23rd best film score in American Cinema according to AFI’s 100 Years of Film Scores. The music was also used during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Italian song Nella Fantasia (“In My Fantasy”) is based on the theme “Gabriel’s Oboe” and has been recorded by multiple artists including, Sarah Brightman, Amici Forever, Il Divo, and Russell Watson.”


The NSYO Sinfonia was formed in 1985 and caters for more advanced string players of upper Primary School and Secondary School age. The repertoire includes a variety of popular, folk and classical music. Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays during Public School terms from 4pm to 5:45pm at Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall, Mary St, Beecroft.

The Northern Sydney Youth Orchestra (NSYO)is a non-profit community organisation. Our youth orchestras rehearse weekly at Beecroft in the north-western region of Sydney Australia and present several concerts and special performances each year.

The NSYO changed its name from the Western Youth Orchestras at the beginning of 2006. The change of name is to reflect the location and drawing area of the association. Players come mainly from the northern and north-western suburbs of Sydney, although some members travel from other parts of Sydney, as far as Warriewood, Fairfield and Richmond.

Their website is

WORLD YOUTH CHOIR 2001 – Easter Anthem

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August 2001
First United Methodist Church of Orlando
Orlando, Florida

World Youth Choir 2001 – Easter Anthem
Composed by William Billings
Conductor: Anton Armstrong

Video credit: Yoshinori Koba. Thank you for giving your permission to post these WYC 2001 videos.

#worldyouthchoir #worldyouthchoir2001 #wyc2001 #wyc

New Mount Calvary Baptist Church Memories: Youth Choir #3

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These videos have been posted for all those who ever attended services (in the old sanctuary) at New Mount Calvary Baptist Church located at 4711 Kelley Street in Houston, Texas where Willie Jones was Sr. Pastor. The purpose for these postings is to provide enjoyment of the many memories that we all shared. Hard to believe that time has passed so quickly. All videos listed can be found by entering : New Mount Calvary Baptist Church Memories.