Elevate Conference “ENOUGH” 2017 “The Year Of Mercy” Featuring: Landon Schott

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Palm Springs, CA
Palm Spring Convention Center


This Video was shot on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, and Canon 5D, with Canon lenses.

A special thanks to Everything Captured Photography for additional footage and contribution to this video.

24/7 Live AZ Skies – 1st monsoon this year

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FIRST, would like to thank all new subs.. This originally started as strictly a moon stream, but has morphed to a bit more. The continual stream is a 360` panoramic view of the north Phoenix area of Arizona. On the nights when weather permits and time schedule allows, I break out the scope and get close ups of the moon. I use a Celestron 114LCM telescope and a Twinstar Pro series color camera while on the moon.
While on the 360` cam.. the direction while looking at the flags is north, and the mountain top is south.
This is only a hobby for me that I don’t mind sharing. If you enjoy, hit the thumb up thingy, if not, feel free to say that too… I plan to continue either way. So long as my equipment is up and running at least (sometimes there are issues beyond my control). The images broadcast are the sole property of Gary El 24/7 AZ Skies and may not be rebroadcast or copied without prior permission. Feel free to contact through YouTube home page or if I am in chat.
When it comes to chat.. so long as everyone is respectful, it will remain open at all times. Feel free to share opinions, but do not mock anyone else for their beliefs or opinions of their own. Trolls will be played with until they become boring. But I do encourage open minded chat and all topics are welcome, so long as they are not offensive.

Each Winter as the Year Grows Older – arr. Robert Hobby

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Written by First-Plymouth members William and Annabeth Gay arranged by Robert Hobby.
Sung by the Plymouth Choir of First-Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska on January 25, 2015.
Each winter as the year grows older,
We each grow older too.
The chill sets in a little colder;
The verities we knew
Seem shaken and untrue.

When race and class cry out for treason,
When sirens call for war,
They overshout the voice of reason
And scream till we ignore
All we held dear before.

Yet I believe beyond believing,
That life can spring from death:
That growth can flower from our grieving;
That we can catch our breath
And turn transfixed by faith.

So even as the sun is turning
To journey to the north,
The living flame, in secret burning,
Can kindle on the earth
And bring God’s love to birth.

O Child of ecstasy and sorrows,
O Prince of peace and pain,
Brighten today’s world by tomorrow’s,
Renew our lives again;
Lord Jesus, come and reign!

Grady Nutt Holiday Trailer – 30 Year Anniversary 2 CD Set

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“The Prime Minister of Humor” was an American original loved and revered by millions of people around the world. www.gradynutt.com

Grady Lee Nutt was born September 2, 1934, in Amarillo, Texas. He began his career as a child, singing gospel music on the radio with his mother accompanying him on the piano. Grady became an ordained Baptist minister when he was only 12-years-old. He loved to brag that he had the authority to perform legal weddings of his middle school classmates, making him quite popular.

He grew up and graduated from Baylor University, marrying his college sweetheart, Eleanor Wilson of Memphis, Tennessee. While attending The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, he became the pastor at Graefenburg Baptist Church in Waddy, Kentucky. In his sermons and later performances, he often told stories about how the people at Graefenburg loved him and changed his life. Grady formed life-long friendships while living in Waddy and his Deacon buddy, Odel Smith, became part of Grady’s folklore.

After graduating in 1964, Grady worked for the seminary recruiting students on college campuses all across the American South. While speaking on college campuses, his humorous performances came to the attention of Ralph Edwards, producer of the hit TV shows “Truth or Consequences” and “This Is Your Life.”

Grady’s popularity soon led to many TV appearances, such as “The Mike Douglas Show,” the country’s top-rated daytime talk show. “The Mike Douglas Show” was a nationally syndicated TV show that ran from 1963 until 1982. Grady was often a guest on the show and also hosted the show when Mike was not available..

In 1979, Grady’s big break came when he was added to the cast of Hee Haw, one of the most popular shows in television history. He was dubbed “The Prime Minister of Humor” and given a couple of minutes each episode to do a routine. These routines became instant classics.

Grady also toured the country during his TV career, entertaining thousands with his unique brand of American comedy and storytelling. He wrote several books that appeared on bestseller lists and he released several hit comedy albums and even a Southern Gospel record. He was passionate about visiting with his fans and giving back to his community.

In 1981, NBC aired the sitcom pilot, “The Grady Nutt Show.” The show starred Grady as a minister of a local church. Each week, his church members got involved in some kind of funny crisis and Grady would try to step in and fix it.

On November 23, 1982, Grady finished a speaking engagement in Cullman, Alabama. He boarded a charter flight home and immediately after takeoff, the plane crashed, killing Grady, the pilot and co-pilot. The world and his peers mourned the loss of this great American humorist and story teller.

Macedonian TV Report: 100 year old Macedonian Community in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Macedonian TV journalist Irina Gelevska did a report about the 100 year old Macedonian-American community in Fort Wayne, Indiana featuring highlights from the 43rd Annual Macedonian Ball. Camera: Risto Mishev.

Scottsdale Christian Academy 50th Year Documentary

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{ Scottsdale Christian Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, has a wonderful history full of God’s blessing and provision. During the 2017-2018 school year we celebrate our 50th year of fullfilling the mission that God has called us to. Thank you to everyone who has invested so much time, energy and money into this school. 50 years was simply a good start, and we look forward to the amazing future that God has in store for us.