Commanding Your Year – Bishop Kevin Foreman

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For more from Harvest Church and Bishop Kevin Foreman, visit or visit our Non-Denominational Churches in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Dallas.

“A Church Of Impact!” – Pastor Ontario Jones [T.H.F.G.’s 10th Year Anniversary] PT.4

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Pastor Ontario Jones of the Church At Philadelphia in Fort Worth,TX preaches an amazing message entitled, “A Church Of Impact”, at the Temple of Hope, Faith and Grace’s 10th Year Anniversary Celebration Service! What an AWESOME night!

Bethesda 2012 Year In Review

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Bethesda is one of the fastest growing spirit filled churches in the Greater San Joaquin Fresno area. With powerful progressive worship and innovative and thought provoking messages by Pastor Tobaise Brookins, Bethesda stands out as a must visit church in Fresno. Service times are Sundays 8am, 11am, 6pm and Wednesdays 12pm and 7pm. Visit Bethesda at

Oklahoma City Bombing 15 Year Anniversary: 1st Christian Church

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A church comes to the call of duty on April 19th and weeks after. A place for victims to gather and wait for confirmation on their loved ones’ fate. Aired on KWTV in Oklahoma City/

Trinity Rock Church New Year -12/20/ 2014 – cover Lucy Christ

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Trinity Rock Church – Celebrate New Year

Year In Review: Sex Trafficking Comes to Light In Central Minnesota [VIDEO]

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Our eyes were opened earlier this year with the realization that sex trafficking is a huge problem here in the St. Cloud area.


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Prince Avenue Christian Church 100 year Anniversary Video

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A short video about the first 100 years of Prince Avenue Christian Church in Athens. Georgia area.

Athens Video ( specializes in videography, editing, production, conversions, and duplication. Serving Athens, Oconee, Jefferson, Greensboro, Gainesville, Bogart, Oglethorpe, Winder, Commerce, Monroe, Crawford, metro Atlanta, and anywhere in the United States that has an internet connection.

17 year old shot in Palmdale CA by “L.A. Sheriff deputies responding to a Noise Complaint”

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Armando Garcia-Muro was killed June 22, 2017 in Palmdale, CA while officers “opened fire on an aggressive dog.” Was the killing justified? Was it accidental? Initial reports claim that the teen was “mistakenly shot and killed by ‘skip rounds’ that bounced off the ground and were intended for the pit bull that had allegedly bitten one of the officers.”

How does the language used in the news story affect the public’s perception of this incident? Do you feel that this was an accident? If so, should the officer(s) be held responsible for the boy’s death? Leave a comment below..

Northview Christian Church 20 Year Anniversary Celebration

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I put together a few clips from our 20th Church Anniversary in Dothan, Al on Sunday. I didn’t get all of the footage I wanted to, but it still turned out well I think. Check it out.

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