Bishop Mark Chironna- The Master’s Touch International Church -Orlando, Florida 3 of 3

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Bishop Mark Chironna delivers a powerful message from his pulpit at The Master’s Touch International Church in Orlando Florida from his Series “In the First Fruits God Created: How to operate in the Law of Faith and the Language of Creation”. Essentially, How to use the God given creative power to impact your world, using the same verbage of the bible.

Changing Your World One Thought At A Time | Shaylin Segura | TEDxCarsonCity

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High School Junior Shaylin Segura uses scientific evidences of how thoughts and environment shape reality.

Shaylin Segura is a junior at Carson High School. Although only seventeen, she has seen the world from very
diverse points of view as she has been homeschooled, attended two separate church schools and 3 different middle schools before beginning at Carson High School as a freshman. She also comes from a multicultural background with a mother born in the United States from Italian descent and a father who came into the US illegally as a toddler from a Mexican heritage. This submersion with the array of kids and teachers and lifestyles that is her life has given her a unique perspective and a versatile personality. Shaylin is passionate about her business class and is the vice president of the New Entrepreneur network. She is also a national Lincoln Douglas Speech and Debate competitor, a tennis captain, and singles player. She has played the flute and violin from very young and loves tennis, camping, reading and her bustling family.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Exposed illuminati “Temple of Lucifer” will shock you! (R$E)

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America’s Temple of LUCIFER shocking illuminati Exposed (2016)

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An exclusive look inside America’s biggest Jesuit Temple in Washington DC.

The sheer amount of subliminal anti-Christ symbolism the Luciferians use leaves us without doubt at how important the Truth of Jesus Christ the Messiah is, as everything is centred around inverting Him!

..but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth.
– Acts 19:27

So likewise you, when you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
– Matthew 24:33

There is a wolf coming.

Music (Used with Permission) –
88 Ultra – Sirens – A Thousand & One
Blue Sky Black Death – Angels of Light
korz0n4god – Kingdom of Lies Will Die

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Featuring Pastor Charles Lawson.

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Trinity Church, Downtown Manhattan, New York City.

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Just a look around the church beside the WTC, which is steeped in history….it also features in the Hollywood film ‘National Treasure’, starring Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger along with Sean Bean, Harvey Keitel and Jon Voight.

World Communion Sunday 2018 – Cape Campus – 10/07/18

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World Communion Sunday 2018

Pastor Wes Olds
Taylor King
Recorded on October 7, 2018

Cape Coral Campus

Grace Church
Cape Coral – Fort Myers – Sarasota, FL

‘Is The American Justice System Racist?’ – Shane Smith Asks President Obama (Teaser)

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VICE Special Report: Fixing The System takes an in-depth look at America’s broken criminal justice system and the dire impacts it is having on millions of Americans today. Watch the full trailer:

Fixing The System features President Obama’s historic visit to FCI, El Reno in Oklahoma, the first time a sitting President has toured a prison. The documentary is an an incredibly humanizing look at what’s become a major civil rights issue in America.

Watch the Moment President Obama First Meets Federal Inmates:

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Full documentary will air September 27.

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Bringing The World Into The Church

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The President’s Message delivered by the Reverend Thurmond Tillman, President of the Congress of Christian Education for the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc.; and pastor of First African Baptist Church located in Savannah, GA.

Victory Outreach Reno The World is a Ghetto

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Live on Stage – “The World is a Ghetto”
A Victory Outreach Reno exclusive drama of the life of Pepe Gonzales who grew up in the neighborhood in a life of drugs,alcohol and gang violence. Pepe Gonzales is now the Senior Pastor of Victory Outreach Church in Reno, Nevada.

American fair, Jonesboro, Arkansas

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In this video I’m showing American fair in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States. Hope you will like this video.
Please read my blog to learn more about my life in America:)

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Thank you, guys:)

P.S. Purpose of this video is strictly educational. Disclosure of any confidential data was never intention of this video.

Community Concert Choir of Baltimore~”GOD So Loved the World”

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Community Concert Choir of Baltimore Inc. @ Berea Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church in Baltimore, MD on Sunday December 17, 2017
Listen and be blessed. Dr. Marco K. Merrick~Founding director

The Moment President Obama First Meets Federal Inmates: Fixing the System (Teaser)

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Check out an exclusive clip from VICE and HBO’s upcoming special on criminal justice in the US: ‘Fixing The System’ — it will air September 27. Watch the full trailer:

In the first clip to go live from the special, we see the moment that President Obama meets the inmates and sits down with them for an in-depth conversation. Stay tuned for more prison coverage in the weeks to come, and watch the full-length special this Sunday on HBO.

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The special offers a panoramic perspective on crime and punishment, and will follow all the key characters in America’s sprawling justice system, including prisoners and their families, members of the judiciary, and community reformers.

It will be hosted by VICE founder and correspondent, Shane Smith, and will also feature President Barack Obama’s historic tour of El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma in July, where he met with inmates and prison officials.

“There’s an emerging consensus in this country — on both the right and the left — that the way we treat criminal offenders is utterly broken and weakening our society in profound ways,” Smith said, explaining the significance of the documentary.

In filming the special, President Obama became the first sitting President to visit a federal prison, signaling that criminal justice reform is a top priority in the final stretch of his presidency. At the medium-security prison for male offenders, Obama met with six inmates. He said the men’s stories and the mistakes they made were not dissimilar to those the president made in his own youth, when he admittedly smoked pot and used cocaine.

America needs to distinguish between violent criminals and people “doing stupid things,” Obama said, adding that many young people who end up in prison for nonviolent drug crimes grew up in environments where drug trafficking is prevalent. Giving those people decades-long sentences is what is contributing to the country’s overcrowded prison system, and more resources should be directed to education, support, and rehabilitation, he said.

“I am really interested in the possibilities, the prospect of bipartisan legislation around the criminal justice system,” the president told reporters on June 30. “And we’ve seen some really interesting leadership from some unlikely Republican legislators very sincerely concerned about making progress there.”

The special is the latest in VICE’s ongoing coverage of what has become a major civil rights and reform issue in the United States.

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