Can Nature Save Us? Stories from the Natural World

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At a time when humanity’s demands on the natural world have never been greater, Dr. M. Sanjayan’s keynote address highlights nature’s essential role in creating a livable future for people everywhere. He focuses on how we need to reframe environmentalism in order to move forward, as well as shares stories from Conservation International’s work to help communities thrive.

The End Of The World Cult (Cult Leader Documentary) – Real Stories

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Michael Travesser says he’s the Messiah. Formerly a sailor called Wayne Bent, Michael is the leader of a cult in New Mexico called Strong City. His 56 followers – men, women and children – hang on his every word, serving him with absolute and unquestioning devotion.

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Light the World – Refugees

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Please join me to #LightTheWorld and support our precious world family who have become refugees.

Having family who were WWII refugees, I connect more than most with legitimate refugees. Fleeing Germany from tyranny and concentration camps, I feel strongly about it. I have see empathy for those currently fleeing their homeland often with nothing more than their lives.

I’m also very supportive of issues closer to home. If you can’t support refugees, please consider a donation for our veterans. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️💥🤠👍

Please donate to my campaign to raise funds for UNHCR.

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Flying Cowboys Founder, Cory Robin, always finds a way to make any trip into a backcountry flying adventure in “Ghost Cub” his Cubcrafters Carbon Cub EX!

A Bush Pilot Vlog © Cory Robin

#CreatorsForChange #RefugeeCrisis

Mental Illness – Demonic Spiritual Warfare Exposed! – Spirit World II

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Healing and Deliverance Meetings in Phoenix and LiveStreaming Every Friday @ 7:00 PM MST with Michael W. Smith and those who believe with signs following!

Come with your burdens! Go with Jesus love & joy!

The House of Healing
Free Counseling for Christians
1095 E. Indian School Road, Suite 301
P.O. Box 72347
Phoenix, AZ 85050

1280 AM Monday – Friday at 7:00 AM in Phoenix!
1010 AM Monday – Friday at 7:30 AM in Arizona!

Catch The Fire World Burning Night of Worship | October 5th, 2016

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On October 5th, worship leaders from multiple Catch The Fire churches came together for an incredible evening of worship.

The first hour was led by a team from Catch The Fire Raleigh/Durham featuring Aaron Ninaber, Jess Ninaber, Amber Brooks, and Linda Angeles Wilson.

The second hour was led by a team from Catch The Fire Toronto, featuring Benjamin Jackson, Marcel Preston, Shaloma Webb and Ruth Preston.

The third hour set was led by a team from Catch The Fire London and Catch The Fire Winnipeg, featuring Matt Levi Seithel, Cate Seithel and Lindsay Dugas.

The worship was punctuated with communion, prophetic input and prayer led by leaders: John Arnott, Jonathan & Alice Clarke, Dan Slade, Trevor Meier, and more.

Children of the Western World

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Video of an outreach during the #NationalPeanutFestival Parade in Dothan, AL back in the early 90s with #GraceHarvestChurch. The song “Children of the Western World” by #SteveGrace was added with a VHS recorder and CD player by Wayne Brooks. So it is a raw production. Persons from GHS in the video are Wayne Brooks, Nathan Ham, Joy Cowarts, Andrea Evans, Rev. Robert E,Grice and the Crumpler Sisters.


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There is a heaven and there is a hell. We need to GO!
We must be about our Father’s business.

We can’t hesitate or procrastinate. We can’t get too busy or distracted. Jesus is waiting for us, people need us and time is short. It’s time to go and share our faith.

Jeremy Courtney – The World is a Scary Place, Love Anyway

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“Love Anyway.” This two-word provocation – how far does it go? Does it apply when you’re standing face to face with your enemy? Or after airstrikes lay you flat on your back? Even in a world filled with tyrants and terror, we should aim to not be ruled by fear. Punching fear in the face does not give birth to love. It’s just another way of continuing to fight. From the front lines of Syria and Iraq, where he has lived for more than a decade, Jeremy Courtney brings stories of the love and hope that live on the other side of fear and death. The world is a scary place, how do we love anyway?

Creflo Dollar And World Changers Church Exposed

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We all remember a few weeks ago Pastor Creflo Dollar was in the news for trying to raise $65M for a luxury jet. I was contacted by a member of the church in New York. Check out this interview as to how Creflo Dollar treat his members. Asking for millions is normal practice for Creflo Dollar.


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WORLD YOUTH CHOIR 2001 – Easter Anthem

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August 2001
First United Methodist Church of Orlando
Orlando, Florida

World Youth Choir 2001 – Easter Anthem
Composed by William Billings
Conductor: Anton Armstrong

Video credit: Yoshinori Koba. Thank you for giving your permission to post these WYC 2001 videos.

#worldyouthchoir #worldyouthchoir2001 #wyc2001 #wyc

If I were a world leader: Refugee crisis | UNICEF

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What would you do about the refugee crisis if you were in charge? The refugee and migrant crisis in Europe is a children’s crisis – so we asked some young people what they would do if they were world leaders.

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The Assemblies of the World Council of Churches (short version)

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A look at the history of the WCC through its assemblies from the foundational assembly in Amsterdam (the Netherlands, 1948) to the WCC 10th Assembly in Busan (Republic of Korea, 2013).
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In 2018, we are marking 70 years since the founding assembly in Amsterdam. More information:

Nurturing a Christian Family in a Secular World [code: 2/28/2017 4:30:31 PM]

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Dr. Darrell Bock and Chip Ingram discuss the Christian family, focusing on setting the tone for life in a Christian household with children in the early childhood and teenage years.

00:25 Pastor Ingram’s work and ministry setting
03:02 Setting the tone for life in a Christian household with young children
08:46 Setting the tone for life in a Christian household with teenagers
13:40 Building a devotional culture in the Christian home
15:33 The role of youth sports, music and entertainment in the Christian home
21:20 Discussing sexuality, dating and preparing your children for their lifemate