Dr. Jessica Clemons Discusses Mental Health, Working Through Anxiety, Depression + More

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“I’m Working On The Building” (1976) Dr. C. J. Johnson

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This is track 3 from the 1976 album “I’ll Be Back To See You Afterwhile”.
Recorded live at St. Joseph’s Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dr. Claude Joseph Johnson, pastor, composer, church founder and recording artist was born on May 16, 1913, in Douglasville, Georgia. His father, William Johnson, was a well-known teacher and leader of shape-note hymn singing. His grandmother, Sarah Johnson, was a famous singer of lining-out hymns and spirituals. At the age of 3, the Johnson family moved to Atlanta, where he was raised by his grandmother. At the age of five, Claude led his first shape-note song, “The Prodigal Son,” while standing on a table in front of his church. Five years later, he gave his first trial sermon and was ordained as a minister in the Missionary Baptist Church. He was known as “the boy preacher from Atlanta,” and began his first full-time pastorate at the age of 12.

In 1939, Johnson became determined to complete his education, and over the next 20 years he studied formally for the ministry at the Morehouse School of Religion, the American Theological Seminary, and the Carver Bible Institute. He earned his B.D., B.Th., and D.D. degrees.

In 1965, Johnson started recording his religious music for the Savoy label, featuring himself singing unaccompanied hymns and country spirituals, sometimes joined by his congregation. All of his more than 20 records were produced in his church rather than in a recording studio. In 1970, his recording “I Wanna Go Where Jesus Is” was immensely popular and was a gold-selling record. He was a 1987 recipient of a National Heritage Fellowship, awarded annually to the nation’s most distinguished traditional artists by the National Endowment for the Arts. He is also the founding pastor of the St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church.

Dr. Johnson’s singing embodied a rural styling, marked by a flexible use of every possible expressive effect, from growls to cries. Although he did not use instrumental accompaniment, he had a complex relationship with the accompanying chorus/congregation that is reminiscent of the older black spiritual style. Normally referred to as “lining out,” this style began during slavery when hymnbooks were not available and literacy was punished. Hymns were therefore “dictated,” sung a line at a time by a lead singer, with the congregation often echoing the lead voice in a call-and-response pattern that originated in Africa. Over the centuries, the effects have become subtler, with the lead voice and congregation overlapping, supporting, and decorating the elongated hymn tunes until an extraordinary effect, sometimes called “surge singing,” has been achieved. When Johnson led his congregation, his sure and supple voice encouraged and led the other singers, adding passion and conviction. Dr. Johnson died on July 20, 1990.

Clinical Psychologist working in Church Setting

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Profession: Clinical psychology

Education: PHD or Masters in counseling.

Day to day: Running a private practice in the church, not a common job placement. Not every client is a member of the church, free of charge. Overseeing the program, supervise the interns.

Rewarding: connecting with people.

Challenging: Have to be a really good listener, very approachable. Be careful not to come off as arrogant.

Transformed In My Vocational Health: I Don’t Mind Working

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Feb 18, 2018 – Transformed in My in My Vocational Health: I Don’t Mind Working | Genesis 29:9-30
Series: An Invitation to Transformation
Speaker: Dr. George L. Parks, Jr- Senior Pastor
New Hope Baptist Church | Building Faith. Sharing Love.

Largest working Church Pipe Organ is First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

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Dr. Carol Williams is the 7th Civic Organist of San Diego 2001-2016. The first woman in the world to hold this position.

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Carol in concert performing Étude Symphonique, opus 78, by Marco Enrico Bossi at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles has the largest church organ in the world.
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from Carols’ “TourBus” video series about the Large & Small, Famous & Unique Pipe Organs of the World:

Steppenwolf: From Chicago to Osage County (Working In The Theatre #363)

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Ranging from their start in a church basement in 1976 to their current Broadway production of “August: Osage County,” Steppenwolf Theatre Company Co-Founder Jeff Perry and Steppenwolf Ensemble Members Laurie Metcalf, Amy Morton and Rondi Reed discuss their formative years as a rebel theatre group in Chicago, what they did in those early years to attract audiences, how the ensemble has evolved, how Steppenwolf transformed from upstart to institution, the development of “August: Osage County,” and the challenges that a New York success like “Augus”t places on their work back home in Chicago.

An acclaimed fixture on New York television and in the theatre community for 30 years, the American Theatre Wing’s “Working in the Theatre” offers an unprecedented forum for the meeting of theatrical minds.

Originally taped – February, 2008

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How a church leader is working to keep everyone safe | Cronkite News

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The Rev. Juan Brown, senior pastor of the Progressive Baptist Church in Mesa, says some people are afraid to report police misconduct and some accusations are unfounded. He has a plan to keep everyone safe.
Read more consumer news at:
Video by: Amanda Mason | Cronkite News

US City Working on Plan to Allow Marijuana in Public

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On Wednesday, the city of Denver, Colorado reportedly started work on becoming the first city in the US to allow public marijuana use in places such as coffee shops, yoga studios and art galleries. Even though voters approved the “social use” measure last November, the ballot proposal failed to spell out many rules for how marijuana could be used in public, beyond saying that it can’t be smoked inside and that patrons must be over 21 to use it. According to state legislators, Colorado’s Liquor Control Board already has decreed that no businesses with a liquor license can allow marijuana use. This means that the bill has been regulated to restaurants that don’t serve alcohol and other event spaces in the city.

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Working House Fire – 1400 Old Milltown Road, Wilmington, DE – November 26, 2014

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Fire reported around 10pm on Wednesday, November 26, at a two-story brick residence located adjacent to the intersection of Limestone and Milltown Roads. First arriving fire crews confirmed heavy fire and smoke throughout the structure, which appeared to be vacant. After attempting an interior attack, crews were ordered to evacuate the structure and fought the fire from outside.

Texas college warns students against working at hooters

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Texas college warns students against working at hooters
A conservative Christian university in Texas is urging its students not to apply for jobs at a Hooters restaurant that is opening up in town. Upset at the skimpy outfits waitresses at the chain restaurant wear and its alleged loose morals, officials at Abilene Christian University told local Texas media that they are asking students “to consider both what Hooters represents and whether that is something they really want to support in terms of both their faith and the value this business model places on women.” PHILLY DAD USES CHEESESTEAKS TO MEASURE SON’S GROWTH Emerald Cassidy, the school’s director of public and media relations, told Abilene’s KTXS-TV that while students are asked to make decisions – both on and off campus – “that ultimately glorify God,” the school does reserve the right to review any student that the administration feels is not living up to that standard. ACU was founded in 1906 in Abilene and is affiliated with the Churches of Christ congregation. The school has a…

PineHill FD Working Fire 2 Car Garage – 27 Olcott Pl

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Pine Hill Firefighters responded this evening for a report of a garage fire in the area of Olcott Pl & Bell Rd.
Pine Hill 9-1 went on location reporting a working garage fire and requested an additional mutual aid Engine & FAST Team to scene. Command reported an exposure problem on the #2 side.
Cleveland Hill, Forks, U-Crest, & Rescue (RIT) responded as mutual aid companies to the scene. Snyder filled in at Pine Hill.

Hempstead, May 14, 2014, Working Apartment Building Fire, 145 Terrace Ave.

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Hempstead Fire Alarm Central dispatched a reported building fire at 15:34 hours, May 14, 2014 for reported smoke from the window at 145 Terrace Ave. Initial reports were one call from Nassau County Firecom. Fire Alarm then advised responding units that numerous calls were being received for a reported building fire at the location. Arriving Hempstead Chiefs then reported a working fire. Southside Ladder 2 was first arriving, units found a fire on the 2nd floor of a 3 sty OMD. All residents were safely evacuated, with one resident suffering respiratory difficulties. Also one dog was found D.O.A. Mutual aid was requested from; West Hempstead, South Hempstead, Rockville Centre, Baldwin, & Mineola Ambulance Corp.

Syracuse NY Working Structure Fire RAW Video

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At Approx 6:19pm Engine companies 3,8,18 Truck 8 Rescue Squad and Car 3 were dispatched to a reported structure fire near the corner of Marguerite Ave and South Ave. Truck 8 called en-route and advised smoke showing from quarters. Engine 3 arrived and reported a large, 2 story wood framed house with heavy fire showing from the attic, signal 99. Truck 8 entered and began a primary search. Engine 3 pulled a line and entered from side A of the structure. Crews made a good push on the fire in the attic. Simultaneously Squad 1 went to the roof and vented. Crews in the attic made quick work of the fire and had it knocked in only a few minutes. All searches proved negative, no injuries were reported. Great job SFD