Abandoned House #1 (Middle of the woods) – West Columbia, SC

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This house was found in the middle in the woods while me and my friends were wondering around in West Columbia, SC. People have already ransacked the whole place and torn it apart, now broken and fading quickly to mother nature, abandoned, but not forgotten.

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Deers attk Saturn! !) SPEIDEL Observatory ‘ the Planet Oglebay Park| Peggy Connors. `of Aurora Woods

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Deers: Transported en Mass to Speidel Observatory in Oglebay | Peggy n’ Connors’ Saturn; Observatory ( !\ Cassini – Huygens )- Peggy Connors; Saturn Mission : N.A.S.A. ‘s Cassini spacecraft, Moon has formed, Cassini has documented the forming of a small icy object within the rings of Saturn, that may be a new baby, Alex moon.

Peggy Phenomenon, resulting from cousin love- of a Florida Flight Instructor
Saturn Moon of Peggy forming shortly after collision of cousins, a conglomeration or Astronomical Object forming a Moon shortly after the funeral of Margaret ( Peggy ) Connors in Ohio ( AURORA ), and Peggy, informally named, for Peggy Connors, of Aurora, Ohio, only_ – After Prayer by Brian Connors ||for a Sign that God heard his Prayers|| about Catherine -“(“Katie asking him ‘-and his family, for a wedding at His Life’s long place of being brought in service to Christ the Creator ! Plute Family takes all from Grandma Stanek at her Church .

:”Images taken with Cassini’s narrow angle camera on April 15, 2013, show disturbances at the very edge of Saturn’s ” A ” ring —

“We have not seen anything like this before,”,..
*A Marriage Made in Heaven, ” looking at the act of birth, ” a moon in its own right.” — Carl Murray of Queen Mary Univ., lead. Scientist Author.

The object, informally named Peggy, is too small to be seen in images so far. Scientists estimate it is probably no more than about a half mile (about a kilometer) in diameter. Saturn’s icy moons range in size depending on their proximity to the planet —

Named Supernaturally: Post the Perpetual Help Catholic Church funeral, For Peggy in Aurora, Ohio, ` ; Aurora Colorado ; ? This is actually Oglebay ! Wheeling West Virginia too where I used to Caddy as a Golf Caddy at Caddy Camp ; during summer from St. John’s Bellaire, Ohio; with David Plute who was sent away to camp from his Home in Bellaire.

Margaret Hansen Connors (Peggy), long time resident of Aurora, Ohio, On October 5, 2013. 89 years old. Peggy’s ~ life devoted to her family and her faith. Loves the arts, nature, an ardent supporter of the opera and symphony, and a long time member of the Chagrin Valley Little Theater Woman’s Committee. Traveled extensively, visiting all the seven continents, including an around-the-world cruise.~! She visited many third world countries, potentially, and may have helped many of them, } Aurora, Ohio Now `Going Around The Planet in the A – Ring’s outer edge “~
is a potentially’ icy rock with her – Earthly Name On It.

. Preceded by her beloved husband Harry E. Connors Jr., beloved sons Harry E. Connors III, Pulmonary embolism possibly caused intentionally )* B Vitamin NEW, New Yorkers. .are posting about it,,,,, James D. Connors, and John L. Connors; parents Mabel and Leo Hansen; Catherine of Connors will not attempt to help from Chicago *

Her Son Harry E. Connors III was very interested in Astronomy, Aerospace Fuel !
and even brought a small glass observatory dome to look at the sky through ,and note the position of the stars.. during a very memorable family get-together once, Blood Clots, A “Pulmonary Embolism” took his life! These are caused by Deep Vein Thrombosis, cousins causing abuse of a family member during a period of high stress like mine in this Mix` blood clots causing use of a B-Vitamin series of complexes, containing a blood clot causing Embolisims in the victims of this abuse, same done through parents a cousin’s and uncles , “get-together ” in Aurora, Ohio.. Natural Death’ again is potentially, B-Vitamin Blood Clots.. Caused by ~?/

Margaret’s (Peggy’s) brother is Charles Hansen (Baldy), a Yankee, ! and sisters are Iris Hansen and Bernice Leiden. Her Son is named. ‘, David Connors, (Lisa); in California. and 12 grandchildren are: Jennifer Kavetsky, Laura Connors, Catherine, (KT) – Connors , or Smith ? amazingly living in AURORA, Colorado *)_, Margaret (Meggie) Connors, currently of Arizona, and Pilot Brian Jr., and Christopher Connors currently in the Pittsburgh area,

Steven Connors, and Renee Connors, Christina Connors, Jessica Connors, Jillian Connors, Jonathan Connors, and Harrison. all Connors, all understanding the perverse nature of the gathering in Ohio. and all living in Atlanta and GA, and needing to be told of this..
Please help to do this, do this for the Connors..

Embry-Riddle E.R.A.U., Alumni Brian Connors Thanks N.A.S.A. , Cassini, the Cassini – Huygens space Mission,. and God Almighty, the Creator of all Celestial Messages, and Marriage,s Where Babies, and Baby Degrees, and Baby Deers, and Baby Moons like Peggy come from !

Wash Woods Abandoned Church and Cemetery located in False Cape State Park

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*Watch in High Quality* What remains of the Wash Woods community Church and its Cemetery. Located within the False Cape State Park Virginia Beach, VA.

cabin in the woods/ roby wallace

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Rustic Cabin located in Bear Springs, Dover, TN, off of Hwy 49
REDUCED $800,000.00!!!!!
3 bedrooms/ 2 full baths
1,716 square feet
(lower level 1,090 sq ft/ upper level 626 sq ft)
Call or Text (931) 627-3013
Call (931) 627-1154
Call (931) 232-3040
Wrap around porch has 1,224 sq ft
Acres= 119 +/-
Most of the furniture and decorations will stay with the cabin.
Backside of cabin overlooks Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge.
Bluff overlooking to property line 1,784 ft
Property line to Wildlife Water is only 160 ft.
Metal Barn is 29′ x 50′
Shed on Backside on Barn is 9′ x 50′
1/2 Mile to the Nearest House!
Owner will have all Mineral Rights to the property!
Ideal place to hunt!!!!
Full of wildlife!!!!
Perfect for four-wheelers.
Plenty of beautiful views.
Peaceful and Private setting.
Unlimited Possibilities.
Located close to:
Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge (hunting/ fishing/ biking)
Lake Barkley State Resort (lodging/ recreation/ golf/ fishing & boating)
Paris Landing State Park (boating/ fishing/ restaurant/ camping/ golf course/ inn/ marina/ picnicking/ villas & cabins/ public pool)
Land Between the Lakes (LBL) (hunting/ fishing/ hiking/ biking/ camping/ horse riding/ picnicking/ target practice/ water activities/ wildlife viewing)
Fat Daddy’s Resort & Marina
Piney Campground
Minutes away from Town, Schools, Eateries, Convenient Stores, Grocery Stores and Churches.
Less than 50 minutes to Clarksville, Tennessee
Less than 50 minutes to Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Less than 50 minutes to Paris, Tennessee
Less than 1 hour to Murray, Kentucky
Call or Text (931) 627-3013
Call (931) 627-1154
Call (931) 232-3040

Andy Woods: Revisiting the Reformation

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Dispensationalism is one of the most misunderstood words in Christian circles. The anti-rapture and anti-Israel crowd seem to delight in making fun of Bible scholars who take the Bible literally, believe in the Rapture of the Church, and understand one of the Bible’s main messages—the ruin and restoration of Israel. Leave it to Gary Stearman and Pastor Andy Woods to explain it in ways we can all understand. Rightly dividing God’s Word requires a bit of a history lesson as Dispensationalism was lost in the confusion of the Dark Ages. Andy takes us back to the days of Martin Luther and the Reformation, a time when the Bible was chained to the pulpit, only to be read by priests with limited understanding … a day when indulgences made sins disappear like magic. This program will raise your biblical IQ as you come to understand the Bible at a whole new level. God has a plan for Israel. And He has a completely different plan for the Church!

Homes for sale – 421 Lacy Woods Court, Tallahassee, FL 32312

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Listing Site:
Property Site:

Woodbrook is a beautifully maintained gated community with full time resident manager living on-site. This community is a sleeper located off Meridian Road with only 50+ residents. Owners enjoy club house, pool, storage barn, walking trails, tennis court, golf tee, 3 ponds and 100+ acres of green space to enjoy wildlife. Perfect for owners who travel. Originally built for owners to downsize to smaller,zero lot line aging in place concept with clever planning for possible changes in their future, but tastefully incorporated in a quality home. Equipped club house for entertaining large parties. Restrictions require cement tile roofs, brick pavers, privacy walls and ACC controls. This all brick home has a traditional floor plan, ready for immediate occupancy. Features quality amenities; built-in cabinets including office with 1/2 private bath, granite, marble and hardwood throughout, recessed lighting, huge master bath with separate vanities, over-sized walk-in shower plus jetted tub. Dining room is large enough to accommodate largest of furniture, butler’s pantry, many closets to store linens, and serving pieces. A true attic with stair access for easy storage. Large laundry, covered and uncovered brick patio and private walled back yard with green space behind. You could not build this house today for this price.

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3 bathrooms
Square Feet: 3287
Price: $610,000

MLS ID: 261535

For more information about this property, please contact Barbara Slaughter at 850-599-5450 or [email protected] You can also text 3049913 to 67299.


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Preaching in the WOODS of Southern Illinois University (SIU) – Kerrigan Skelly

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Video footage of Kerrigan Skelly of PinPoint Evangelism – preaching at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL during the Fall 2017 semester.

Hillbilly Rokon Romp

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On July 24, 2010, 61 people from across the nation gathered in the hills of West Virginia for the 10th and largest Hillbilly Rokon Romp. They brought with them 53 Rokons and enjoyed a week of good friends, good riding, and good times.