Winter Fat Biking in Colorado-The San Juans

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If you missed it, here’s the 1st video in this series:
First of all, thanks to Showers Pass for making this adventure possible. In this episode, we wake up in our cozy hut and head out for a beautiful day of FAT BIKING! This was my first fat bike hut adventure, and my first time to the beautiful San Juan Mountains. We stayed in a cozy hut which is part of the San Juan Hut system (You can ski, bike or hike to em). Check em’ out at

My Fav Showers Pass gear:
My super bright Refuge Jacket-
Skyline pants-
Henley base layer-
Waterproof Socks!
Waterproof Gloves-
Check out all their gear here:

All the bike bags made by my good friends in this video, check out their stuff at:

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Camera Gear:
DJI Mavic Pro
Sony 4k Action Cam FDRX3000
Sony RX100V
Sony A6500

Winter Jam 2018 Knoxville TN | Street Preaching

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Street preaching in Knoxville TN Winter Jam 2018.

A Lot of people ask why we would ever preach at a Christian concert, well within the first few minutes of the video you will see why. It’s because so many christians want the love of God but they don’t want to have to obey God.

There is a lot of bad fruit at these “christian” concerts. I was watching a video of Skillet at Winter Jam and it looked more like a secular concert then a Christian concert. There was fire shooting up out of the stage, and lasers. It looked more demonic than Christian.
Here is a link to the video:

Some of the bands in the concert are Skillet, Kari Jobe, Newsong, Nick Hall, building 429, KB, Jordan Feliz, Dan Bremnes, Mallary Hope, and Westover.

Stop sinning and Obey Jesus, Knoxville winter Jam 2018

2018 Winter Prescott Bible Conference – Friday Night Announcements

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All the announcements of new works being sent out into the harvest field. Praise God for these 16 new works.

1. Ariyaloor, India: Marcus & Stella Samuels

1. Dayton, OH: Eli & Amy Snyder
2. Rose Park, UT: Isaac & Naomi Arreola
3. Lacey, WA: Matt & Janet Layton
4. Brawley, CA: Brandon & Veronica Edmond
5. Lawton, OK: Bryan & Danae Schuler
6. Rialto, CA: Richie & Katrina Ruiz
7. St. Louis, MO: Randy & Christine Long
8. New Orleans, LA: Eric & Alisha Franklin
9. Los Angeles, CA: Eric & Ysenia Bakke
10.Pocatello, ID: Hansen & Eva Multine
11.Clearfield, UT: Eli & Mary Medina
12. Las Vegas, NV: Noe & Claudia Cano
13.Tacoma, WA: Torres & Molly Maidesil
14. Lake Elsinore, CA: Moises & Chrystal Romero
15. Mililani, HI: John & Marissa Sumang

Winter Solstice Moon – Des Moines Diversity Chorus

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[inspired by Hopi Indian sources] Recorded at our Fall 2010 Concert – “Season of Light” – December 7, 2010, at Grace Lutheran Church in Des Moines, Iowa. David Frank Long, composer. Julie Murphy, director. Patty Bellus, accompanist.

City of Refuge Having Some Church! Bishop Noel Jones

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City of Refuge in Gardena, Ca. With Bishop Noel Jones…
Just in case y’all forgot or didn’t know, Mega churches still have Old Fashion Store Front Church!!!
Guitar man is killin! “Agape Jerry”