Dr. James C. Hash, Sr. – God’s Sanctification Process of the Soul

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Dr. James C. Hash, Sr. teaches on God’s Sanctification Process at St. Peter’s Church & World Outreach Center in Winston-Salem, NC. This message was delivered on September 30, 2012 during the 10 AM service.

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St. Philips Moravian Church

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This is a promotional spot on the St. Philips Moravian Church at Old Salem in Winston Salem North Carolina. St. Philips is the oldest standing African American church in North Carolina.

St. Paul’s Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols 2017

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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s 10th Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols was recorded December 17, 2017 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This service features the world premiere of “Calm on the Listening Ear of Night” with a new music setting by Dan Locklair and text by Edmund Sears. This carol was commissioned by Aurelia Gray Eller in memory of her husband, John DeWalden Eller, Jr. and her first grandchild, Dr. Mark Glenn Cathey. The prelude lasts for 31 minutes then the Festival begins with “Once in royal David’s city.”

Life in early North Carolina – Exploring Old Salem!

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On a beautiful spring day we decided to take a drive up to Old Salem and see what this historic, living history museum was all about. Originally settled in the 1750s, Winston-Salem was once known as just Salem. The Moravians came here from Pennsylvania to build a Moravian church community. You were required to be a member of the church to love here. A lot has changed. Salem became Winston-Salem and is no longer a strict church community. But the heritage of the community lives on through Old Salem.

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“Winston-Salem Homes For Rent” 1252 Mizpah Church Rd Rural Hall, NC

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“Winston-Salem” Rental Homes
“Winston-Salem Property Management”
Saunders Realty LLC –

Nice 4 bedroom 1.5 bath brick ranch home. Has hardwood floors and a full basement with lot’s of storage. Kitchen includes fridge, dishwasher and stove. Dining room off kitchen. Large living room.

Includes washer and dryer.

Electric heat pump and hot water heater. City water and trash pickup.

“Winston-Salem” Rental Homes
“Winston-Salem Property Management”
Saunders Realty LLC –

Reverend Tim Gammons Woodland Baptist, Winston Salem – NC Dedication

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Reverend Tim Gammons thanks Myler the Church Building People for helping them through their church building program at their dedication ceremony.

WSF WORSHIP 12.10.17

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We are a church of substance, located in Winston-Salem, NC. We’re helping believers grow deeper in their faith in order to bring renewal to the people and places around them.


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Jesus What a Wonderful Name – Woodland & Freedom Baptist Church Teen Choir

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Jesus, What a Wonderful Name
Combo Teen Choir from
Woodland Baptist Church, Winston Salem, NC
Freedom Baptist Church, Rural Hall, NC
at Woodland Teen Campmeeting
June 16, 2014

St Philips African Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

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Constructed 1861 with 1890 addition, restored 2004. Historic St. Philips Church is the oldest African American church still standing in the state of North Carolina and one of the earliest in the entire country. Built for the African American congregation, the church matched most of the other churches in the area built at the same time with the large brick, Greek Revival style.
The church was expanded in 1890 with the need to add more classroom space downstairs and above in the balcony. The church extended out into the graveyard, which later caused structural issues on the front walls.

The congregation moved out of the building in the 1952, and the church sat vacant until restored for use as part of Old Salem Museums & Gardens tours. The steeple, which had been removed in the 1920s was part of the exterior restoration. The original pews and other details are back in place inside the building.

First Baptist Church Of Winston-Salem Rock The Block

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First Baptist Church Of Winston-Salem on Fifth, North Carolina N.C. Street Rock The Block September 18th, 2010 09-18-2010

Restoring St. Paul’s Part 1 Discovery

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First part of a continuing documentary showing efforts to restore St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In April 2018, architecture experts spent a week inspecting and documenting the 1928 church’s condition. Stay tuned for Part 2 when the findings from the discovery phase are revealed.