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Western Rite Orthodoxy

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Western Rite Orthodoxy or Western Orthodoxy or Orthodox Western Rite are terms used to describe congregations that are within Churches of Orthodox tradition but which use liturgies of Western or Latin origin rather than adopting Eastern liturgies such as the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. While there are some ancient examples of Western Rite communities in areas predominantly using the Byzantine Rite before the Great Schism was fully consolidated (the Monastery of Saint Mary of the Latins, often referred to as Amalfi, is a common example), the history of the movement is often considered to begin in the nineteenth century with the life and work of Julian Joseph Overbeck.
Western Rite parishes and monasteries exist within certain jurisdictions of the canonical Eastern Orthodox Church, predominantly within the Russian and Antiochian jurisdictions in North America, with the latter having created an Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate (AWRV).
In addition, the Western Rite is practiced within religious communities outside the main Eastern Orthodox Church. The Communion of Western Orthodox Churches and the Orthodox Church of France are entirely Western Rite. Furthermore, there is a small number of Western Rite communities among the Old Calendarists, such as the former Western Rite Exarchate of the Holy Synod of Milan and the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles. In the past, there have also been Western Rite communities within Oriental Orthodoxy.
Western Rite parishes are found almost exclusively in countries with large Roman Catholic or Protestant (particularly Anglican) populations. There are also numerous devotional societies and publishing ventures related to the Western Rite. Despite having a place within many Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions, the Western Rite remains a contentious issue for some.

Children of the Western World

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Video of an outreach during the #NationalPeanutFestival Parade in Dothan, AL back in the early 90s with #GraceHarvestChurch. The song “Children of the Western World” by #SteveGrace was added with a VHS recorder and CD player by Wayne Brooks. So it is a raw production. Persons from GHS in the video are Wayne Brooks, Nathan Ham, Joy Cowarts, Andrea Evans, Rev. Robert E,Grice and the Crumpler Sisters.

Sterling Hayden – Top Gun (1955) Full Western

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O pistoleiro Rick Martin (Sterling Hayden) retorna para sua cidade natal para saber o que aconteceu com sua mãe e informar de um ataque iminente da gangue de Tom Quentin. Mas as pessoas da cidade o rejeitam por seu passado. Título no Brasil: Ágil no Gatilho
Elenco: Sterling Hayden; William Bishop; Karin Booth; James Millican; Regis Toomey; Hughf Sanders; John Dehner. Dirigido por Ray Nazarro.

Wickenburg, Arizona…for a true cowboy western experience!

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Wickenburg, Arizona is arguable the west’s most western town, where the air is clean and the cowboy lifestyle endures. This overview video will give you a great peek at all there is to do in Wickenburg, from the dude ranch experience to golf, horseback riding, art & culture to many annual festivals. Come along with me as I give you a tour of Wickenburg, AZ. For more info, visit:

FISTFUL OF LEAD | Full Length Western Movie | English | HD | 720p

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Sartana, bounty hunter and gunfighter, witnesses the robbery of a shipment of gold. He finds his way into town where he meets with a lot of suspicious stares from the locals. He also meets with Samuel Spencer, who seems to own the company in this company town. The gold shipments are being stolen, so Spencer agrees to hire Sartana to protect the next gold shipment.
George Hilton – Sartana
Charles Southwood – Sabata
Erika Blanc – Trixie
Piero Lulli – Samuel Spencer

DEATH RIDES A HORSE | Da uomo a uomo | Lee Van Cleef | Full Western Movie | English | HD | 720p

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A young gunfighter plans to track down and eliminate the bandits who killed his family, and forms a tenuous alliance with an aging ex-outlaw to achieve this end.
Lee Van Cleef – Ryan
John Phillip Law – Bill Meceita
Mario Brega – Walcott’s Henchman in Waistcoat
Luigi Pistilli – Walcott

Robert Redford (Full Movie, Western, HD, English) Entire Film free full westerns

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Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English: Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (original title), 1h 38min, Drama, Western, 1970.

In 1909, when young Paiute Indian Willie Boy returns to his California reservation to be with Lola, whose father disapproves of him, a killing in self defense takes place, triggering a massive man hunt for Willie.

Based on true events, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, tells the story of one of the last Western manhunts, in 1909. Willie Boy, a Native American, kills his girlfriend’s father in self defense, and the two go on the run, pursued by a search posse led by Sheriff Christopher Cooper.

Director: Abraham Polonsky
Writers: Harry Lawton (book), Abraham Polonsky
Stars: Robert Redford, Katharine Ross, Robert Blake

Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here is a Technicolor movie released in 1969, based on the true story of a Chemehuevi-Paiute Indian named Willie Boy and his run-in with the law in 1909 in Banning, California, United States. The movie was written and directed by the once blacklisted Abraham Polonsky, who, due to his blacklisting, had not directed a film since Force of Evil in 1948.

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PLOT (Wikipedia): The film’s story revolves around the Paiute Indian outlaw Willie Boy (Robert Blake), who escapes with his lover, Lola (Katharine Ross), after killing her father in self defense. According to tribal custom Willie can then claim Lola as his wife. According to the law, Deputy Sheriff Cooper (Robert Redford) is required to charge him with murder.

Willie Boy and Lola are hunted for several days by a posse led by Cooper. Willie manages to repel the posse’s advance when he ambushes them from the top of Ruby Mountain. He only tries to shoot their horses, but ends up accidentally killing a bounty hunter, resulting in another murder charge.

Days later, as the posse closes in, Lola dies by a gunshot wound to the chest. It is left deliberately ambiguous whether Lola shot herself in order to slow down the posse’s advance or whether Willie killed her to keep her out of the posse’s hands. Cooper is inclined to believe the latter and then goes off ahead of the posse to bring in Willie dead or alive. As soon as Cooper catches up, he comes under fire from Willie, who is positioned at the top of Ruby Mountain. Cooper narrowly avoids being shot on several occasions.

In the film’s climax, Cooper maneuvers behind Willie, who has donned a ghost shirt, and tells him he can turn around if he wants to, which he does. The two pause before Willie raises his rifle at Cooper, who beats him to the draw and shoots him. Fatally struck in the chest, Willie tumbles down the hillside. Cooper picks up Willie’s gun and finds that it wasn’t even loaded, making it apparent that Willie deliberately chose death over capture. Abashed, Cooper carries the slain outlaw the rest of the way down Ruby Mountain and delivers him to other Paiutes, who carry the corpse away and burn the remains.

When confronted by the county sheriff, Cooper is told that the burning of Willie’s body will ruin the people’s chance to see Willie in the (now-dead) flesh, denying them the ability “to see something”. Cooper retorts: “Tell them we’re all out of souvenirs”.

COPYRIGHT: All of the films published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rightholders by contract. If you have questions please send an email to: [email protected]

Western s Lonesome Dove 1 Western 1989 Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones & Danny Glover

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High Lonesome complete western movie full length in Color
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The Catholic Church Is The Enemy Of A Free Western Soceity

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#thepope #catholicchurch #multicultralism

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#6 – What I See in the Western States

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This podcast begins a small series of Julie describing many of the future events she sees in specific geographic regions of the world, beginning in the western US, then moving south, east, and then on to the world.

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The Newfangled Four Far Western District 2013 Finals

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The 2013 top ten performance at the Far Western District quartet contest in Bakersfield, CA.
Singing “Sweetheart Sally,” and “Dinah”
Joey, Jackson, Jake and Ryan

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