‘Prophet’ orders church members to remove their underwear and wave them in the air

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A South African Prophet is on the spot after he asked his congregants to remove their underwear and wave them in the air during a service at his church. The controversial prophet Paseka Motsoeneng aka Prophet Mboro during his Sunday service ordered his congregants to remove their underwear and wave them in the air to ‘attract Angels from heaven’. He then ordered his members to hold their underwear high while holding their private parts so that angels can ‘impregnate and bless them’

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My collector friend Matt from College Station found this record, recorded and pressed right here in Waco, Texas at Word Music Co. in 1956. Word Record Co. was founded in 1954 by 1950 Baylor graduate Jarrell McCracken and operated here until the mid-80’s when it was bought out in one of the mergers that were so popular at the time. The Golden Wave Band is directed by Donald I. Moore, Baylor’s band director in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The Baylor Bards, who dressed in tuxedos, is directed by Miss Martha Barkema (1902-1999), who established the all male chorus in 1938. “Barkie”, as she was affectionately known, also founded and conducted the young womens chorus, dressed always in white formals, the Rhapsody in White. Both groups were immensely popular mainstays through the years and always presented beautiful concerts. “Barkie” as everyone called her, came from Holland, Michigan and taught music and conducting at Baylor from 1937 until her retirement in 1973. In the early 30’s she was a soloist with the Rochester Philharmonic Symphony. She was choir director at our church from 1939 until 1963. When I played my violin in the string ensemble for the evening services from 1956 to 1962, it was a pleasure just to watch her conduct the choir. I was in the junior choir in the mid-50’s and she taught us and directed us as though we could understand anything. She always had wonderful, melodic adult songs for us to learn, not childish ditties. It was in the Junior Choir that I first became familiar with the tune Londonderry Air, popularly know as Danny Boy–we sang it as a song titled A Pilgrim’s Journey. She never married and lived with her mother, who lived to be 99, in a beautiful two-story house built in the 20’s right across the street from campus. She entertained the musicians and their families with an open house every Christmas. She took us caroling every Christmas and we’d always go to Latham Springs Baptist Encampment every summer, where the boys and girls had to swim in separate swimming pools then. She took her mother, already in her mid-90’s and spry and bright as Barkie, everywhere we went and she enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed her. I’m hoping some of the Baylor grads from this era and maybe even some of the Bards on this recording will see and hear this and remember the wonderful times at Baylor in the 50’s!

“Wave After Wave” – Pastor Tommy Williams – Freedom Church West Little Rock

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Sunday March 15, 2015
Freedom Church – West Little Rock, Arkansas

Please also visit us online at www.freedomchurchwlr.com and on Facebook

Come visit us and become part of our family!
27020 Kanis Rd Little Rock, Arkansas

Our mission is simple: help others become Free to Live. There is freedom in Christ, and in Christ alone, for every human being. We feel it is our obligation and privilege to share that good news with everyone we encounter.
Our values are just as simple.. love God and love others. Love for God will cause us to seek Him and grow in relationship with Him. Love for others allows us to live out God’s purpose and gives us freedom to embrace our individual purpose as well.

Music Information
“Wake”–Hillsong Young & Free — We Are Young & Free
Joel Davies, Hannah Hobbs, Alexander Pappas, Taya Smith
Hillsong Music 2013

Texas Father’s Day Flood 2018 – Major Tropical Trouble

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The NWS puts the development chance of this system at 10%.
There are 34 active Volcanoes in Guatemala right now.
Texas & parts of the Gulf Coast will see a problematic amount of rainfall.

God bless everyone,

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THORnews Volcanic Variables:

34 Active Volcanoes
Fuego Volcano has had 2 major eruptions
(the 2nd eruption happened after government
said the volcano wouldn’t erupt agin anytime soon)
Pyroclastic Flow = Gray Mud that is 1300 degrees

Heats Gulf of Mexico like a bathtub.

Hawaii Kileau Volcano

Tropical downpours to threaten flooding in Texas, Louisiana

Tropical downpours may lead to flooding and travel problems in parts of Texas and Louisiana this weekend to early next week.

A tropical disturbance associated with a plume of showers and thunderstorms that began to brew over the western Caribbean last weekend is forecast to migrate northwestward this weekend into early next week.

“The disturbance is highly unlikely to develop,” according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

“However, this disturbance will cause flooding rainfall to progress slowly inland from the western part of the Gulf coast starting later this weekend,” Kottlowski said.

Risk of heavy rainfall, flooding to expand later Sunday through Tuesday

Enough rain is likely to fall to cause incidents of urban and low-lying area flooding, especially in the swath from Houston, southward to Brownsville, and inland to Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Motorists in the major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, Port Arthur, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, as well as Lake Charles, Louisiana, should anticipate travel difficulties by the start of next week.

The Monday commutes could be a mess along parts of the Texas and western Louisiana coasts. More widespread problems may occur from coastal and central Texas to western Louisiana by Tuesday.

Motorists are reminded never to drive through flooded roadways as the water may be deeper than it appears and the road surface compromised beneath the water.

Slow-moving tropical downpours have the potential to unload localized rainfall on the order of 6 inches or more where showers and thunderstorms repeat. Should even a tropical depression or weak tropical storm form, rainfall could be even heavier in some communities.

Static AP Harvey Bayou Widening Project Houston

Construction workers excavate and widen Brays Bayou as part of a nearly $500 million flood control project Thursday, March 22, 2018, in Houston. The project, which will widen 21 miles of the bayou and build stormwater detention basins. The project is one of several large-scale flood control projects Houston-area officials are hoping to fully fund and build. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

While much of the rain may fall on Father’s Day weekend when many people may have outdoor plans, rainfall is needed over much of the region.

Abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions exist over much of Louisiana and central and southeastern Texas, according to the latest United States Drought Monitor. Severe drought exists in some counties of Texas as well.

Movement of the batch of tropical downpours is uncertain beyond this weekend.

On one hand, the rain may be drawn northward across the Plains and part of the Mississippi Valley.

However, another scenario is possible.

“There is a chance the system stalls over southern Texas and northeastern Mexico for several days next week,” according to AccuWeather Lead Storm Warning Meteorologist Eddie Walker.

Another Harvey is not expected

Even though the area of disturbed weather is originating from the western Caribbean Sea and may organize just off the South Texas coast, a repeat of Harvey is not anticipated with this event, despite the chance of rain farther south and west.

Charles Barker Business WAVE Church Leader Luncheon July 24, 2014 | Virginia Beach, VA

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On July 24, 2014 Charles Barker spoke to local businesses in Virginia Beach at Wave Church. His speech was designed to advocate and encourage local businesses and provide insight into Mr. Barker’s road to success over the years. Are you ready to ride with Charlie?!

Internet Ministry – A New Wave? (Northland Church – Orlando, Florida) – Short and Hat

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Online Outreach 2.0

The ever-growing world of information is shrinking the borders of the world of news, travel, and now… ministry. Northland Church (A Church Distributed) in North Orlando, Florida has taken a new approach to reaching out by sending their message, music, and even worship teams to locations across the city, but also the world. This may not sound impressive at first to those that connect to churches by watching a live stream on a website, but keep reading.

Northland Church send a live feed of not only video, but also channels of click-track, drums, bass, and whatever other instruments a live location needs to know that they’re in-sync with the worship of a body of Christians all across the world. They’ve connected with correctional facilities, home churches, other communities, individuals, and other satellite locations to create a ‘virtually’ unrestricted church growth model.
Too Much Tech, Not Enough Touch

Skeptics may challenge the lack of connection the virtual participants receive, but Northland has delegated a fulltime pastor to the online community to pray for, minister, answer questions, connect, and love the church.