City Under Water – The Story of Danville, Tennessee

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Danville, Tennessee was a thriving community until TVA flooded the area for flood control. Bob McKinnon, Past President of the Houston County Historical Society, remembers what it was like.
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There’s poison in the tap water!

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Its a Miracle Virgin Mary Statue Comes Alive Mother Mary Under Water

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Thousands of people have come to see the statue of the Virgin Mary in Bohol, Philippines. This is a miracle and its under water! Mother Mary Is Alive!
The statue was placed here to stop dynamite fishing on the reef in Bohol. It worked! The locals know the statue is there and no longer fish with dynamite since the statue was placed there.
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The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes: Oil & Water

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The world’s largest crude oil transporter has a secret buried deep in the Great Lakes—two aging oil pipelines that transport 23 million gallons of crude oil through the largest body of fresh water on earth.

Enbridge, the company that operates the pipelines, insists that the two 20-inch pipelines stretching across the Straits of Mackinac could last indefinitely. But one look at the company’s environmental record tells another story: Enbridge had more than 800 spills in North America between 1999 and 2010, dumping nearly 6.8 million gallons of oil. The largest spill released one million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River, only a few hours drive away from the Mackinac Straits. Activists and advocates have independently verified that parts of the pipeline—built in 1953—are sitting unsupported on the bottom of the lake and in major need of repair.

Motherboard travels to Michigan—oil spill central—to investigate the threats of crude oil being transported through one of the largest freshwater ecosystems in the world by a company with one of the most egregious environmental records.

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Judge: Providing Water to Dying Immigrants in Desert is a Crime

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In Tucson, Arizona, a US Magistrate handed guilty verdicts against four No More Deaths activists, who were leaving water for border crossers, along the US-Mexico border. The activist group calls the decision a retaliation for releasing an incriminating report about the Border Patrol. A fifth activist faces an upcoming trial and potentially decades in prison

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Texas police officer douses himself in water, re-creates ‘Flashdance’ for viral lip sync challenge

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The video by Grapevine police features an officer dousing himself with water in slow motion.

Who’s winning the police lip sync battle in Dallas-Fort Worth? We’ve kept score:


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Rev. Dayhige Wright (Living Water Baptist)
Message; I Thank God For you

Book of Philippians Chapter 1:3-6
listen and take a glimpse of Rev. Dayhige as he delivered Gods Word to the people of God….

Come Join Us!



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Decades after disappearing under water, the drowned town of Potosi re-emerges

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For decades, the only sign of the Venezuelan drowned town of Potosi has been a church spire sticking up in a lake.

But slowly, this year, the town on the South American country’s eastern edge began to re-emerge inch by inch.

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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Step Into the Water [Live]

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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Official Video for “Step Into the Water (Live)”, available now!

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Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Wet your feet in the water of His love
Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Come join angels singing praise to the Lamb of God

It’s time we, the people, stand up for what is right
It’s time we squared our shoulders back and raised our swords to fight
For the Bible is my weapon and the Spirit is my shield
The Church needs more of its members to be workers in the field

Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Wet your feet in the water of His love
Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Come join angels singing praise to the Lamb of God

There is victory for the Christian who walks the narrow way
There has been a prize appointed for the soul who does not stray
Though I want to live for Jesus, and be all that I can be
So that I can rest with Him forever, live eternally

Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Wet your feet in the water of His love
Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Come join angels singing praise to the Lamb of God

How To Shut Off Your Water Main To Fix Leaky Pipes

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Hi, I’m Craig Foster and this is another Baker Brothers Quick Tip. If you’re ever having any leaky pipes in your house and you need to shut down the water at the main, here’s a few simple steps and the tools you’re gonna need to do that. This is a meter key which can be found at any of your local hardware stores. Insert it into the keyhole in the meter lid, spin until you feel the mechanism give, and then gently lift up. This will give you access to your meter. Next, you’ll take your T-handle tool which can also be located at your local hardware store. You’ll insert it on the valve, turn it clockwise, sometimes it can be a little tough but keep turning it you can get it there. These are a couple of simple tips on how to shut down your water to prepare for leak detection.

If you have a water leak causing damage to your home, here’s how to turn off the water main while you wait for your plumber. Just follow these easy steps and curb damage to your home. For everything else, call Baker Brothers! Baker Brothers Plumbing has served Dallas-Fort Worth as a licensed plumbing business since 1945.

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