Variations on “I Saw One Weary”, classical guitar, Washington DC Sacred Church Concerts

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Rafael Scarfullery, Christian classical guitarist. Available for a sacred music concert in your church in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, North Carolina and any state in the USA. Visit:

Elizabeth Nyambere in Seattle Washington DC, U.S.A

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Kaba Thayu wa Mwiri U.S.A Tour.


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Andu mahana kiro
Ndi Muthigari
Ndi O Mutumwo
Marua ma Mwathani
Tiga Twitikitie ft Muigai wa Njoroge
Ninguigua Nyoni Ikigamba
Thayu wa Bururi
Matuku Maria Jesu Oigire ft Hezeh Ndung’u
Daudi na Afilisti
Ni Muoyo Maita Igana.
Kaba Thayu wa Mwiri.

And many many more……… BE BLESSED AS U WATCH

Pontifical Requiem Mass, St. Mary’s, Washington, DC

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Pontifical Requiem Mass offered by His Excellency Joseph N. Perry. Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, at St. Mary, Mother of God, Catholic Church, Washington, DC, USA, on 25 January 2013. The Mass was offered after the annual March for Life for the repose of the souls of Nellie Gray, founder of the March for Life; former Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey; and all those beloved souls who worked in pro-life movement.

Juventutem Michigan organized this Mass.

Washington DC Consumer Credit Counseling Service | (800) 254-4100

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Washington DC Free Consumer Credit Counseling Service call (800) 254-4100 credit repair, bankruptcy counseling, debt consolidation and settlement, student loan default, stop wage garnishment and vehicle repossession. Credit counseling starts with the parent and may include intermediaries later in life empowered by the individual debtor to act on their behalf to negotiate with creditors and resolve debt that is beyond a debtor’s ability to pay. Credit counseling is a generic name and is not a brand name owned or controlled by any agency or company. Consumer credit counseling services are provided by attorneys, accountants, finance and tax professionals, for-profit, and non-profit credit counseling companies. Regulations on credit counseling and credit counseling agencies varies by country and sometimes within regions of the countries themselves. In the United States, individuals filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy are required to receive counseling from a designated credit counseling agency.

Mountain Biking Booker T Washington Park | Chattanooga, TN

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Mountain biking is all about having fun! If you’re not enjoying yourself or having a good time, find something else to do. Personally, I love getting out on the trails and chasing the adventure being on bike allows. This morning I was able to ride with a subscriber of the channel which was also his first ride in a VERY long time. Don’t keep yourself off the trails just because you’ve never been… EVERYONE starts somewhere and I truly hope to be an inspiration to all of you watching to get out on the trails and explore your local community!

Keep Chasing the Adventure!

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Nepali Christian Wedding Song | Cover by Mahima Silwal | Seattle, Washington |

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इशोरको बरदान मेरो जीवन यो एक्लो बस्न श्रीजेको होइन
(आजन्म सात दिदैनौ भनेता पलभरको माया मलाई चाईदैन)२
— (पहाड जत्रो जीवनमा एक्लै बसुला भनेर चिताएको छैन)२
(तिम्रै विश्वासमा आफुलाई सुम्पि)२
(मनमा कुनै थोक लुकाएको छैन)२
(आजन्म सात दिदैनौ भनेता पलभरको माया मलाई चाईदैन)२
—-(बरबाद नबनोस मेरो जीवन यो मिठा मिठा कुराले अबिलाषाले)२
(समर्पित हुदैछु तिमी सामु आज)२
(इशोर छन् साक्छी तिमी याद राख)२
आजन्म सात दिदैनौ भनेता पलभरको माया मलाई चाईदैन
इशोरको बरदान मेरो जीवन यो एक्लो बस्न श्रीजेको होइन
(आजन्म सात दिदैनौ भनेता पलभरको माया मलाई चाईदैन)२

Global Impact: Apst.Moses Kwagala in Seattle, Washington pt1

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Apostle Moses Kwagala @

Streaming Live From Grace Glory International Church. Thursday’s fellowship, Seattle Washington

Date :09/11/2017



Contacts for further enquiries,media products, counseling, prayers, Please contact:

Washington and Oregon Compared

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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts Washington state and Oregon.
All images used under fair use guidelines or found in public domain.
Photo Credit: Bruce Englehardt (SounderBruce)

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Which two cities in the world should Mr. Beat compare?


Washington and Oregon
Both of the bordering states in these United States like to talk a lot of trash about each other, but they have a lot in common
Both began as part of Oregon Territory, established by the United States in 1848 after originally being inhabited by Native Americans, the Russians, a even the British for a bit.
Both border the Pacific Ocean and are in the infamous Ring of Fire, an area where lots of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions tend to occur. Both are geographically diverse.
And yep, both have similar climates. West of the Cascades, the mountain range that runs north-south through both of the states, gets a lot of rain and the temperature is more moderate, whereas east of the Cascades is much drier with varied temperatures. That’s why you’ll get a picture like this, where you’re in the rainforest, and then drive east five hours and get a picture like this, where you’re basically in the freaking desert.
Both are known for wine.
Some of the best wine in the world is produced from the grapes grown in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and the Yakima Valley, Walla Walla Valley, and Tri-Cities region of Washington. Speaking of alcohol, both states have a ton of craft beer breweries, although Oregon has more per capita than Washington.
Both states have a similar poverty rate and similar income levels, although Washington citizens definitely earn more, on average.
The cost of living is similar in both states, overall, which is higher than most of the rest of the country.
Both states’ biggest industries are healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, in that order, but you can’t mention the two states without their lumber production. They’ve got mad forests, there, I’m telling you.
A lot of people in both Oregon and Washington have lighter skin. Only 4% in Washington and 2% in Oregon consider themselves African American.
Around ⅕ of Oregon residents and Washington residents can trace their ancestry to Germany. Many of the earliest residents of European ancestry of both states came via the Oregon Trail, from the Midwest.
Marijuana is legal in both states, although the laws that regulate it are less strict in Oregon.
Both states lean to the left politically, and typically vote Democratic. Although the Cascades split both states politically, as east of them people tend to be more conservative.
Both states are not that religious. Less residents belong to churches in Oregon and Washington than nearly all other states.

Both border a foreign country. Washington borders Canada to the north and Oregon borders California to the south. Wait a sec…apparently California is also part of the United States. Scratch that, I’m sorry.

So what about their differences? I mean, there are a lot of differences when you nitpick, like the fact that Washington produces much more apples than any other state and Oregon produces more hazelnuts than any other state, but in general terms, there are few major differences.

Washington has a lot bigger population, despite being ⅔ the size of Oregon. Washington has around 7.3 million people, and Oregon just 4.1 million. So that’s why Washington gets 12 votes in the Electoral College and Oregon gets just 7. Washington’s population is also growing more quickly than Oregon’s.
Washington residents are smarter than Oregon residents. Ok, I joke here, obviously. However, more than 41% of Washington residents have a college degree, whereas just under 38% of Oregon residents have one.
Washington doesn’t have an income tax, Oregon has one of the highest income tax rates in the country. That’s quite misleading though, as Washington residents pay some of the highest sales tax rates in the country while Oregon residents pay some of the lowest.