The Walls Group| Tallahassee Florida|

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Hey Guys This My First Time Being Able To See The Walls Group Live In Concert. It Was Nothing Short Of Amazing. i Hope You Guys Enjoy!❤️ BTW They Are My Favorite Group

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If These Walls Could Talk:First African Baptist Church

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First African Baptist Church was built by slaves and used in the Underground Railroad.. uploaded by;Dr.Stevie Lundy Jr…tags- baptist churches savannah georgia,savannah ga,negro slavery,negro slaves,black slaves

Fantasia taking it to church in Dallas Texas with The Walls Group Part 2 In It To Win Tour1

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Thank you Tasia for sharing your platform with us. We are so grateful to to be able to share The Good News of the Gospel with your audience. TWG was able sing acapella our single “Satisfied”. After they came off stage they collapsed on the floor all 5 of them behind the curtains in worship and prayer for about 10 minutes.