Addison Agen from The Voice! | 97.3WMEE Fort Wayne, Indiana | Renee Cummings

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Addison recently tried out for The Voice and not only got Adam Levine to turn around, but Miley Cyrus, too! Check out what she’s up to and how she got started!

And enjoy her audition video here:

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Lord Hear My Voice (DVD) – Eternal Light Singers, “Bringing It Home – Live in Marianna, AR”

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New Eternal Light Singers: Bringing It Home – Live in Marianna, AR.
DVD Release Date: Jul 02, 2013

What is known today as the “Eternal Light Singers” originally formed in 1982, under the name of “On Fire For God Ensemble” in Marianna, Arkansas. Founding member include Rev. Ronald Broussard, the vanguard pastor of Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church along with the illustrious Rev. Cecil Coleman of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, both located in Marianna. Rev. Cedric Coleman is the principle-centered pastor of Spring Grove Missionary Baptist Church located in Haynes, AR.

In addition to the founders, the group is also comprised of many other talented musicians who ensure the impeccable and spiritual sound of the group. They would include, Minister Barry Phillips, Tobbis Parker, Derrick Reed, Cecil Coleman Jr., Quincy Coleman, and Jesse Johnson. Song writing for the group is handled mostly by Ronald Broussard, Cecil and Cedric Coleman.

During their long career, the Eternal Light Singers have performed in countless venues across the country with numerous distinguished and esteemed artists. They include Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s, Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites, Harvey Watkins & The Canton Spirituals, Paul Porter and The Christianaires, Rev. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds and many, many others. The Eternal Light Singers were nominated at the 2003 Gospel Music Workshop of America’s national conclave, in two categories for the coveted “Excellence Awards”: Quartet Group of the Year and New Artists of the Year. Other notable highlights include receiving the “Key To The City” in Marianna, AR. Along with being recognized as the Quartet of the Year by the Arkansas Heritage Gala Awards.

Eternal Light Singers released their first record project “Come To Jesus” in 1988 on the Soundplex label in Jonesboro, AR. In 1992 Walter Witherspoon of the renowned Racy Brothers produced their project “Vision” for Bepo Records. In 2000 E&J Records of Memphis, TN commissioned a project for the Eternal Light Singers, called “Live in Memphis.” Then, in 2002, The Eternal Light Singers released the CD “New Thang” on the Alleho International Music label. The CD was produced by the legendary Gloster Williams who also wrote the lead song. “New Thang” proved to be the most successful release of their career and brought them further into the spotlight in the gospel world.

In 2009 The Eternal Light Singers came to the attention of Ecko Records in Memphis, TN where they were signed to a multi album deal. Their first release on Ecko Records is their best CD to date entitled “Simply Outstanding”. With their current CD already a success the releationship with Ecko promises great things for this group in the future.

The Eternal Light Singers are indeed one the nation’s most prolific and spirited gospel groups, with an awe-inspiring ability to sing traditional (Quartet-style), and contemporary gospel music. Members are steadfast to their art form and most importantly to their music ministry.


Revelation’s Seven Churches: 3.Pergamos (1957) H.M.S. Richards Sr. (Voice of Prophecy)

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“The Voice Of Prophecy [ is a long-running Seventh-day Adventist religious radio broadcast founded in 1929 by H.M.S. Richards, Sr. … It was one of the first religious programs in the United States to broadcast nationally. … Throughout the years Voice of Prophecy broadcasts were marked by an opening theme song of “Lift Up the Trumpet” performed by the King’s Heralds quartet and closed with Richard’s poem “Have Faith in God” each week having a new verse written. … H.M.S. Richards, Sr. was speaker from 1929 to 1969. In 1969, Richards’ son, H.M.S. Richards, Jr., succeeded him and was speaker from 1969 to 1992. … Various musicians perform on the broadcast. Female vocalist Del Delker began as a regular on the program since 1947 and is regarded as one of the leading female singers of religious music. The male quartet King’s Heralds also performed weekly on the program from 1936 until 1982.” (

“Harold Marshall Sylvester Richards, Sr. (1894–1985), commonly known as H.M.S. Richards, was a well known Seventh-day Adventist evangelist and author. Born in Iowa, he is most famous for founding the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry and was a pioneer in religious radio broadcasting. His ministry inspired broadcasts in 36 languages on more than 1,100 stations, and Bible courses in 80 languages offered by 144 correspondence schools. Richards began his ministry as a tent preacher when he was 17. His brother worked as a driver for then Senator Warren G. Harding. Harding invited him to see a demonstration of the newly invented radio. Richards came to view radio as a way to bring the Gospel to nations. He came to California during the Depression and has been on the air continuously since 1930, when he gave a 15 minute guest sermon on KNX in Los Angeles. He noted that every six days 1 000 000 more people come into the world. He viewed the radio as a way of keeping up with these new additions to the human race.

Radio broadcasting – Upon graduation from Washington Missionary College (now Washington Adventist University) in 1919, H.M.S. Richards served as an evangelist in various places in the United States and Canada and during this period experimented with radio announcements in connection with his meetings. He began regular radio program on October 19, 1929 on KNX (AM) in Los Angeles. Later Richards presented daily live broadcasts of The Tabernacle of the Air over KGER in Long Beach, and live weekly remote broadcasts from his tabernacle to KMPC (AM) in Beverly Hills. In his presentations he taught history. “Bible prophecy is not given so we can see what will happen, but so we can see what already happened, and get confirmation that the Bible is true. If it came true historically, then when Jesus gives his wonderful teachings, we ought to believe that, too,” he noted. In January 1937 his footprint expanded over a network of several stations of the Don Lee Broadcasting System, and the name of the broadcast was changed to the Voice of Prophecy. His first coast-to-coast broadcast over 89 stations of the Mutual Broadcasting System was on Sunday, January 4, 1942. Throughout the years Richards’ Voice of Prophecy broadcasts were marked by an opening theme song of “Lift Up the Trumpet” performed by the King’s Heralds quartet and closed with his poem “Have Faith in God” each week having a new verse written.” (

The Voice of God | Chad Veach | Dedicated Conference

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Register for Dedicated Conference 2014 Here:

Dedicated | Youth & Youth Adult Conference
June 25-27, 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

Benny Perez

Wendy Perez

Daniel Fernandez

John Gray

Chad Veach

Dustin Bates

Dedicated is the youth and young adult conference hosted by The Church LV and Seven Youth Ministries.

The Church LV


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E paia By: “One Voice” of the Samoan Christian Church of Ft. Benning-Columbus Georgia

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The Praise Team aka “One Voice” of the Samoan Christian Church Of Ft. Benning-Columbus Georiga singing “E Paia”. May the Spirit touch and meet you right where you are. God Bless!

Crazy Singing Flash Mob Invades Galleria Mall Buffalo NY Bello Voice Studio 8-3 -2013

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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is one motto we always go by! This time we decided to take it to the next level. 5 Teachers, TONS of incredible singers ALL FROM BUFFALO NEW YORK decided to show off their singing talents at the Walden Galleria Mall. Nice to know that you don’t have to go far to hear incredible voices right here in Buffalo! Thank you to all of our teachers and singers at Bello Voice Studio! It was a great show!

With One Voice Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

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My husband and I wrote this song to try to encourage people who may think it is too late to come back to church, or who may have felt snubbed at a church in the past. It is never too late to come back, and all are welcome in God’s house. Especially at our church, Gloria Dei.

Sealing Series – # 3 – Hearing The Voice of God.mp4

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Sermon at HIS Vine Free SDA Church – Port St Lucie FL USA

Sermon 3 = Everyone will be sealed in hearing a voice of God!

HIS Vine Free Seventh-day Adventist Church is preaching the Historic Message given by God to His people to proclaim to the world for a witness.

Discovering God’s Voice Part III – Bishop Kevin Foreman

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For more from Harvest Church and Bishop Kevin Foreman, visit or visit our Non-Denominational Churches in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Dallas.