Visiting Tennessee Jack Daniels Distillery and Cowboy Church In Our Little Guy Max

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Kerry, Russ, Sweet Abbey, Lil’ Billy and their Little Guy Max trailer visit Tennessee.

Traveling to Tennessee for Thanksgiving!

STOP #1: Jack Daniels Distillery, 133 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg TN

Tours run every day 9am- 4:30pm **Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Easter**

Russ has been looking forward to this part of our travels for a long time as he finally gets to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery! Russ was able to take the Angel’s Share tour – a 90 minute in-depth tour of the distillery which included a tasting of 5 of their signature whiskeys. Russ showed amazing restraint and didn’t buy his favorite, the Sinatra Select but after hearing him rave about it, my curiosity is piqued and someone may just get it for Christmas just so I can try it too!

STOP #2: We arrived safe and sound at my father’s property in Hartsville, TN. After getting all set up, we ran into a bit of an issue as the cold weather dipped below 30. The furnace started blowing cold air and nothing in the manual helped. Thanks once again to members on Facebook, Russ found the reset switch and got us up and running!

STOP #3: Mending Fences Cowboy Church

We were honored to be invited to the Mending Fences Cowboy Church on Veteran’s Day. Words cannot really capture how wonderful an experience this was! Please watch the video…that song gets me every time!

All isn’t rosy though as we are plagued with heating problems that are causing concern as the night time temps drop below freezing.

Visiting Lancaster Cohousing one of the pilot site of NOBEL GRID project in United Kingdom

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Lancaster Cohousing is one of the five demonstration site of the NOBEL GRID project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Lancaster Cohousing provides the best test-bed for NOBEL GRID project since it has lots of on-site renewable generation (solar PV panels, hydro electric scheme and a single biomass boiler) as well as a mixed-use consumption.

Carbon Co-op have teamed up with Lancaster Cohousing co-operative to test new hardware developed in this Horizon 2020 project, the SMX, which is designed to be fitted to already installed smart meters on site adding large amounts of smart network functionality and providing an AMR system for the use of tenants, householders, and the local co-operatives.


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Visiting Mount Saint Elias, Mountain in North America

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Visiting Mount Saint Elias, Mountain in North America.

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Is Bratislava, Slovakia Worth Visiting?

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Is Bratislava, Slovakia worth visiting? I had no idea what to expect but within five minutes of arriving I knew this was going to be good. This European capital city really charmed me and it’s well worth visiting. It’s a one hour drive from Vienna, Austria, which makes a perfect day trip. If you can spend a bit more time, even better.

How much is it to stay in Bratislava? Tour my Airbnb:

Visit the Bratislava Christmas Market with me:

The first thing I saw was the SNP Bridge or, as locals call it, the UFO Bridge which crosses the Danube River. SNP stands for Slovak National Uprising but the nickname comes from the flying saucer shaped restaurant that sits at the top of the bridge pylon. Unfortunately, the construction of the bridge meant that a large portion of the beautiful Old Town was destroyed, including almost the entire Jewish quarter.

St. Martin’s Cathedral, one of the city’s most historically important buildings, narrowly missed the bridge construction. The access ramp for the bridge is extremely close to it and the church is actually sustaining damage due to all the vibrations from the busy traffic. The cathedral was where Hungarian kings (and one queen!) were crowned for hundreds of years. Leaders of the Habsburg Empire, including the one and only Maria Theresa, had their coronations there between 1563 and 1830. There’s a crown at the top of the steeple sitting on a golden pillow which gives a hint of how significant this place is. On the sidewalk below there are little crown symbols that show the coronation procession route taken by royals on their way to St. Martin’s. You can follow them through the town, if you’d like to walk in their footsteps.

The best view of the cathedral is from Bratislava Castle which sits above the city. The hill has been populated since the Stone Age and the first known inhabitants were the Celts. There are a bunch of stairs to reach the castle but it’s well worth it. I love the crisp white colour of the castle with its four towers. I think it’s the best spot to see the sunset because the warm light at dusk is beautiful.

Michael’s Gate is the only surviving gate to the old city. There used to be four city gates and they were the only way in and out during medieval times. Michael’s Gate was built in the 13th century and in the 17th century a moat was added complete with a draw bridge that went up and down.

Nearby Michael’s Gate is Executioner Alley. It’s where the town executioner used to live and, because the city only had one, his house had to be clearly marked for anyone, um, needing him. The residence is now a massage centre which I found pretty funny.

If you’re in need of good luck there are some statues in Bratislava you can touch. One is of a man standing in a gutter at an intersection called ‘The Watcher.’ It’s considered good luck to touch his head. If you still need more luck, head over to the statue of Hans Christian Andersen and rub his finger. He visited Bratislava and it even inspired some of his writing.

One of my favourite spots in Bratislava is the Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary or, as it’s better known, the Blue Church. Everything from the façade to the mosaic tiles to the roof is blue. Inside the art nouveau building even the pews are blue. This church is a really popular spot to get married and it takes years to get a booking.

A building that has been given the honour of being one of the ugliest in the world is also found in Bratislava: the Slovak Radio Building. This inverted pyramid is an excellent example of Brutalist architecture from the Communist era in Slovakia. Whether you love it or hate it, I doubt you’ll forget it.

We did a great free walking tour which I can highly recommend. If you’re interested, this is the company:

Does Bratislava look like a place that you’d like to visit? I’m curious what, if anything, surprised you in the video – leave a comment below.

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Travel Georgia – Visiting the Ananuri Fortress

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Take a tour of Ananuri in Georgia — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

Nestled next to the Zhinvali reservoir, the Ananuri Fortress dates back to the 13th century.

During the summer season the vibrant colors of the lush green forested mountains and the cool blue of the reservoir make it a breathtaking sight.

One of the two churches within the complex, the Church of Assumption, has several decorated facades containing many symbols of religious iconography as well as human, animal and floral images.

While most of the upper fortification is still intact, time has reduced the lower fortifications to ruins.

For the art enthusiasts, the Church of Assumption also houses the remnants of several frescoes that survived an ancient fire.

The dukes of ages past have been laid to rest behind the churches doors, a stirring reminder of the fortresses bloody past.

DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar HIDES BABY BUMP While Visiting Duggar Family Home With Jeremy Vuolo

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DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar HIDES BABY BUMP While Visiting Duggar Family Home With Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, announced that they are pregnant with their first baby this past month. The announcement was followed by congratulatory videos from all the married members of the Duggar family, Jessa, Jill, Josh and Joy-Anna Duggar and many comments from Counting On fans. One of the reasons why there was a lot of social media coverage for her pregnancy was because she lives in Texas, away from all her family in Arkansas.

Since her wedding in November 2016, Jinger has been traveling a lot with her husband but has only been back at home a couple of times. Because Jeremy is the full-time pastor at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, the couple travels often for work. Also, his family lives in Pennsylvania and the couple decided to spend both of their holiday seasons together on the east coast.

So it was a long time coming when Jinger flew to Arkansas to visit all her younger and married siblings at home. This was the first time that many of the Duggars saw Jinger with her baby bump, albeit small, as she is approaching her 18th week. To commemorate this trip, the 24-year-old Duggar took a selfie with her younger sisters and posted it on Instagram.

“I’d say that made a lot of cute little girls very happy Jinger!” A fan commented.

“Great photo Jinger,” another wrote. “Hope you have fun with your family.”

Ever since the Vuolos announced that they are expecting a baby, Jinger has become much more family orientated in her Instagram content. First of all, she has decreased the number of posts she makes on her account and the photos that make it onto her feed are usually with family.

Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, has continued to post about things unrelated to the pregnancy on his Instagram. He has uploaded photos from a recent baptism, the scenery from his hometown and a selfie with his beautiful wife.

But their journey as new parents has been the most exciting thing happening in their lives.

Visiting Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Museum in Anchorage, Alaska, United States

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Visiting Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Museum in Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

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Visit Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum,
Museum in Anchorage,
Alaska, United States

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12/29/12 Advice on Muslims Visiting Churches and Other Places of Worship

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12/29/12 Advice on Muslims Visiting Other Places of Worship. Recorded live from United States, South Carolina, Columbia on my iPad on 12/29/12 at 7:24 PM EST – Captured Live on Ustream at with the Ustream Mobile App

Visiting the Jack Daniels Distillery (Heaven on Earth)

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The town of Lynchburg is full of history, amazing barbecue, southern pride, and most importantly WHISKEY! Cornfed Dan is in heaven! Watch as Cornfed Dan explores the Jack Daniels distillery and the historic town of Lynchburg. Please like, share, and subscribe. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to check out Hillbillies Inc.

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Visiting “The Thing” Roadside Attraction I-10 Benson, Arizona – YES!

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This has been at the top of our bucket list for many years. We wanted to see it at least once before we die. We were denied this pleasure when we passed by in 2015 because it was sadly CLOSED. We were not denied this time. It was well worth the 2622 mile drive from Palm City Florida.


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Creative Fam is more than a youtube channel, is a long time dream of mine. As a parent, I want to teach my kids to follow their dreams, Embrace creativity and plan for a better future. What better way than Starting a business and including them in the process so they understand that when you want something in life you work hard for it.

In this Channel, I want to share with you all the great adventures I go on with my family in Las Vegas, and why not around the world, but I also want to get serious and share the process of becoming a better person and an Entrepreneur.

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Visiting the 21 Mission Churches of California

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Visiting the 21 Mission Churches of California
For more than 2 years, We started visiting the Mission Churches with our group of friends, we have bonded and formed solid friendships. Before our friend left for the Philippines we visited 5 Mission Churches in 2 days, it was impossible, but we did it!!! Here are the clips of some of the Mission Churches we visited.

1 Basilica San Diego de Alcala
2 Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Carmelo (Carmel)
3 San Antonio de Padua
4 San Gabriel Arcangel
5 San Luis Obispo
6 San Francisco de Asis
7 San Juan Capistrano
8 Santa Clara de Asis
9 San Buenaventura
10 Santa Barbara
11 La Purisima Concepcion
12 Santa Cruz
13 Nuestra Senora de la Soledad
14 San Jose
15 San Juan Bautista
16 San Miguel Arcangel
17 San Fenando Rey de Espana
18 San Luis Rey de Francia
19 Santa Ines
20 San Rafael Arcangel
21 San Francisco Solano de Sonoma