GACC Fasts for 2011-Laings Come To Visit

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The Greater Atlanta Church of Christ humbled ourselves before God and came together for a three-week fast to start off the new year. See the video to see how God has already started answering prayers! For more information on joining our faith family, search for Greater Atlanta Church on Facebook or visit our website at


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We Visit the Alamo and San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio Texas.

Food Bank Review: St Mary’s Church; Boise, Idaho; I rejected over half of what they offered.

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Nice choices here. They told me there is also a Salvation Army down the street further. I want to walk to the salvation Army tomorrow for more fresh food. ANything to stop spending from my emergency fund helps.

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Visit to Family of Christ Lutheran Church In Phoenix Arizona

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Debbie and I went to see the folks at Family of Christ Lutheran in Phoenix, Arizona to visit with them on Sunday January 11 for Sunday worship. We also met with the congregation and Call Committee and Pastor Dave.

Historic Trinity Church – Interesting Places To Visit In New York City

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Trinity Church is a historic, active, parish church in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. The current Trinity Church is the third structure since 1696, when Governor Benjamin Fletcher approved the purchase of land in Lower Manhattan for its construction. When the current structure was finished in 1846, its spire and cross formed the highest point in New York. It was surpassed in 1890 by the New York World Building.

According to Wikipedia, during the September 11, 2001 attacks, people took refuge from the massive debris cloud inside the church.

Trinity Church, at 75 Broadway in lower Manhattan, sits near the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway.

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Surprising Visit From A White Church

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Days after the hate-filled, race-related church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, The Potter’s Christian Life Center, in Columbia, SC, was interrupted by a large group of whites. What happened next was unforgettable. Get the riveting first-hand account of the events from Pastor Greg Formey.

Grace Church – New York

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Grace Church, a Gothic revival masterpiece designed by James Renwick, Jr.