Used Cars in Virginia MN | Iron Trail Motors | Toyota Dealer near Duluth serving Hibbing, MN

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Iron Trail Motors sells quality used cars in Virginia, MN near Duluth, MN and Hibbing. Iron Trail Motors offers used car financing in Virginia, MN near Hibbing, MN and Duluth, MN. Looking for a pre-owned truck near Biwabik, MN? Maybe you are looking for a pre-owned car near Cook, MN. Iron Trail Motors is a Toyota dealer near Duluth, MN and offers quality pre-owned cars on the iron range near Britt, MN and Tower, MN.

Iron Trail Motors is available online at or by telephone at 218.741.2355. You can also find us at 1301 17th Street South in Virginia, MN 55792.

This Virginia Beach Church Rocks | Essential Church Testimonies

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– Virginia Beach Church: Essential Church Testimonies

Testimonies from Essential Church, this Virginia Beach church is changing lives. Real people finding real hope and real change through our community. Our motto and mantra is “If it was easy we wouldn’t need God!” Why the name Essential Church? Because we focus on the one essential thing that gets someone from life here on earth into eternity.

Are you looking for a Virginia Beach church? We’d love to meet you. We have two locations: one off Salem Road and one near Town Center.
You are essential to God!

Here’s more about us:

Essential Church
4020 Ware Neck Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 471-4673

Virginia Beach woman and church team up to start ministry for children with special needs

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Kids’ Champions, the brainchild of the Eliza Hope Foundation and Crosswalk Church in Virginia Beach led by Pastor Steve Lentz, is a children’s ministry for kids with special needs including autism and other developmental differences.

Acoustical Clouds Reduce Echo at Virginia Beach Church

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Old Donation Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia had a large, beautiful fellowship hall that could not be used. Echo created by the arched ceiling prevented large gatherings or musical performances. Harold VanderWilt, Senior Warden for the grounds, explains the noise issue and how AlphaSorb Cloud Mount Panels eliminated the echo and made the room look even better!

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Marine FAST team training in Chesapeake, Va.

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In the hours after an attack against a U.S. consulate, specially trained teams of Marines were dispatched to sure up security in Libya and across the Middle East. The counter-terrorism units known as FAST teams are all based in Hampton Roads. We visit the Chesapeake facility where they train.

First day runing the dogs 2015

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first day we ran the dogs no kills but still fun. enjoy

Flipside talk with Richard Martini at Fellowship of the Inner Light Church Virginia Beach

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While speaking in Virginia Beach, I was invited to speak for a half hour at the Fellowship of the Inner Light Church in Virginia Beach. (More info at FLIPSIDETHEBOOK COM) And eclectic group of individuals who come together to worship from all faiths, the room was filled with people who have had near death experiences, or where there to pray for an ill or recently departed relative.

The references in the talk are to my book “Flipside: a Tourist’s Guide on how to Navigate the Afterlife” and my documentary “Flipside: a Journey Into the Afterlife” both available on Amazon and other websites. For further information, please see flipsidethebook com or flipsidethefilm com – for further information on the Tonglen meditation that I speak of in the video, please search youtube for people who are well versed in its practice. I give a layman’s version of what the meditation means to me, as well as research from the University of Wisconsin via Richard Davidson on the effectiveness of the meditation towards the treatment of depression. While I say the word “cure” in the talk, there’s no one making those claims that I’m aware of – however, the body of evidence coming from Davidson’s lab shows that the meditation can change the shape of the amygdala, the source of depression, after only one session, so worth checking into.

Recreation of Reno, Nevada in 1905

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Scene from the film “Reno”, directed by John Farrow and released December 1, 1939. The film is a portrayal of Reno, Nevada at the beginning of the 20th century, and how its economic structure was formed at that time.

Note: This upload is for historical and educational purposes only.

Focus 2015 Conference At The Rock Virginia Beach

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Isaiah Saldivar speaking at the new years conference for the rock church international in Virginia Beach

Charles Barker Business WAVE Church Leader Luncheon July 24, 2014 | Virginia Beach, VA

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On July 24, 2014 Charles Barker spoke to local businesses in Virginia Beach at Wave Church. His speech was designed to advocate and encourage local businesses and provide insight into Mr. Barker’s road to success over the years. Are you ready to ride with Charlie?!