Hearts4Vegas – 58 Stars – a tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay

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In response to the October 1, 2017 mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas (Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay), the world shared with us an outpouring of heartfelt messages of love, peace, sympathy and hope. We called this campaign of messages Hearts4Vegas.

Hearts4Vegas resulted in thousands of messages sent to us from around the world. The city is displaying these acts of support as a gift to the entire Las Vegas community.

The display is located on the second floor of City Hall, and was designed by local artist J.K. Russ with assistance from the city of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs. The display will be at City Hall through the month of December before it tours other city facilities in 2018.

You’ve seen touching tributes from Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Jason Aldean & Jimmy Kimmel Live, but we tapped a Las Vegas talent for our tribute. The video tribute features music from local singer-songwriter Kiara Brown. Kiara honored the Strip shooting victims through her original song, “58 Stars”.

You can learn more about Kiara Brown’s musc at

View the Hearts4Vegas messages on the 2nd Floor of City Hall outside of city council chambers.
Las Vegas City Hall
495 S. Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Arizona CPS Ritual Abuse Ring Victims – Emily Mays Dwight Hill & Beloved RA – AZ, PA

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Tucson, Arizona 2005. RIP Angels 16MO Emily Mays & 4MO Dwight Hill, Murdered CPS Custody. Many others in the same period through 2007, including custody battles CPS stuck their noses into to get more federal (banker) money. Governor Napolitano implemented a Take-The-Child-And-Run Policy for which there were more deaths on her watch than ever before, blood on the hands of Arizona CPS/DES and their accomplices. Others include: Ariana Payne, Tyler Payne, Haley Gray, Fabian Silva, Brandon Williams, Carol Dunlavy’s battle, and so on ad naseau. Satan is alive and well in Pennsylvania sex rings; the evil touched Arizona + Florida. It is the same gang, embedded in SS, the Catholic Church (Jesuits, Templars), banks, private equity, and politicians.

Justice For Emily

CPS/Intel Abuse Documentation 3rd Child (Rafe, renamed Dante after Dante’s Inferno by Jesuit family w mil intel ties):

Judge Stephen M Rubin of Tucson, AZ installed 61st President of National Council of Juvenile Family Court Judges July 20, 2005 at NCJFCJ’s Annual Conference Pittsburgh, PA.
Since appointed Pima County Juvenile Court Administrator, hence the more recent rash of kidnappings.

Amor et al v Dodds, County of York, State of Pa et al – PA Federal Lawsuit 1:09–CV–01340
Amor v State of Arizona et al – AZ Federal Lawsuit 4:06-cv00499-CKJ
Amor v Dodds et al – AZ Federal Lawsuit 4:08-cv-00499-JMR
Withdrawn. Retaliation, silence the whistleblower

Federal Complaint Supreme Law Firm. Arizona CPS Flying Children to Pedo and Organ Harvesting Rings

SUFFER THE CHILDREN, 2006 by Sarah Fenske. Gov Napolitano made CPS reform a top priority. Emily Mays was dead before her 2nd birthday. “Blunt force trauma to the head,” said the medical examiner. Murder, said the police. There were bruises on Emily’s body, and scrapes and bruises on her head. Emily’s caregivers, a Tucson couple, were charged with felony child abuse.
Janet Napolitano, elected governor that fall, made fixing CPS a top priority. Children needed to be protected. The new governor wasn’t messing around. Under her tenure, CPS has seen big changes: more money, more training, more new programs.
You’d think kids now must be safer than they were in 2002.
But Emily Mays didn’t die in 2002. She died 3 years into Napolitano’s tenure, August 24, 2005 – After reforms, After massive budget increases.
Emily’s wasn’t an isolated case. You don’t read about it in the papers, but the latest statistics show even more children in Arizona dying from maltreatment than before Napolitano took office. By equating child safety w removing children from parents Napolitano triggered a huge increase in removals. The influx of foster kids meant even more kids living with strangers or left for months on end in group homes + shelters.
One of the kids in foster care was Emily Mays. Her foster parents face felony child abuse charges in Pima County.
On Napolitano’s 4th day as governor, she spoke at a child abuse conference in Mesa and told CPS workers that they no longer need to make “reasonable efforts” to keep a family together – they needed to get the kid out of there. The language was loaded.
Napolitano’s words, and the changes subsequently codified in the agency’s mission statement, were a public directive to err on the side of safety. Don’t worry about making a rush to judgment. Better to overreact.
In the 4 years since, salaries + training for caseworkers have increased dramatically. Funding for CPS is way up.
The first full year of data under Napolitano shows a record number of kids removed from their homes, a 32% increase, over last full year under her predecessor, Jane Hull.

AZ CPS Violated Own Policies, Regulations; Custody Switch at Dependency. Mother interrupted: CPS accused her of everything from neglect to excessive care, never proved anything + took her daughter anyway. 2008

More on Gov’t Child Abuse Rings
* Bless The Beasts & The Children, by Tom Flocco
* The Illuminati Formula to Create a Total Mind Controlled Slave, by Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier
* The Finders, Ted Gunderson Report
* Thanks For the Memories, by Brice Taylor
* Government Mind Control, by Carolyn Hamlett

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‘I forgive you.’ Charleston victims’ families send powerful message

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Family members of the nine victims killed in a shooting at a Charleston church confronted the suspect Dylann Roof in court Friday, sending a powerful and emotional message.

Community gathers to mourn, remember Indy victims of Missouri duck boat sinking

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Hundreds of people gathered at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church where Pastor Carl Liggins led a service remembering the members of the Coleman family who were lost and also the two that survived.

The first funeral for the victims of the Omaha Mall shooting begins today.

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HEADLINE: Omaha remembers mall shooting victims
CAPTION: Visitations, wakes and vigils are beginning today for several victims of the Omaha Nebraska, mall shooting. The gunman’s family has released a statement saying they hope the community can heal. (Dec. 9)

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Helping child victims of sex trafficking in Sacramento

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Using a business approach to raising money for child victims of sex trafficking, Sacramento area businesses are banding together and supporting Courage Café. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more:

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Cincinnati, Ohio Candle Vigil for the Victims of The Mediterranean Sea, Lampedusa and Sicily, Italy

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Cincinnati, Ohio Candle Vigil for the Victims of The Mediterranean Sea, Lampedusa and Sicily, Italy

Scammers pose as a pastor to steal money from Aurora victims in fake rental posting on Craigslist

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The FBI has been alerted to a rental scam happening in Colorado and across the country.

Hundreds attend funeral for victims of Charleston church massacre

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The first funerals for victims of a terrorist attack on a historic black church in Charleston, US, have been held with hundreds of people in attendance.

The funerals were held amid tight security measures. Police officers stood guard and checked bags as hundreds of people filed into two churches in Charleston for the first two funerals of the victims. Nine Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church members were killed when a gunman walked into a Bible study on June 17 and opened fire at people. A 21-year-old white man is the main suspect. Funerals for the other victims are set to be held over the next week.

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USA: Boise mourns birthday party stabbing victims

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Hundreds of Boise residents gathered in Idaho’s capital on Monday, to hold a vigil in honour of the victims of Saturday’s birthday party stabbing, which claimed the life of a three-year old child and left eight other injured.

The incident reportedly took place in an apartment complex, which houses many refugees.

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Video inside Aurora movie theater show James Holmes arrive, victims flee

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Video taken inside the Colorado movie theater shows the moments gunman James Holmes arrives, then after the shooting as people run from the death and carnage inside the theater showing ‘Dark Knight Rises’.

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Charleston Church Shooter Refuses To Look At Grisly Photos Of His Victims

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The jury in the Charleston church shooting trial on Thursday were given their first extensive look at the aftermath of the carnage inside the fellowship hall. While most in the South Carolina courtroom sat somberly peering up at a screen during the prosecution’s hour-long display of graphic photos showing the victims’ lifeless bodies, complete with 360-degree images of the crime scene, one person in the courtroom noticeably avoided doing so: the shooter, Dylann Storm Roof.As the lead crime scene investigator at the scene, Brittany Burke, described the grisly scene, Roof sat still at the defense table, his neck turned downward, his eyes appearing closed at times.

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