Vicki Anderson Part 1 -Portland Healing Rooms

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Before the present Portland Healing Rooms began there were many pastors and intercessors that were praying and expecting a great break through in the area of healing and miracles. Ron and Vicki Anderson were leading a small intercessory and training ministry on Tuesday evenings in City Bible Church praying for the sick. In the spring of 1999 we began praying about launching the healing rooms outside the four walls of the church after oil appeared on Ron’s shoe in full sight of everyone at a gathering on Mount Tabor. The purpose of the city prayer gathering was to hear about John Lake’s ministry and see his home beside the park. After this sign Ron gathered a team of about 120 intercessors to pray for three months for wisdom and favor and in the fall of 1999 we launched this kingdom ministry with people from all denominations who had a call and desire to pray for the sick. Our first location was in the original site of the John Lake Healing Room on the third floor of the Little Building downtown, on the corner of 4th and Morrison St. We began the training in the fall and opened the Rooms to the public in January 2000. We began praying for people who mysteriously (by word of mouth) found us as we had no advertisements. There was a great deal of excitement surrounding the Healing Rooms movement at that time. We have seen miraculous healing and deliverance and many unusual “signs and wonders” in the rooms through out the years we have been open. (see testimonies page) At present we have an average of 7or 8 physically healed every time our doors are open for prayer. We are open two times every week and we have on average approximately 25 team members praying for the needs and around 20 visitors coming to receive prayer weekly.

The Biology of the Theology of the Body with Vicki Thorn

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Using scientific studies, Vicki Thorn shows how men and women are inherently different, yet are built to complement each other. She explains the biochemistry of sex, the problems of the sexual revolution and the fascinating science of attraction. Mrs. Thorn uses biological data to show that the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on sexual morality is not outdated and has significant benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual well being of men and women today.

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Vicki Thorn is the founder of Project Rachel and the Executive Director of the National office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation & Healing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work has led her to research how people fall in love and bond to each other. She explains how her findings (especially related to hormones) affect human behavior and relationships. She is a trauma counselor, spiritual director, and a prenatal loss and bereavement facilitator.

Chattanooga Contra Dance – Vicki Herndon & Horse Mountain – Heartbeat Contra – B

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Chattanooga Contra Dance – Vicki Herndon & Horse Mountain – IV B
(This dance sequence is “Heartbeat Contra” by Don Flaherty.)

Vicki Yohe at Faith Builders Church Milwaukee

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We went to the Thursday night service at Faith Builders International church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin tonight. Much to our surprise, international recording artist Vicky Yohe stopped in and gave a very inspirational performance. I caught her last song on video using the phone.

The Rock Church of Fort Wayne, Indiana Prophesy Jan. 27, 2017

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This is a specific word given for The Rock Church of Fort Wayne by Apostle Chris Turney of Kingdom Reign Ministries located in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

The general prophesy given for Fort Wayne, IN is located in the link below.