Vallejo Churches- 5 Vallejo Church Mistakes

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Vallejo Churches- 5 Vallejo Church Mistakes

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Visit us Tuesday evening 6:00 pm
Vallejo Training Center Free Church
504 Virginia st
Vallejo Ca 94591
(707) 681-6735

Bless the Lord, Damien Parrott here founder of
the Vallejo Training Center. Where I help believers in Vallejo
STOP going to church and start Being the church…

I remember what was like when I first started out looking for church in Vallejo.
Everyone made it seem easy. But not me.

I was always asking questions like “can you show me that in the Bible”.
And once I started to really pay attention to what others were doing,
I soon learned that they too were making the same mistakes.

I now if you’re a beginner I can almost guarantee you’re already making many of these mistakes.
Or if not been you’re going to be making them soon. And once you start making these mistakes
you want to find out that finding the church in Vallejo is expensive, time-consuming, and painful.

Unless of course you learn how to avoid these mistakes.

This is too important for trial and error.
You’ll have time to learn the hard way like I did the school of hard knocks.
Instead learn from my mistakes, keep watching…

Mistake #1: seeking a church that is trying to get folks saved

Mistake #2: thinking church is a place to go rather than a place to “become”.

Mistake #3: not inspecting fruit

Mistake #4: being ignorant of Satan and his devices.

Mistake #5: falling into the worship trap…



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