Scenes @ Seward Chenega Valdez Cordova before 1964 Earthquake (ASL-0015-Film-16mm)

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Scenes at Seward, Chenega, Valdez, and Cordova Before the Destruction by the 1964 Earthquake; shot by Kitty Gair (Color/Silent)

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Sea Lions chasing Zombie Salmon in Valdez, Alaska (8k 360 video)

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Happy Sunday, and good afternoon. Here is a clip of some Sea Lions chowing on some “Zombie Salmon” (Salmon at the end of their life cycle) in Valdez, Alaska last month. If you turn on your sound, you’ll be able to hear the sea lions huffing, puffing, splashing, and growling. The sound is spatialized, so headphones might be something for you to try out as well (sound will change depending on which way you are looking in this #360video.)

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The Best Places to Visit in Alaska,USA

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The Best Places to Visit in Alaska,USA
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of locations and activities in Alaska. So if you need help whittling down your bucket list, consider these 10 Alaska experiences you shouldn’t miss and will never forget and tell me what Alaskan experience has moved you?


Elora’s World: Christmas Performance at OakHills Church in San Antonio, Texas

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Elora performed three Christmas Performances at OakHills Church in San Antonio, Texas with the OakHills Choir and band.

Soundwalk 2013 D Edward Davis Long Beach Valdez Alaska

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Installation 13
I’m not sure of the exact title of this work.
Three pedestals supported radios that had audio recordings of the Long Beach shore, the Exxon Valdez’s emergency transmission, and the Alaska shore, respectively. If the radios were moved between them, the audio changed to the corresponding location.

Soundwalk 2013
October 5, 2013
Presented by Flood
East Village Arts District
Downtown Long Beach, CA
An evening of indoor/outdoor sound installations

Alaska Trip Day 7 Valdez, AK to Kenai, AK Driving Time Lapse

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