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Westboro Baptist Church came to UW Milwaukee today. They clashed pretty hard with the student body, whose protest drove them right outta town! Check this shit out!

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“March” With Congressman John Lewis

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UW students had the special opportunity to hear from U.S. Congressman and American civil rights icon John Lewis at Meany Hall on the UW Seattle campus, February 23, 2017.

Representative Lewis and the co-authors of his new graphic novel, “March,” delivered inspirational talks about the purpose of activism and how they captured stories about the movement that changed our nation.

Representative Lewis is Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District Representative and widely known for his role in the Civil Rights movement. The three volumes of “March” capture the events of his life: organizing sit-ins, protesting the segregation of lunch counters in Nashville and taking part in the 1963 March on Washington, of which he is the sole surviving speaker.

Congressman John Lewis, Georgia’s 5th District
Ana Mari Cauce, President, UW
Rickey Hall, Vice President for Minority Affairs & Diversity, Chief Diversity Officer, UW
Andrew Aydin, author, digital director and policy advisor to John Lewis
Nate Powell, graphic novelist, illustrator
Craig Sims, lawyer, Bergman Draper Ladenberg


Coptic Church – UW Madison 3 10 2014

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This lecture presents information about the history and the characteristics of the Coptic Church and the initial spread of Christianity in Egypt. His Grace gave this lecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 10, 2014.

We thank George Michael for this video.

MOVING DAY! (move to seattle)

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Today I move into my room in University of Washington area! It’s similar to a typical college dorm room living situation. It only took me a few hours to move all of my stuff. woo.

My filming equipment!

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Exploring Seattle, Baseball Game, and Seeing Johnny Depp!?

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Daily vlog: Exploring Seattle, Mariners Game
Yesterday’s vlog:

In this vlog Monica, Kiersten & I go to a Mariner’s game (which they won- yay). Later we go to Kerry park which has a really cool view of Seattle, and the top of the space needle for a video I’m working on! Then we met up with some of our friends who go to the University of Washington and got dinner.