Updates from Ethiopia 2017 – Church Forest Conservation

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This film was produced by our awesome partner, Untamed Science, with Haley Nelson Chamberlain as film maker. During May 2017, our expedition had multiple goals –
1. to meet with the Arch Bishop of the Coptic church,
2. to host a workshop for priest leadership about the value of their church forests,
3. to distribute a new children’s book (called Beza) that explains the importance of church forests to children in to rural schools,
4. to meet and assist the women’s monastery to develop a sustainable income, and
5. to celebrate 4 new church forest walls. Whew — a busy trip!!!

This film summarizes our adventures and successes!


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A Church Of Compromise, Not Courage. A Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

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In this podcast, Mike and David cover a couple of stories pointing to continuing compromise of the Gospel and word of God in a growing number of churches under the guise of “love.” We look at a United Methodist Church hosting Muslims for a Ramadan Dinner for Muslims, and a a member of Presbyterian Church in America hosting a gathering of pastors and church leaders on “Redeeming Queer Culture” and “empowering the church to embrace the LGBT.”

(Scheduled speakers include an open homosexual; a bi-sexual man; a woman who is attracted to women but is married to a man; and straight speakers who welcome open lesbians and homosexuals in the church.)

In our first segment, we check in with Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council to see what is happening on the pro-life and pro-family front in Madison and around the state. We look at new research from Barna that discusses the views of Americans concerning the direction of our nation including 77% of people surveyed who say we are heading in the wrong direction morally and culturally.


Reproduced, with permission, from www.standupforthetruth.com

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Joe Rogan on The Texas Church Tragedy

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Joe Rogan talks to Sebastian Junger about the recent tragic events that have been plaguing America including the Texas Church Incident on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1034. Full podcast –

Joe Rogan talks to Sebastian Junger about the tragic events that have been recurring frequently in America including the recent Texas Church tragedy. Joe Rogan and Sebastian Junger discuss possible causes that lead people to commit such horrible acts. Junger thinks a potential cause is the social isolation people feel today and the fact that they feel disconnected from the people around them and Rogan tends to agree. Joe Rogan talks about the Texas church incident, the New York and Las Vegas incidents and the social isolation and societal problems that may be causing such tragedies with Sebastian Junger on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE 1034.

Joe Rogan on The Texas Church Tragedy –