Church gets shut down for helping homeless – Ventura CA

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The Harbor Church is one of the smallest churches in Ventura, CA., yet arguably they do the most to help the homeless. Each day, Harbor Church opens its doors to the homeless, providing: daily chapel services, worship music, Bible studies and prayer. They also engage the homeless through pastoral counseling. They also offer daily breakfast and lunch, hot showers, clothing and laundry facilities to those in need.

Because they help the homeless each day, the City of Ventura has ordered the church to close its doors during the week. Neighbors have been complaining to the city because they hate seeing homeless walk past their houses. They’ve filed complaints with city about the homeless behaving poorly in the neighborhood. But when asked to provide specifics or point out the individual that behaved poorly, neighbors are mysteriously mute. Enoch Magazine discovered The Harbor Church 4 years ago and has helped them with video needs ever since.


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Rev. Dr. William Barber at Madison, WI speaking on standing against the codification of ALL hate

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The word codify.
cod·i·fy (kŏd′ĭ-fī′, kō′də-)
tr.v. cod·i·fied, cod·i·fy·ing, cod·i·fies
1. To reduce to a code: codify laws.
2. To arrange or systematize

The greatest myth of our times is that extreme politics
only hurts a small subset of people.

What extremists do – and notice I didn’t say “Democrat” or “Republican” – I said “extremist”.

What extremists do is they try to make us fight separately. They attack us separately and make us fight separately.

What me must understand is that extremist politics hurts us all.
I’ll never forget – in the middle of a LGBT fight in North Carolina – a reverend asked, “Well, why are you involved as a black preacher? Why were you involved with LGBT?” Well I said, “First of all this isn’t a war between the black church and LGBT. That’s a false notion. That’s the notion that the religious right tried to understand. If anybody understands race in america it’s the Black Church.”

Second of all I said to them, “Because the 14th amendment was passed to provide equal protection under the law for every citizen…
And because black people know the original sin of america which was racism and because black people know that once that sin was committed it took 250 years of travesty – of chattel slavery.

100 years of Jim Crow.

Martyrs and people being killed that we STILL haven’t gotten over.

We ought to be the last ones that want to see anybody codify hate into our constitution

And they, “Said that’s not the same thing as racial discrimination.” And I said, “I know that. But it’s discrimination.”

And because I’ve been touched by america’s original sin
of racial discrimination then i have to stand opposed to all the forms of it.”

And using that argument we were able to get allies who were theologically – and in their own churches – based on the first amendment – the right from and for religion – they were not totally for same sex marriage but they stood with us against Amendment One on the moral and constitutional principle that even if I have not come to that point inside of my church sanctuary I have to be against anything that codifies hate and discrimination within the laws of this land.

Rev. Dr. William Barber spoke in Madison, Wisconsin at Bethel Lutheran Church on WIsconsin Avenue 03/14/2014.

Rev. Barber has been a key leader in the Moral Monday movement which is also known as the “Forward Together” movement.
See his web site here:

My Edited Video: Holy Family Catholic Church, Tucson AZ.

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Virtual Surround Tour of Holy Family Catholic Church, Tucson AZ.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Fr. Frank Pavone Preaching at Believer’s Bible Christian Church in Atlanta, GA

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Fr. Frank Pavone ( National Director of Priests for Life ( preaches at Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Director of African American Outreach of Priests for Life ( Church, the Believer’s Bible Christian Church) in Atlanta, GA.

Driving Though Somerton Arizona

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Please watch: “How To Change Skins On Kodi 17.3”


Driving Though Somerton Arizona

The Block Church – Philadelphia, PA – Know The Block

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Join us for church in Philadelphia, PA at The Block Church. We meet at Richmond Hall in Port Richmond at 930 and 11 on Sundays.

Reno Nevada Temple

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Watch at for more Info and temple goodness.

The Reno Nevada Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 3D Model by Brian Olson (PhotogentOlson)

Wind singing in the mountain – felix.blume

For more information about the _ Visit

For more information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints visit

Christmas Cantata song recorded at Neuse Baptist Church Raleigh NC 12-22-13

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Here We Are To Worship

Klutina river Copper Center, Alaska Red Salmon fishing with Friends

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Fishing on the Klutina river near Copper Center, Alaska with my friends John and Daniel for Copper River Red Salmon. Daniel foul hooked this Red and you must release them if they are Not hooked in the mouth. John and his wife Jeb own the Tok Thai Food truck at the Hub in Glennallen and now also the cafe 1/2 mile from teh hub too. The BEST freshest food around our area!


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1. MUSEUM OF THE NORTH,FAIRBANKS 64°51’30.50″N 147°50’32.56″W
2. HIPPO SHAPED ISLAND 53° 0’10.86″N 168°54’25.29″W
3. RUSSIAN BLOCK HOUSE,SITKA 57° 3’2.60″N 135°20’18.63″W
4. ELEPHANT SHAPED ISLAND 52°52’54.79″N 173° 0’34.71″E
5. VIRGIN MARY CHURCH,KENAI 60°33’10.66″N 151°16’3.18″W
6. INSIDE PASSAGE,KETCHIKAN 55°25’14.61″N 132° 2’14.78″W
7. CHURCH OF THE HOLY ASCENSION,UNALASKA 53°52’32.11″N 166°32’10.29″W
8. FORT MCGILVRAY,CAINES HEAD 59°59’15.30″N 149°23’31.25″W
9. ALASKA STATE CAPITAL,JUNEAU 58°18’8.24″N 134°24’37.25″W
10. FORT EGBERT,EAGLE 64°47’20.67″N 141°12’56.71″W
11. ANCHORAGE MUSEUM,RASMUSON CENTER 61°12’57.97″N 149°53’4.88″W
12. TULIK VOLCANO 53°23’28.01″N 168° 8’42.42″W
13. RUSSIAN BISHOP’S HOUSE & SCHOOLS,SITKA 57° 3’5.91″N 135°19’49.69″W
14. MOUNT MCKINLEY (20,237 FEET) 63° 3’50.37″N 151° 0’32.55″W
15. FORT SEWARD,HAINES 59°13’37.06″N 135°26’44.28″W
16. VETERANS MEMORIAL,TRAPPER CREEK 62°44’44.16″N 150° 7’48.68″W
17. MOUNT KATMAI CRATER LAKE 58°16’14.43″N 154°59’13.15″W
18. FORT RICHARDSON,ANCHORAGE 61°14’54.59″N 149°41’38.66″W
19. TREE HOUSE,UAF CAMPUS 64°51’24.25″N 147°49’36.70″W
20. FORT ABERCROMBIE,KODIAK 57°50’8.40″N 152°21’19.34″W
21. SALTY DAWG SALOON,HOMER 59°36’6.94″N 151°25’16.77″W
22. ST.PAUL ISLAND CHURCH,SAINT PAUL 57° 7’15.14″N 170°16’50.71″W
23. SEAFARER’S MEMORIAL,HOMER 59°36’2.33″N 151°25’7.80″W
24. RUSSIAN CHURCH,NIKOLAEVSK 59°48’39.16″N 151°36’17.42″W

Oak Grove Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

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Mission Sunday October 12th with Joe Jarvis speaking about Moravian missions in Cuba.