Unitarian Universalist Covenant: What Do We Promise One Another?

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Covenant has a long history in Jewish and Christian religious traditions. In Unitarian Universalism, we strive to be to be inclusive and transformative in our covenanting. As we grow our personal understanding, strengthen and deepen our community, and practice spiritual justice-making in our covenantal faith, we must ask, “What do we promise one another?”
This beautiful animated video was created by Unitarian Universalist and graphic designer in Columbus, Ohio, Elliott Cennamo. We are grateful for the gift of his talents. Unitarian Universalists are welcome to share this video in their spiritual communities and congregations.

Birmingham Unitarian Church on a Saturday Morning 001

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It’s Saturday, May 16, 2009 at BUC. I had to come in to clean up and do some set up since we had such a busy morning here at the church. It just felt so alive, it made me want to share with you a Saturday morning here at BUC.

America: The Farewell Tour – Chris Hedges at The Unitarian Church of All Souls

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges speaks on the issues addressed in his recent book, America: The Farewell Tour. We are, he asserts, a nation in decline, brutalized by the corporate state and convulsed by the array of pathologies that have arisen out of the resulting hopelessness and despair. Profound and provocative, Hedges’ vision was shaped by a careful investigation of families, individuals and communities across America whom he interviewed and studied in an extensive tour of the country. Publicity for his book calls it “a poignant cry reported from communities across America, that seeks to jolt us out of our complacency while there is still time.”

Chris Hedges was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years with The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Chief for the paper. He writes a weekly column for the on-line magazine Truthdig, and is the host of the Emmy Award-winning RT America show On Contact. Hedges earned his Divinity degree from Harvard University and is the author of several best-selling non-fiction books, including American Fascists, and Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. He was also a National Book Critics Circle finalist for his War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. He has taught at Columbia University and the University of Toronto, and currently teaches college credit courses in the New Jersey prison system.

The event was at The Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City December 9, 2018 and was co-sponsored by their Peace and Justice Task Force and All Souls Lifelines Program.

Video and audio by Joe Friendly

METZ live @ First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia – April 19th 2013 *FULL SHOW* HD

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Toronto’s METZ returning to Philadelphia and putting on a great performance at 1st Unitarian.
this was recorded with an iPhone 4, they make better cameras than phones, thank you METZ for granting permission to capture this show, and hank you Sub Pop for allowing this to stay online.

First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

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First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia was designed by Frank Furness, son of the first minister. It features hammer-beam ceiling painted red rust, blue walls, and stained glass windows by John La Farge and Louis Tiffany & Co. Video points out some changes made to the original design. The first Tiffany stained glass window in Philadelphia was installed here.

Arlington Street Church Unitarian Universalist AssHat Laughs At Protest Against Bullying

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Soon after the 2:15 point an adult member of Boston’s Arlington Street Church exiting the Unitarian Church of Montreal dismissively laughs at my picket signs protesting against Unitarian Universalist bullying and bigotry etc.

Rachel’s live at the 1st Unitarian Church Sanctuary, in Philadelphia, PA on March 4, 2005

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Rachel’s live at the First Unitarian Church Sanctuary, in Philadelphia, PA on March 4, 2005.
I do not own any rights to this. No copyright intended.