Eldress Allie James preaches Union Town 2014 Ushers Anniversary Sermon

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This is a seven and a half minutes excerpt from Eldress James, who preached at the 2014 Ushers’ Anniversary held at Union Town Church of Christ on Sunday, July 13, 2014. Music was provided by the Smithwick Chapel COC Choir.

“Jesus Is The Light” – Bennett Union Missionary Baptist Church

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Bennett Union Missionary Baptist Church Choir of Bennett Union Missionary Baptist Church in Jesup, GA sing “Jesus Is The Light” (Rev. Brandon Ogden) is the pastor – Sunday, December 18, 2016.

The Atheist State of the Union 2018

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What is the current state of the atheist union? Here is an update on how the secular movement is fairing. I call it my atheist state of the union address.

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Documentary: Union students help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

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When Hurricane Harvey flooded much of coastal southeast Texas in September 2017, a group of Union College students spent a week helping Port Arthur and Beaumont residents clean out their homes.

This documentary, produced by Union student Caleb Haakenson, tells their story.

Union’s unique international rescue and relief program prepares students for careers public safety, health care and global development. Learn more about the program at

John Duncan at Pentecostal Campmeeting North Georgia White County Union Grove CHC CAMPANHA IGREJAS

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God moved in a mighty way in the Campmeeting in the North Georgia District of the Congregational Holiness Church. The meetings were August 5 through August 12, 2011. Brother John Duncan preached the first 5 nights and Evangelist Beth Stephens preached the remaining 3 nights. We had awesome altar calls every night with people consecrating themselves, seeking God, praying, receiving physical healing, repenting, getting saved, and rededicating their lives to God again. We were blessed by the response and to see hungry hearts seeking God.

LGBT Accepted As Members And Pastors By NAD, Lake Union Conference, Andrews University

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“On Friday, October 9, 2015, the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary on the campus of Andrews University voted unanimously to approve a position paper titled ‘An Understanding of the Biblical View on Homosexual Practice and Pastoral Care.’ From its very beginning more than six months ago, this document has undergone widespread study by the Seminary Dean’s Council and Seminary faculty, which has included discussion and input from Seminary town hall meetings, Andrews University administration, the Lake Union Conference, the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and the Biblical Research Institute.”

Tim Klein, Teacher of the Year, Antelope Valley Union High School District 2018

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This incredible man, Tim Klein, just received the district award for Teacher of the Year on May 24th 2018. With the help of others sending in pictures, I helped put this video together and shared it at a little surprise party for him. He tragically passed away on June 2, 2018 with his dear climbing partner, featured many times in here, Jason Wells, who leaves behind his beautiful, pregnant wife, Becky. Words cannot explain the loss we feel from these two amazing individuals.

If you knew Tim, you would know that the greatest joy that this loss could bring him would be to have you share in the Love he had for His Savior, Jesus Christ. Anything noteworthy or amazing about Tim was due to his heart to emulate Jesus and the Love He had for all people. Tim would have given his life for some of us, but Christ did that for all of us, with no exclusions. What we love and will dearly miss about Tim is everything that God put into his heart to make him that way. That God-shaped vacuum in our hearts that we try to fill with anything and everything to bring us satisfaction doesn’t last, because it was made for Him alone. And so even now, in the darkest time of my life, I can cling to the hope of someday being in heaven to worship Jesus with Tim, while yet still the greater joy is being with God Himself. Challenge God to make Himself known and He will meet you there.

Love to all of you lovers of Tim Klein. He was as much a fan of you as you were of him.
John 3:16