Jim and John are married at First UMC in Charlotte, NC

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A beautiful act of Biblical Obedience in the name of love at First UMC in Charlotte. Rev. Val Rosenquist and Bishop Melvin Talbert celebrate the love of Jim Wilborne and John Romano in their home church with the support of neighboring clergy

“Into The Fire” Saint John UMC Choir accompanied by Monroe Crossing Bluegrass Band 21Jan2018

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Saint John UMC’s (Augusta, GA) program titled “Concerts with a Cause” invited Monroe Crossing Bluegrass Band from Minnesota to come for a performance. The band suggested having the choir to sing with them in this selection.

Cecil D. Crumudgeon at Good Shepherd UMC 12 24 2017

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Cecil and the Good Shepherd UMC Choir in Fort Wayne, Indiana presenting “Come And See What’s Happenin’ In The Barn” on Christmas Eve 2017. Cecil can be seen but not heard for approximately the first two minutes… Cecil’s wife, Ethel, always gets a bit misty-eyed and rattled when she sees him perform, and she forgot to run the videotape machine! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Historic Merger – St Paul UMC in Dallas merges with Union Cathedral

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“The Merger” – St. Paul UMC, a historic United Methodist Church, merges with Union Cathedral a nondenominational church. The merger has inspired new excitement and contagious energy in this church.

All Up In My Business – Anderson UMC 2015 Pastor Joe W. May – February 8 – 10:10 AM

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Description: Anderson United Methodist Church located at 6205 Hanging Moss Road, Jackson, MS. Sr. Pastor Joe W. May ask the listeners to consider allowing God to “Get All Up In Their Business” opposed to those in the world. This message will give you something to think about. Please visit us on the web at www.AndersonUMC.org

Baptism The Old Fashion Way, At The Creek, Fremont Union UMC August 18, 2013

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In order to be baptized the Old Fashion Way, Folks traveled from as far away as North Carolina and West Virginia to the Historical Fremont Union United Methodist Church located in South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Grand Avenue Temple UMC

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Grand Avenue Temple Historic United Methodist Church, established in 1865 in Kansas City, Missouri. What began as a church serving the affluent in a thriving, growing city, now struggles to provide for the needs of those who live on the streets of Kansas City. Please support this ministry through your prayers and gifts.

St. Luke UMC – Columbus, GA – Phantom 2 Vision+ Aerial

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August 16, 2014 flight over the St. Luke United Methodist Church taken with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+.

The main building on the St. Luke campus is the Sanctuary, which is on the corner of Second Avenue and 11th Street in Columbus, Georgia. Handicapped and visitors’ parking is on Second Avenue and in the small parking lot adjacent to the chapel (enter from Second Avenue).