So Chicago: Deep tunnel, marvelous site

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With the capacity to hold 7.9 billion gallons of water, the Thornton Composite Reservoir will create the largest basin of its kind in the world when it comes online. Workers talk about their passion and longtime investment in this massive engineering effort to keep Chicagoland from reverting to its swampland roots. (Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune)

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The Mysterious, Surreal Crozet Railroad Tunnel BEFORE Restoration!

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An afternoon hike to the Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel near Waynesboro, VA. My friend and I explored the long-abandoned railroad tunnel from its western entrance to the midway point beneath Afton Mountain. Shot with a head-mounted GoPro camera.

Soon after this was shot, state and local funds finally became available to begin a multi-phase plan to transform the tunnel into a “Rails to Trails” sort of place, suitable for bikes and pedestrians.

Haunted? Sensabaugh Tunnel Walked through it heard some creepy sounds.. CREEPY!

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Checked out this tunnel that the locals told me about its pretty cool. Lots of tall tales.

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Richmond’s Callapsed Churchill Tunnel

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The Eastern Portal – There is a train buried under Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood–the steam engine Locomotive 231 and ten flatcars. There are probably two men buried there, too, Richard Mosby and H. Smith. Rescuers were never able to locate the bodies of the African American laborers, and they were presumed buried alive when a 190-foot section of the tunnel collapsed while dozens of workmen were trying to shore up the derelict tunnel for a return to active service. That was October 2, 1925.

Nearly nine decades later, the only accessible vestiges of the Church Hill Tunnel demonstrate the stark difference between a landmark preserved and one abandoned.

The railroad tunnel was problematic from the get go, killing at least nine men, and possibly more, during its construction and operation from the 1880s to 1925. After that last, fatal cave-in–there had been a number of smaller ones prior–Chesapeake and Ohio officials conceded that the tunnel was too costly. They filled portions with sand and sealed both ends with concrete–train, laborers and all. They remain there to this day.

Satan’s Hollow – The Tunnel To Hell

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Join the team as they investigate Satan’s Hollow in Cincinatti, Ohio. Satan’s Hollow is an old tunnel underground the streets of Blue Ash. Legend has it that satan worshipers congregate there and sacrifice animals and even humans. There are stories of a demonic creature dubbed “the shadow man” and even satan himself lurking these tunnels.

Trivia: David cut the investigation short due to the high levels of bad energy and the scary words the Ghost Box was speaking. He also stated, “this is one of the scariest locations I have ever investigated”. The team has investigated over 150 locations.

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Tunnel of Love Tour from Kiev

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– Tunnel of Love Tour from Kiev during 2 days and 1 night with tourist visit of Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics, Transfiguration Cathedral and Nature Monument Rock Chatsky Head in Zhytomyr, Rivne Brewery with tasting of five different types of beer, Mead wine tasting in Zorya, Lutsk Lubart Castle, Church of Saints Peter and Paul, House with Chimeras – House of Sculptor Nikolai Golovan, Restaurant Yellow Plane with Aircraft Yak-40

Public Tour of the Tunnel Under Lake Elizabeth of the Warm Springs Extension

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On October 26, 2012 about 250 elected officials, members of the media and local residents took a tour of the newly completed subway which will take BART trains under Lake Elizabeth in Fremont en rout to the Warm Springs/ South Fremont Station. This 5.4 mile BART extension to Warm Springs will eventually connect with the San Jose extension currently under construction.

Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video] REACTION

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Original Video: Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video]

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Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video]

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