Leon Russell Memorial Service in Tulsa

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Leon Russell Memorial Service in Tulsa

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The Tulsa Oklahoma massacre of Afrikan People (Black Wallstreet) 10/12

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One of the nation’s worst acts of racial violence—the Tulsa Race Riot—occurred there on June 1, 1921, when 35 square blocks of homes and businesses were torched by mobs of whites.

The riot began because of an alleged assault of a white woman, Sarah Page, by an Afrikan man, Dick Rowland. This incident produced even more hatred between the whites and the Blacks even though there was no proof of the assault. The case was simply a white woman’s word against a Black man’s word. The Tulsa Tribune got word of the incident and published the story in the paper on May 31, 1921. Shortly after the newspaper article surfaced, there was news that a white lynch mob was going to take matters into its own hands and kill Dick Rowland.

Afrikan men began to arm themselves and join forces in order to protect Dick Rowland; however, this action prompted white men to arm themselves and confront the group of African American men. There was an argument in which a white man tried to take a gun from a black man, and the gun fired a bullet up into the sky. This incident promoted many others to fire their guns, and the violence erupted on the evening of May 31, 1921. Whites flooded into the Greenwood district and destroyed the businesses and homes of Afrikan residents. No one was exempt to the violence of the white mobs; men, women, and even children were killed by the mobs.

Troops were deployed on the afternoon of June 1st, but by that time there was not much left of the once thriving Greenwood district. Over 600 successful businesses were lost. Among these were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half-dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. Property damage totaled $1.5 million (1921). Although the official death toll claimed that 26 Blacks and 13 whites died during the fighting, most estimates are considerably higher. At the time of the riot, the American Red Cross listed 8,624 persons in need of assistance, in excess of 1,000 homes and businesses destroyed, and the delivery of several stillborn infants.

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Philbrook Museum wedding film {Tulsa wedding video}

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Lauren and Alex’s wedding weekend was perfect from start to finish. A rehearsal dinner over the city, a sweet iPad note to Lauren from her husband-to-be, a reception at the always gorgeous Philbrook Museum of art, and that dress!!! The girls were a blast, the guys hilarious, and a party that seemed like it would never end. (And when you’re jammin’ to the tunes of Hook, who can blame you for wanting to dance the night away?) There was so much fun, love, and emotion all weekend long, and we hope you can feel it too.

Cinematography | PenWeddings
Photography | Josh McCullock Photography
Ceremony Venue | Asbury United Methodist Church – Tulsa
Reception Venue | Philbrook Museum of Art
Rehearsal Dinner Venue | The Summit
Florals | Toni’s Flowers & Gifts
Cake | Icing On The Top
Lighting | Omni Lighting
Band/MC | HOOK
Photo Booth | Let’s Click It
Hair & Makeup | Shannon Schroeder Fashion & Beauty
Brides gown | Vera Wang from Barron Bridal in Dallas
Menswear | Alton Lane in Dallas
Accommodations | The Mayo Hotel

Music licensed through The Music Bed

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