Skydiving Tullahoma, TN

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I went skydiving with MTSU and my roommate. Best time of my life. Couldn’t have been better!!! I filmed it all on a gopro and just threw some clips together.

Tullahoma SDA Church; Tullahoma, Tennessee

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A video showing of Tullahoma Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tullahoma, Tennessee USA.

If you live, visit or relocate to Tullahoma, Tennessee, please visit their church this Sabbath morning? You’ll be blessed.

Sabbath School: 9:30 am (CT), Saturdays
Sabbath Worship: 11:00 am (CT), Saturdays
Prayer Meeting: 6:30 pm (CT), Tuesdays

We love to have you worshiping God and to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Tullahoma Seventh-day Adventist Church website:

Visitors welcome.

(CC) Closed-captioned for the Hearing Impaired (English).

Subtitles now available: Spanish, Tamil, French, Russian, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese, Filipino, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian, Icelandic, Ukrainian, Georgian, Italian, Lao, Slovak, Swahili, Danish, Polish, Finnish, Macedonian, Korean, Nepali, Khmer, Persian (Farsi), Telugu, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Myanmar (Burmese), Croatian, Romanian, Czech