Pastor David Kingcannon Pastor of Trumpet In Zion Augusta This song is called When The Wind Blows

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Trumpet In Zion Fellowship Youth Crusade 2015 held in Jacksonville Florida.

Overseers Apostle Darryl G McCoy.

Listen to this glorious original worship song that God has given to the Senior Pastor David Kingcannon. Pastor of Trumpet In Zion Augusta. This song is called When The Wind Blows.


Sounding the Trumpet Against Pornography

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Sermon back in 2007 on exposing the dangers of pornography. How big is it? When do kids start? How to protect your kids & yourself? Weapons to use against temptations? This is a great warning for all. For more please go to & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest

Walker – Hear The Trumpet Sound – Tucson Masterworks Chorale

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“Hear the Trumpet Sound” arr. Gwyneth Walker, performed by the Tucson Masterworks Chorale in its 66th Season on November 13, 2015, at Catalina United Methodist Church, Tucson, Arizona. Director, Jonathan Kim; Organist, Dennis Grannan; Soloists, Katie Nix, Andrew Stuckey, and Hugo Vera; with Masterworks Brass & Percussion. This was part of a “Together In Song” program, which also included works by Beach, Strimple, Copeland, Lauridsen, and Erb.
Videographer, Jesse Thrall.

Trumpet In Zion Fellowship Augusta, Ga- Pastor David Kingcannon

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Welcome to the broadcast. We are excited you joined us this Sunday. Please be fed from the messenger Pastor David Kingcannon. Sr. pastor of Trumpet In Zion Fellowship in Augusta, Ga under leadership of Apostle Darryl. G. McCoy Sr.

Be sure to comeback and join us this week for 30th Annual Southeastern Holy Convocation

God Will Provide Church Band Easter 2011 PORTLAND OREGON Andrey Zelenko

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Our church band playing ” Praise and Adoration Medley”.

Phillips Temple CME Church Choir Yes, I’m A Believer REHEARSAL

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Come on by sometimes. Put your Praise and Worship song requests in the comments.

Hello San Diego! Have you been wanting to your song on a gain. We are Phillips Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal (C.M.E.) Church of San Diego, CA, and this is our Inspiration of Praise Choir!

We are looking for more young people to sing with us! Altos! Tenors! Sopranos! We love you and we want you to bring your pipes and help us bring praise to the Lord.

What we might lack in size we more than make up for in spirit and anointing.

If you like some trumpet up in your music, you might like this. If you like some trumpet up in your PRAISE music… Well, you get our point.

One of the reasons we love singing in the Phillips Temple CME Church Youth Choir is because… we have a trumpet!

There are lots of Black Churches in San Diego. But we are one of the few that has a trumpet in the band accompanying our very anointed and dynamic youth choir 🙂 This makes singing in our choir more fun.

We welcome first timers! It is easy and fun to learn new songs, so don’t even worry about it!

If you want to hear more of us rehearsing and putting it down at Sunday morning worship service, please check out these links:

If you’re liking what you’re hearing, we invite you to come visit us in person next Sunday.

We are looking for new members. And if you are interested in joining the choir, comment below!!

Phillips Temple CME Church
5333 Geneva Ave, San Diego, CA 92114
Rev Joiquim L. Barnes, Pastor
Troy Richardson, Minister of Music
Simona Patterson, Director

Denise Williams, Drums
Troy Richardson, Keyboard
Orlando Hooks, Trumpet
Eddie Newman, Bass

How Much Can We Bear: Lawton District COGIC, Oklahoma Horn Section.3gp

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Lawton District, OK- Brothers playing at a State meeting. Supert. Cross, Elder Gladne, Elder Mims and Bro. McGee. 2011