Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans – A Service of Death and Resurrection – Live

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A Service of Death and Resurrection held in Duke Chapel, January 30, 2012 – Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans: February 21, 1920 – January 25, 2012.

Opening Introduction by Dr. Samuel Wells: (38:15)
“When Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans was born, Duke University was no more than a twinkle in her great uncle’s eye, but Mary’s been a twinkle in the eye of this university ever since. And not just this university but this city, this state and far beyond. And we have gathered together today because she put a twinkle in our eye too. We have come together to hand her over to God, that she might be a twinkle in God’s eye forever…”

Dr. Richard H. Brodhead, President, Duke University (1:00:08),
The Honorable James B. Hunt, Jr. Governor of North Carolina (1977–1985 and 1993–2001) – (1:06:01)
The Honorable William “Bill” Bell Mayor of Durham (1:11:34),
Professor Joel L. Fleishman Professor of Law & Public Policy; Faculty Chair, Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society, (1:23:18)
Thomas S. Kenan, III Trustee, The Duke Endowment
Honorary Trustee ( 1:35:18)

The Ciompi Quartet (51:00)

Durham Carolers ( 1:18:03)
Tony Alston; Richard Butler; Nathaniel McLaughin Sr.,Nathaniel McLaughin Jr.; Kedrin Mims; Erwin Worthy

University of North Carolina School of the Arts (1:45:00)
Eli Williams, baritone
Sydney Shepherd, dulcimer
Max Stampa-Brown, guitar
Thomas Rowell, mandolin

Duke and Durham Choir Participants ( 1:54:30)
Members of the Duke Chapel Choir
The Duke Chorale
The Duke Vespers Ensemble
The Choral Society of Durham

Closing Prayers, Rev. Sam Wells (1:59:50)

Cleveland Hill FD Working Fire – 11 Trent sq

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Cleveland Hill FD Working Fire
11 Trent Sq – Cheektowaga NY
PD on scene with a 2 story 4-unit row house smoke showing.
Heavy fire on 1st floor extending to attic.
Crews make entry with 2 lines and advance to 2nd floor.
Cleve Hill Chief orders everyone out as fire conditions worsen.
30MPH winds push the fire through the attic for Defensive Operations.
Cleve Hill Ladder 6 sets up for Master Stream Operations
5 -1¾”, 2 -2½” Lines in use Plus 1 Deckgun & 1 Master Stream
ON Scene:
Cleveland Hill: Engines: 1 & 2, Ladder 6, Rescue 7 & Utility 5
U-Crest: Engine 1; PineHill: Ladder 6; Rescue: Engine 1
Forks RIT: Engine 2 & Rescue 7; Hy-View: standby at Cleve Hill
Damages: $ 150K
10-4-2014 – Time Out: 10:59 hrs