The Singing Christmas Trees at First Baptist Church Orlando have 250,000 lights

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First Baptist Orlando presents its annual Singing Christmas Trees with more than 250,000. It’s a huge tree that looks really cool. See what it takes to put on the production and hear Christmas carols.

Tyler Glenn of Utah band Neon Trees talks about Harvey Milk, coming out, and his new video

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Tyler Glenn, lead singer of Utah band Neon Trees, performed Saturday, May 14, 2016, at the Salt Lake City dedication of Harvey Milk Boulevard.

Afterward, Glenn spoke about how Milk inspired him to come out as gay in 2014, his conflicts with being raised in the LDS Church, and his recent solo music video release for the song “Trash,” where Glenn is depicted spitting on an altered image of church founder Joseph Smith.

Mormon Stories #632: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees Pt. 2 — Struggling with Fame and Authenticity

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Tyler Glenn is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum alternative pop band Neon Trees.

Tyler was raised LDS/Mormon in Temecula, California. After discovering a love for music in high school and serving an LDS mission, Tyler moved to Provo, UT with his buddy Chris to form Neon Trees (named after the trees on the In and Out signs). Neon Trees signed with Mercury Records in 2009 and went on to release three successful alternative pop albums: Habits (2010), Picture Show (2012), and Pop Psychology (2014).

Tyler knew he was gay as a child, but struggled as a teen and adult to reconcile his sexuality with his LDS faith. These struggles took Tyler to some sad/dark places, which were only exacerbated by his fame as a pop star. At age 27 (around the release of Picture Show), Tyler seriously contemplated ending his life.

In spite of these struggles, Tyler remained a full and literal believer in the LDS Church. In 2014 Tyler decided that being a closeted gay man was contributing to his suicidality. Consequently he came out as gay to his family, band, friends — and to the world in Rolling Stone magazine — prior to the release of Pop Psychology. From this point forward it was Tyler’s full intent to find and marry a gay man, and to raise children in the LDS church as a gay married Mormon.

Then, in November of 2015, the LDS church released its new policy branding same-sex married Mormons as immediate apostates, and prohibiting children of same-sex married couples from being baptized. This policy change sent Tyler into a tailspin, ultimately shattering his plans as a believing, gay Mormon.

In this three part interview, we explore:

Part 1: Tyler’s early years as a young Mormon struggling with his sexuality.
Part 2: Tyler’s ascent (along with Neon Trees) into stardom…and the sadness/despair that followed.
Part 3: Tyler’s faith crisis instigated by the LDS policy change, along with his current beliefs/views regarding the LDS Church.

Three Trees (VHS) – The Pilgrim Jubilees,”Live From Jackson, Mississippi”

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The Pilgrim Jubilees are known affectionaltely as “The Jubes” througout the country. They are also known for their gospel music with its driving beat.

The group traces its beginning back to 1934, in Houston, Mississippi, when Elgie Graham and Willie Johnson decided to form a duet. In 1946, Theophilles Graham, Monroe Hatchett, and Leonard Brownlee were added, and The Pilgrim Jubilees were formed. These members remained intact until 1950, when the Graham family moved to Chicago, Illinois.

In the early fifties the group was reorganized buy Elgie Graham. He brought in Major Roberson, Kenneth Madden and his brothers, Cleve and Clay Graham. In 1955 Elgie decided to retire from the group, but encouraged them to continue singing God’s praises. Other than the departure of Kenneth Madden, and the arrival of Ben Chandler, the group presently remains intact.

They released their first recording on the Nashboro Record label, and received a fair amount of recognition. After many prayers and meditations, Major Roberson and Rufus Crume composed “Stretch Out”. While singing on a program in Atlanta, Georgia, they were noticed by Dave Clark, who was at Peacock-Songbird Records at the time. He recommended that Peacock sign them, and with the release of “Stretch Out”, the group received national recognition, as well as a Gold Record.

In 1979 “The Jubes”, signed with Savoy Records. During their stay, they recorded four albums entitled, “Keep on Climbing”, “Put On Your Shoes”, “Whensoever I Pray”, and “Put Your Trust In Jesus”. It was during this time that they established themselves as one of gospel’s top quartets. From these albums came such hits as “Rich Man, Poor Man”, “I’m Happy With Jesus Alone”, “Whensoever I Pray”, “Put Your Trust In Jesus”, “I’m Glad You Looked My Way”, and many others.

In 1987 they signed with Malaco Records and released “Gospel Roots”, which immediately hit the Billboard Top Forty Gospel Chart. 1988 brought the release of their second Malaco project entitled “Back to Basics”. It reached the top twenty-five on Billboard. “Family affair”, released in 1991, reached the top twenty on Billboard and Cashbox and was nominated for a Stellar Award.

‘I’m Getting Better All the Time” released in late 1992, has enjoyed extensive airplay nationally and is proving to be a favorite of gospel music lovers everywhere.

According to Pastor Naomi Durant of Baltimore Maryland, when you listen to The Jubes, you will understand endurance. For these men are legends in their own time. They have withstood the test of time.


Fox News Lies with Palm Trees Video, Lies About Getting Punched in Wisconsin, Poll Lies

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—Fox News resorts to making stuff up about Wisconsin, including showing fight footage from elsewhere and claiming it is Wisconsin union protests getting violent, a reporter lying about being punched, and saying polls about the situation are only valid if you remove anyone involved with unions from the results.

–On the Bonus Show Louis discusses his band’s upcoming show, should cigarettes be illegal, fetus testifying in abortion hearings stunt, Julian Assange changes his mind on Jewish conspiracy claims.

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Steven Seagal Parody

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An amateur parody of Steven Seagal’s acting… Well, it is also a tribute, because I like him a lot. This video was made in two three hour sessions, in the forest behind our lovely town of Trenčín. The language spoken in video is Slovak. It was fun.

The title of the video means : Deadly Death 3: Revenge of Death

The soundtrack is made by BT & Nick Phoenix. I do not own any of the music.

Sorry for the low quality, it was shot in evening with light not so good.


Steven Seagal – Jozef Slávka
Boss – Martin Kyselica
Thug 1 – Martin Taufer
Thug 2 – Juraj Hatlas
Thug 3 – Milan Pleva
The Poor Victim – Jakub Šípoš

Directed by:

Jozef Slávka

Written by:

Jozef Slávka

Camera :

Denis Matúš
Lukáš Matejka
Lukáš Čučo


Denis Matúš

Special Effects:

Matthew Jan Abrman

The Honorable Keeper of the Sword:

Filip Taufer

2012 Trenčín, Slovakia

Caller is Christian, Son is Atheist, & Look at the Trees | Dianna – MN | Atheist Experience 21.46

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The Atheist Experience episode 21.46 for November 26, 2017, with Tracie Harris and Jen Peeples.

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We do moderate the blog, the same way that we moderate chat during the show, as well as comments on our Facebook group. For comment sections that are “officially” associated with our show (and, to a much lesser extent, channels that may give the unintended appearance of being official), we prefer not to play host to straight up ad hominem attacks and bigotry. As a general policy we do not block commenters simply on the basis of disagreement with our point of view. However, we do prefer discussion environments that don’t actively chase off more reasonable contributors.


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Neon Trees “Goes to church!” Free 4 All 3 – Bakersfield, CA

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KRAB Radio put together a free concert in Bakersfield, CA called Free 4 All 3 on May 22nd, 2010. It was awesome and I loved it! The concert included A Day To Remember, Neon Trees, Hawthorne Heights, Carney, and Needtobreathe. The concert was held in the Brighthouse Amphitheater.

Savannah, Georgia HD

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Savannah Georgia in May 2011.
Cathedral of Saint John The Baptist,
Georgia Queen boat cruise down the Savannah River,
Ferry Boat, Festival, Bridge, container ship

IPhone-4 video 720p HD
iMovie on iPad