Treasure Hunt THRIFTING for EBAY – Tallahassee Fl – Danna and Jimmy Crawford

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We have found so many thrift stores in Tallahassee FL. I wish we had more time to shop this awesome city!
Items listed at:

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Treasure Island Cache – Lubbock, Texas

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Awesome place! We bought an inflatable raft for the journey to Island of the Birds. You might want to wear a hat because there are A LOT of birds. This was a lot of fun. We had two searchers while one took pictures from the shore. We replaced a soggy log. This was one of the funnest caches we have ever done. A definite favorite.

Treasure Secrets of the Knights Templars found in New Mexico

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Treasure Secrets of the Knights Templars found in New Mexico. How we know the Knights Templars were in New Mexico and why? Historian and author Louis Serna shares with us his research after finding the Knights Templars Stone Obelisk. Louis also shares with us his information on who carved the New Mexico Los Lunas Decalogue stone with the 10 commandments inscribed on it, when and why it was done. If you have any new information for Louis or want to know more contact him at:

Louis Serna
[email protected]

3:30 Maxwell land grant
8:30 Saint James Hotel – Wyatt Earp – Jesse James – Bat Masterson
11:00 Knights Templar Obelisk found in the Saint James Hotel
12:00 Model of Obelisk and Knights Templar symbols
14:45 King Solomons Temple
32:50 Hebrews in New Mexico
37:45 Los Lunas Decalogue stone, who inscribed it, when and why
47:45 How the Knights Templars amassed their wealth and treasures, and what happened to it
1:06:30 The secret Knights Templar DM code

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Metal Detecting A Ghost Town Finds Awesome Boot Plate, Coins and Relics on the Surface!

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Watch our full length metal detecting movie here Team Dirt Fishin America travels to a long lost ghost town to metal detect in the high desert of Nevada. The dry desert doesn’t allow much to sink, leaving the coins and relics virtually on the surface! Chinese coins, seated liberty and more! Finding, coins and relics. Digging the past!

Burrow’s Cave Lecture by Russ Burrow’s himself. Found a cave full of out of place artifacts inside

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Burrows Cave, One of the last presentations given by Russ Burrows concerning his famous cave and find of ancient out of place artifacts, found in Illinois. This presentation was given for the Ancient Historical Research Foundation at the BYU auditorium in Provo Utah on 5-25-05 At this time Burrows was also posting on one of our forums at

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Pop Can Dan Goes DOWN! metal detecting 1800s bottle dump! epic fall!

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Metal detecting an 1800s bottle dump pop can Dan falls on his face, and Red Beard can’t control himself! laughs and gags and the shenanigans

“Metal Detecting behind a church, lost 1800’s house: rings and relics!”


Meet The Diggers

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Garrett’s Steve Moore sits down with Tim “Ringmaster” Saylor and George “KG” Wyant, stars of the hit TV series “Diggers.” They answer questions on how they got started in Montana, what they find, their unusual lingo, and what it’s like digging in front of TV cameras.

“Diggers” returns to Nat Geo in early August!

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KG and Ringy use Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold and Pro-Pointer Metal Detectors.

Pastor Ned Beadel of Desert Winds Community Church in Palmdale

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Desert Winds Community Church is one of our Treasure Box Distribution Sites. They are doing many wonderful outreaches through their church. You can find out more about DWCC @

Recorded on April 24, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.