Remembering Oilton, Creek county Oklahoma

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From OHS
Oilton had its start during the oil boom in the Cushing-Drimright Field. In 1915 town lots were sold and on May 5, 1915, a post office was established. By mid-1915 the First State Bank opened, and the Gusher newspaper was first issued. Also in 1915 the Oil Belt Terminal Railway and the Oil Fields and Santa Fe Railway constructed lines that would connect Oilton with Jennings and Cushing. On March 24, 1915, approximately five thousand people witnessed the first passenger train arrive in Oilton.

By 1918 the burgeoning town had four hotels and several restaurants serving oil-field workers. In 1920 the town had a population of 2,231. As the need for road-building material increased, a rock crusher was established two miles east of the town in 1923. By the mid-1920s Oilton had five churches and five school buildings. Local farmers grew cash crops such as watermelons, cantaloupes, corn, and cotton as well as apples, pears, and peaches.

In the 1930s one cotton gin, eight oil companies, and ten gasoline plants operated. In September 1954 the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company started construction on a building that housed equipment enabling customers to convert from crank-type to dial telephones. In December 1961 a new brick building replaced the former post office facility, which dated to 1919.

After the population peaked in 1920 during the oil boom, it declined to 1,518 in 1930. Numbers continued to dwindle to 1,225 in 1940 and 1,087 in 1970. Population rose to 1,244 in 1980 only to drop to 1,060 in 1990. As of the 2010 census, Oilton had 1,013 citizens.

Grace Bible Church | Joy In Our Town

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Host Anne Ferrell Tata is on location at Grace Bible Church, located in Virginia Beach, VA. She is joined by Jessi Rueter, Local Outreach Director for Grace Bible Church. Jessi tells viewers and Anne Ferrell about Grace Bible Church’s monthly service day for the community, called Serve the City. Grace Bible intentionally finds outreach opportunities for children to volunteer and serve all over Hampton Roads, VA. Serve the City is open to Grace Bible church and community members, the first Saturday of the month. It is important to include families and children, as everyone, including children are called to serve by Jesus, Jessi tells Anne Ferrell. Loving neighbors and serving “the least of these,” as a way to honor God, is important to teach and model to children, says Jessi. Grace Bible Church’s children friendly service opportunities include serving in a local nursing home doing crafts, working in the community garden, making cards for military care packages and sorting donations at local homeless outreaches, to name a few. At one service location, children help put together blessing bags to handout to any homeless individuals that they may encounter, says Jessi. Kids love serving, families really like to bring children along and it is impactful for families to do outreach together at Serve the City events, Jessi Rueter tells viewers. Jessi shares that she has a baby and wants her daughter to learn the amazing gift of serving neighbors and connecting with the heart of God through service.

Save St. Pat’s West Park Church in Cleveland Town Hall and Prayer Service

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Video of Saint Patrick’s Church in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, who are fervently fighting the decision to close the parish by Bishop Richard Lennon. In the video, Patricia Schulte-Singleton explains why she feels the church should remain open and explains why they feel they will win the appeal to Rome which is in the process of being filed. Patricia is leading the charge of of Parishioners who are fighting for the survival of one of the oldest Catholic churches in the dioceses at 161 years old.

The video was shot on Thursday July 16th, 2009. The Save Saint Pats group has raised a substantial amount of money from their supporters and will hold meetings every Thursday to update the status of the appeal.

For further information please look for stories on The Cleveland Leader website along with Save Saint Pats groups on Facebook.

Prayer service and town hall meeting.

At Town Center Church, Virginia Beach, VA Pastor Eddy R Bailey

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At Town Center Church, Virginia Beach, VA
Pastor Eddy R Bailey
The Town Church Center Praise Team
Glad to be in God’s Service
I am Standing on His Promise
Days of Elijah

Is Lynchburg TN A Dry Town?

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Lynchburg tennessee jack daniels whiskey usa tourist. Jasper newtown jack daniel may have only been 5’2, but he left behind a legendary overview of alcohol laws and ordinances in lynchburg, tennessee. American times lynchburg whiskey and dry, it’s the tennessee way. Nothing here matches a world renowned distillery in dry county, hundreds of thousands visitors arriving town with population less than 6,000. Is tennessee a dry state? 2 answers 14 jun 2015 why is lynchburg, called lynchburg? 3 apr 2012 wikipedia en. But there is and after shrinking over the decades, number of dry counties growing again, as wealthier, fundamentalist, church going populations run liquor stores out town 14 nov 2013 lynchburg, tenn. Is lynchburg tn a dry town? Youtube. It’s the home of jack daniels, and also a totally dry town since 1908 when whole state voted for prohibition. Staying dry allows the town to keep competitors out and stay historicit’s actually quite smart. Of course, one can only hope none of them like to imbibe, because it’s illegal purchase their most famous product, as lynchburg is in a dry county 3 sep 2012 yes, that’s the irony it all distillery which means no alcoholic beverages legally be sold. Monday through saturday (subject to variation by local ordinance)Lynchburg, tennessee wikipedia. You can still buy booze there, just not liquor or wine. Packaged liquor may be sold between 8 00 a. So they are technically not even allowed to sell their whiskey product in the town where make it. It is home 31 may 2017 this a confusing statement given you’re standing in the county that produces 150,000 gallons of tennessee whisky every day, but that’s contradictory nature lynchburg. The famous distillery, located in a small town near nashville, offers tours packed with gripping history, cool facts, and behind the scenes look at whiskey making process jack daniel’s distillery booze ‘dry’ see 4278 traveller reviews, 3615 candid photos, great deals for lynchburg, tn, tripadvisor 4 jun 2014 we were really impressed by our experience, but one interesting fact that learned is dry county. As stated in another answer, the people of moore county have not voted on a wet dry referendum since 1933. The county allows the sale of beer in convience stores, and sales some wines a shop by courthouse square lynchburg is best known as location jack daniel’s, whose famous tennessee whiskey marketed worldwide product city with only one traffic light. Surprising facts from the jack daniel distillery smartertravel. What you should do in lynchburg tennessee midtntravelbeyond the barrels lynchburg, vacation. Why is lynchburg, tennessee a dry county? Quora quora why lynchburg county 1 as stated in another answer, the people of moore have not voted on wet referendum since 1933. Not at all a ‘dry’ tour! loved visiting jack daniel’s distillery in lynchburg! the location is middle of no where, county dry, but ‘bottle shop’ sells go into town too if you have time it’s lovely little place 6 de

Is Lynchburg TN A Dry Town?

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Jack daniel’s tv spot, ‘our town’. Despite the operational distillery, which is a major tourist attraction, lynchburg’s home county of moore dry 6 dec 2013 jack daniel’s perhaps world’s most famous whiskey brand. Lynchburg tennessee jack daniels whiskey usa tourist. Lynchburg, tennessee is the only place to make jack daniel’s. The distillery is located in moore county, the city of lynchburg, tennessee. News 11 random observations from the jack daniel’s distillery tour town dish. Wikipedia wiki lynchburg,_tennessee url? Q webcache. Facts about jack daniel’s whiskey american times lynchburg and dry, it’s the tennessee way. Til that the jack daniels distillery in lynchburg, tennessee, can’t motlow, george dickel, manchester dry counties tennessee (knoxville, johnson city rent, condos wiskey a town! review of daniel’s distillery, lynchburg tv commercial, ‘dry county’ ispot. Googleusercontent search. 15 aug 2014 in lynchburg, tennessee, can’t sell any liquor because it is in a dry it would be good business for the town to have bars with the drink that nestled in the tiny town of lynchburg, tenn. The town runs off jack daniels and the souvenir sales. A dry 6 jul 1999 jack daniel’s is in one of tennessee’s ‘dry’ counties. Of course, one can only hope none of them like to imbibe, because it’s illegal purchase their most famous product, as lynchburg is in a dry county jack daniel’s distillery county? Not at all 182 hwy, lynchburg, tn 37352 7452 go into town too if you have the time lovely little place 2 sep 2012 yes, that’s irony it which delightful but quite honestly would not find has an eighteenth century courthouse middle old square located moore county, tennessee officially ‘dry county’ everyone knows that whiskey made. Lynchburg, tennessee wikipedia

lynchburg, wikipedia en. Lynchburg, tennessee wikipediayou can’t legally buy jack daniel’s in the town where it’s made y county? Not at all a ‘dry’ tour! review of distillery lynchburg dry forum tripadvisor. Even though it’s home to the distillery, a dry county and has been ever this is country, so you’ll have make it yourself. As wealthier, fundamentalist, church going populations run liquor stores out of town 14 nov 2013 lynchburg, tenn. It’s produced in the tiny town of lynchburg, tennessee, a rural with fewer than 6,000 residents. Lynchburg, tn is a quiet, one traffic light town that receives hundreds of thousands i was raised in lynchburg. Staying dry allows the town to keep competitors out and stay historic 182 lynchburg hwy, lynchburg, tn 37352 7452 tour county great single barrel mash tennessee whiskey distilling process bottle shop angel’s share 20 aug 2014. Is jack daniel distillery the oldest register in all counties state of tennessee are dry by default 13 feb 2010 lynchburg is a county tn, but special law was passed that allows daniels to manufacture whiskey and transport it out 30 aug daniel’s wiskey town! see 3587 traveller reviews, 2825 candid photos, great deals for lynchburg, town se

Granite – A Montana Ghost Town – near Philipsburg, Montana MT

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High above a valley floor in western Montana you will find the ghost town of Granite, four miles south east of Philipsburg at 8,000 foot elevation. In 1896, Granite was the worlds largest silver mine. The company actually sent a 4,307 pound bar of silver to the World’s Fair in Chicago to showcase the areas riches.

The town prospered with over 3,000 residents. Granite had a Miners Union Hall (that held pool tables, a library and the Northwest’s finest dance floor), several banks, four churches and a school. It also included a weekly newspaper, a brewery and soda pop bottling facility, restaurants, hotels, a bath house, hospital with five doctors, roller skating rink, the lodges of three fraternal orders and hosted traveling theater companies.

Granite also had a water system, named streets, many homes but no cemetery due to the rocky nature of the mountain. No frontier town was complete without saloons and brothels; eighteen to be exact!

Today nature has overtaken the town of Granite. Most of its buildings are gone; some moved, others consumed by fire. The few structures that remain have been stabilized or in ruins. The town is full of granite foundations; an indication of a prosperous time past.

This video was captured in May 2013 with my good friend Jay and a Canon Vixia HFS-100 camera, a GoPro Hero3 black camera, and a indiSLIDERmini. It was edited with Adobe Premier Pro 6.

Music is “Lightless Dawn” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

And “Amazing Grace 2011” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

And “Frozen Star”

And “Tenebrous Brothers Carnival — Prelude”

Yukon River ice jam Threatens Alaska Town

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Yukon River ice jam Threatens Alaska Town

A huge 30-mile block of ice his causing chaos in an Alaskan town as water has been flowing onto the land.

The colossal river ice jam, which is when water builds up behind a block of ice, was starting to rotate Wednesday as water finally chewed ice chunks away from the stubborn, frozen mass after most of the residents were forced to flee from the rising water.

An aerial survey Wednesday afternoon revealed chunks of ice have broken off at the front of the 30-mile ice jam on the Yukon River, National Weather Service hydrologist Ed Plumb said.

That means the jam will move soon and waters will begin to recede in the waterlogged town of Galena, 20 miles upriver.

The flooding lifted homes off foundations and has threatened to break a dike protecting the airport, virtually the only dry spot left in the community of 500 where floodwaters washed out roads and submerged homes. There are no reports of injuries.

The National Guard flew 32 more people and 19 dogs to Fairbanks Tuesday night. Other residents were evacuated earlier.

Kevin Ray, a state worker who moved to Galena four months ago, was among the human evacuees who flew in on a Guard C-130 transport plane to Fairbanks, 270 miles east of Galena. Ray said the flight was noisy, with the constant barking of frightened dogs.

In Galena, Ray’s office is gone. His apartment and all his possessions are under water.

‘So basically, I’m kind of a homeless guy,’ Ray, 65, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday from an American Red Cross shelter set up at a local church. ‘I never thought I’d be a victim. But hey, life is life.’

Now that the water is trying to push through the jam, conditions could change quickly. When the jam breaks, the downriver community of Koyukuk will be at risk of flooding.

In an earlier flight Wednesday, Plumb said, the ice was locked firmly in place, despite 80 degree temperatures. The hot weather is expected to last a couple days before cooling slightly.

In Galena, water went over low areas of the dike Tuesday, then the water level fell. With the threat of water topping the dike again, the state took the step of bringing in military aircraft to aid in the evacuations of those who wanted to leave. State emergency spokesman Jeremy Zidek said 76 residents chose to stay in a former Air Force barracks.

The water was rising again Wednesday morning close to the edge of the dike, which protects the runway and some buildings including former barracks, then levels fluctuated without rising more, Plumb said. Outside the dike, everything has been hit by flooding, according to Plumb, who has worked for the weather service for 13 years.

‘I’ve never seen anything like this before,’ he said. ‘And I don’t think these people here (have) either. The ice jam is amazing.’

The damage has left the town without power, fresh water and cell phone reception. When the ice jam knocked out the bridge leading to the airport, evacuees had to be taken there by boat or helicopter, according to Ray, who said the flooding began with a trickle Sunday. In a place where spring flooding is nothing new, many homes are built on stilts, but the fast rising water reached them, too.

An ice jam occurs when water builds up behind a blockage of ice.

That includes a glacier blocking an unfrozen river, as is happening in Alaska, and a thawing river being blocked by a still-frozen section further on.

After the ice dam breaks apart, the sudden surge of water floods areas downstream.

The disaster has left people feeling traumatized and vulnerable, Ray said.

‘We didn’t have any idea how vast the flood was going to be,’ he said.

Zidek said the damage is being assessed and a disaster policy cabinet will forward recommendations to Gov. Sean Parnell, who visited the area Tuesday.

Recommendations are likely to include issuing a disaster declaration.

Parnell surveyed the damage on Tuesday and had the Alaska National Guard help evacuate the estimated 75 residents still in town.

‘We expect the flooding to become worse before the waters start to recede,’ Parnell said.

‘Ensuring the safety of those impacted by the flooding remains my top priority.

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Music: Sikos – Août révélation

San Felipe de Neri Church Fiestas in Old Town Albuquerque #ABQ

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San Felipe de Neri Church Fiestas in Old Town Albuquerque #ABQ

San Felipe de Neri Church Fiestas are going on in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico all weekend long. Enjoy fiesta food, and the best New Mexico music and performances by Tanya Griego, Str8 Shot, Baila! Baila!, Inc., Ernestine Romero, Jonathan Chavez y Al Cielo, The 45’s, Rhythm Divine, and many others. This is a free event.


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snapchat: ABQ RAW

Essential Church | Virginia Beach Town Center

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Essential Church | Virginia Beach Town Center

Essential Church has opened a second campus near Pembroke Mall and Town Center Virginia Beach at Princess Anne High School. Essential Church is a non-denominational church focused on the essentials of faith.

You are invited to join us each Sunday at 11:00am. As soon as you arrive you will feel at home, because our welcome teams are awesome. Our contemporary service, Essential Worship music and practical, relevant teaching are what you can expect to find.

Pastor Steve uses insightful movies and videos to enhance the biblical messages and our kids program is fun and engaging, they will love it!

It’s hard enough to find a church near you that is right for you, so our hope is that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for once you’re here. If you live near the Virginia Beach Town Center, come and join us!

Find out more about us here:

To get in touch, our main office is:
Essential Church
4020 Ware Neck Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 471-4673

Cactuses and Inside a Catholic Church in Old Town San Diego, California USA

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San Diego Sightseeing, Cactuses and Inside a Catholic Church in Old Town, San Diego California, USA