Strong Tower Worship – No Other Name/No One Higher

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Strong Tower Church Westmoreland, TN

CCLI Song # 7000508
Justin Land, Kaleb White, Lee McDerment
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Heath Balltzglier | Seth Condrey | Steve Fee
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Bell tower donated to veterans cemetery in Marana

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A Carillon Bell Tower was dedicated Saturday morning to Arizona’s Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Marana. It is one of the newest veterans cemeteries in the nation.

Louisiana Cell Tower Lease Negotiations Continue With Local Churches of New Orleans

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Louisiana Cell Tower Lease Negotiations Continue With Local Churches of New Orleans 504 319 7683

Recently, here at Louisiana Cell Tower Specialists, We have been getting many inquiries about cell towers being placed on church steeples. 

Churches provide an ideal site for cell tower placements.

Church steeples are ordinarily high and the telecom equipment is easily concealed.

It is true, that most churches do have leverage when negotiating with cellular carriers since they offer a prime location and building structure site.

What is also true is that many times that churches stand to lose their tax exempt status if they do not pay close attention to the underlying details and requirements of the government regulations pertaining to this unique steeple to tower adaptation.

To learn if a Steeple-To-Tower adaptation would be beneficial for your congregation and church steeple please contact Dr. Thomas Johnson a local cell tower lease consultant for a free phone consultation.

My phone:  504 319 7683

We will be happy to answer your cellular tower lease questions and discuss your congregation’s financial needs and legal concerns.

Thanks for your time.

Christ Episcopal Church Bell Tower, Raleigh NC

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My visit to the Historic Christ Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. It opened it’s doors to the faithful in 1854. The bell tower construction was completed in 1861. There are 8 change ringing bells and one 2000 pound swinging BOURDON bell.