Vacation 2015 – Church Tour La Crosse, WI

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Something different – my Dad found some of the footage from our vacation last summer – we toured this beautiful, historic old church in La Crosse. Music: “Heart of Nowhere” and “Touching Moments Four – Melody” – Kevin MacLeod –
Tech stuff – photography: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Android Smartphone. Videography: Canon T5i/50mm f/1.8.
Color correction: Da Vinci Resolve 12.3 – all other post – Sony Movie Studio 13.

Tour of Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses Salisbury, NC

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This footage was shot for my mom who is unable to make a trip to Salisbury. Unfortunately, much of the film hit the “cutting room floor” due to our inexperience with our new camera and filming.

Tour of Manitou Springs Colorado The Cliff Dwellings & Museum HD Video 2014

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The Cliff Dwellings in Manitou Colorado Springs is a must see that was built over 700 years ago. There is a walkthrough of the cliffs and a Anasazi Museum. Not to mention an awesome Gift Shop! Come see…

Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October) – Fear [An Open Book Tour] LIVE Corpus Christi [HD] 9/23/17

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Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October)
Brewster Street Icehouse
Corpus Christi, Tx.
September 23, 2017

Embden Fish Hatchery First Amendment Audit Lots and Lots of Fish Tour

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Embden Fish Hatchery First Amendment Audit Lots and Lots of Fish Tour. lots of interesting information about the hatchery in this video
this audit was by special request from a viewer. please enjoy.

C-SPAN Cities Tour – Coeur d’Alene: Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations

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Hear the story about the growth of the Aryan Nations in Northern Idaho. Richard Butler moved into Hayden, Idaho, and built his compound in 1973. For about 30 years, the Aryan Nations operated out of that compound promoting their agenda of white supremacy. In response, a group of concerned citizens in Coeur d’Alene created a Human Rights Task Force to combat Butler. Hear Tony Stewart, one of the original members of the Human Rights Task Force, and Bill Morlin, a reporter for the Spokesman Review who covered extremism and hate groups for nearly four decades in the Pacific Northwest, talk about Extremism in Northern Idaho.