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The priesthood is regarded as a noble vocation. Priest are so close to god that sometimes we forget that they’re people too, just like the rest of us. And like every person on earth, we all have our flaws, and as the people on this list will show, some are much worse then others. These are the top 5 Most Sinful Priests.

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5. Reverend Mike Tabb

Fromer Navy chaplain, Rev. Mike Tabb and his family moved from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to Troup, Texas where The small town of 1,900 people welcomed them with open arms.”

All seemed well within the household until August 5, 2002 when a frantic call from the Reverend reached the local police station. Investigators rushed to the scene at around 6;30 pm, where they found Marla, the reverends wife, lying in a pool of her own blood.

4. Pastor John Canning – Sebring, Florida

In sebring Florida Pastor John Canning delivered a 30-minute eulogy at the funeral of Lee and Hazel Gleese. The slain elderly couple, both 90 years old, were found strangled to death inside their home and Pastor Canning told attendees he was so close to them that he even called them “mom and dad.” Just six weeks later, Canning would be arrested for their murders.

Pastor John studied at the Zion Bible Institute in Rhode Island but was not ordained. Afterwards, he bounced from place to place starting various small churches, But trouble always seemed to push him out.

3. Father Gerald Ridsdale

Born in Western Victoria Australia, Father Ridsdale first took his vows into the priesthood at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1961. In the first year of his services, the church already received complaints about his behavior but somehow, they never did anything about it. He was proclaimed chaplain of St. Alipius Primary School, an all-boys boarding school in 1971, and from there, his sexual misconduct only escalated. Initially, the Archdiocese of Ballarat had denied knowing about Ridsdale’s misconducts but later investigations revealed they had known about it earlier than they admitted and somehow, even protected the priest by moving him to different appointments instead.

2 Father Joseph Maskell – Baltimore City, Maryland

Born Anthony Joseph Maskell on Aril 13, 1939, he opted to use the name Joseph when he entered the seminary . Those who knew him describe the preist as being an intelligent man who loved psychology, someone who would often offer his counselling services to students at any time. But underneath the seemingly noble exterior, Maskell was actually a complete monster.

Over the years, 30 victims have come forward detailing sexual abuse by the priest – most of which occurred while he was working as chaplain for the Archbishop Keough High School between 1965 and1975.)

1. Father Hans Schmidt – New York / Louisville, Kentucky

Father Hans Schmidt lived and grew up in Germany. From a young age He exhibited a strong fascination with blood and dismemberment and one relative recalled how he beheaded his mother’s geese and kept their heads in his pocket. During his seminary days, he was charged with forging diplomas. Although prosecutors wanted him jailed, his lawyer managed to get him off the hook due to mental illness, which were said to have been present on both sides of the family.

By December 23, 1904, Schmidt claimed to have been ordained into the priesthood by Bishop Georg Kirstein. His family questioned whether he had the moral and mental fitness to serve as a Catholic priest but nevertheless, he began receiving parish assignments.

So there were the Top 5 MOST SINFUL PRIESTS
Priests are the pillars of Christianity and deemed to be “people of God”. And while many of them may mean well, sometimes they let ones in that commit heinous and atrocious acts, all while hdiding behind the power of their status.


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Charleston Top Ten Things To Do

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Frequently named as traveler’s favorite small city in the USA, Charleston, South Carolina is as welcoming as it is charming.
Let’s discover the Top Ten Things To Do:
1) Historic District: markets, dining and Rainbow Row
2) City Market- arts, crafts, sweetgrass baskets & Gullah-Geechee
3) Historic Homes: Aiken-Rhett, Nathaniel Russell & Calhoun
4) The Battery & White Point Garden: south city park
5) Plantations: Boone Hall, Middleton Place & Magnolia Plantation
6) Riley Waterfront Park: riverfront park with great view
7) Churches: Holy City, St. John the Baptist, St. Luke & St. Paul
8) USS Yorktown & Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum
9) Fort Sumter: Civil War fort and museum
10) The Citadel: Military College and marching ceremony

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Top 15 Things To Do In Augusta, Georgia

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Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Augusta –
Cheap Airline Tickets –
Here are top 15 things to do in Augusta, Georgia
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Augusta Museum of History –
2. Riverwalk –
3. Imperial Theatre –
4. Augusta Canal –
5. Magnolia Cemetery –
6. Scoyners –
7. Forest Hills Golf Club –
8. James Brown Memorial –
9. Forks Area Trail System –
10. Riverview Park –
11. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park –
12. Springfield Baptist Church –
13. Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex –
14. Sacred Heart Cultural Center –
15. Partridge Inn Hotel –

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Top 12. Best Tourist Attractions in Solvang – California

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group facebook –
Top 12. Best Tourist Attractions in Solvang – California. The most beautiful places, sights, attractions in Solvang, California. Old Mission Santa Ines, Solvang Festival Theater. Main Street, Tivoli Square, Bethania Lutheran Church, Hans Christian Andersen Park, Elverhoj Museum, Sunny Fields Park, Nojoqui Falls Park, Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum, Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Wildling Art Museum

Mr. Peace l America’s Top Youth Motivational Speaker

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To book ‘Mr. Peace’ & bring his inspirational message to your school or organization visit his website at:

Kevin Szawala (aka ‘Mr. Peace’) is a Youth Motivational Speaker from Metro Detroit, who travels across the country to schools, churches, colleges & youth clubs spreading an inspirational message of peace, love, equality, tolerance, kindness & understanding.

A Graduate of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (Major in Economics & Minors in Spanish & Global Change) as well as Wayne State University for his MBA (focus in Marketing & Entrepreneurial Management), after spending time in Corporate America, he found his greater passion in working with youth. So, after being employed for several years in the Auto Industry right out of college, he made the giant leap of faith in 2010, leaving a very comfortable living (i.e., high paying job, benefits, etc.) to follow his dream of speaking & prove that one cannot put a price tag on passion. Since that time, through the use of hip-hop, humor & heart he has given hope to over 1,000,000 young people in over 1,000 schools throughout the United States, specifically with his K-12 anti-bullying & character empowerment school assembly programs.

Known by many as ‘Mr. Peace’ for the peace, nonviolence & social justice work he has done at U of M over the last decade through the annual P.E.A.C.E. (Promoting Ethnic And Cultural Equality) Day he hosts every September in conjunction with the United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21st), he has now transitioned his non-violence work year round by sharing his heart at elementary, middle & high schools all over America.

As the founder of “Mr. Peace, Inc.” 501(c)(3), a motivational speaking non-profit organization designed to help at-risk youth, ‘Mr. Peace’ has found that his sole purpose for being on this earth is to help others find their true purpose. His main message when it comes to treating people kindly is to look at one’s heart first & foremost, to see them like you would see your own best friend, to see them as one race: human. He believes that while “hurt people, hurt people”, “healed people can heal people”, & that if we choose to become healed people, we can help heal other’s hearts through love & then in doing so ultimately save lives.

‘Mr. Peace’ currently resides in Michigan, loves to kayak, travel, create music, play basketball & spend time with those who matter most, especially his beautiful wife Samantha & their 3 “furry kids” (dogs) Bear, Kiki & Morello.

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Top 20 Things To Do In Virginia

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Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Virginia –
Best Tours To Enjoy Virginia –
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Here are top 20 things to do in Virginia, USA

All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Natural Bridge of Virginia –
2. Virginia State Capitol –
3. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts –
4. Assateague Lighthouse –
5. Virginia Beach –
6. Church Hill –
7. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello –
8. Manassas National Battlefield –
9. Mount Vernon, Virginia –
10. Historic Williamsburg –
11. Arlington National Cemetery –
12. Lincoln Statue Richmond –
13. Dark Hollow Falls –
14. Luray Caverns –
15. Virginia Aquarium –
16. Cole Digges House, Yorktown –
17. Busch Gardens – Splash Down –
18. Maymont Park –
19. Military Aviation Museum –
20. The Byrd Theatre – Carytown Richmond –
thumbnail: Cape Henry Lighthouse –

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Top 13 Things To Do In Kansas

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Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Kansas –
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Here are top 13 awesome places to visit in Kansas, United States

All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Chase State Fishing Lake –
2. Wichita, Kansas –
3. Mushroom Rock Mushroom Rock State Park –
4. Waterfalls at the Geary County Lake near Junction City, Kansas –
5. Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill, Cedar Point, Kansas –
6. Wetlands near Lawrence, Kansas –
7. Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, Kansas –
8. Waterfall at Pillsbury Crossing, Riley County, Kansas –
9. St Fidelis Church – Victoria, Kansas –
10. Oxford Grist Mill, Oxford, Kansas –
11. Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area –
12. North of Lyons, Kansas –
13. Nutterville – Kansas City –
thumbnail: Time Space Continuum –

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