City on a Hill Church News – A Church in Knoxville, Tennessee (Pastor Tony and LaShea Colson)

Views:168|Rating:5.00|View Time:1:51Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:0 Announcements at City on a Hill Church in Knoxville, Tennessee – 6/3/12 A Church in the Knoxville Center Mall.

The Good Life – Tony and Kaci Stewart, Pastors of City Life Church in Tampa

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Hosted by CTN Founder & President Bob and Jane D’Andrea
Guest: Tony and Kaci Stewart
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2017 Annual Conference: Friday Afternoon Service – Pastor Tony Spell, Baton Rouge, LA

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Praise, worship and powerful message: “A Record Breaking God!”

Responding to False Prophet Kendrick Murray – Tony Harvin – Dog put to sleep

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This is a video in response to this False Prophet Kendrick Murray from Mobile, Alabama.

Murray is upset at a video a few months ago back in January pertaining emails, comments, inbox messages I received, & a high percentage of my emails, comments, etc were on debating Pastor Jennings, and Ministers & members of many organizations were speaking negatively & speaking heavy on debating, Murray was just one of the few that was mentioned in my email, comments, inboxes, etc, throughout research and analyzing that False Prophet, he got mentioned & recently responded, so I had to boil him in this video.

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2017 Annual Conference: Thursday Afternoon Service – Pastor Tony Spell, Baton Rouge, LA

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Praise, Worship and a Powerful Message: “The Spirit of Just Men!”