Is there a purpose in your Pain? Find out what Dr. Tony Evens has to say about it.

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Pastor, Best-selling Author and President of TUA (The Urban Alternative, the national broadcast & outreach ministry.

Dr. Tony Evans is a pastor, best-selling author and frequent speaker at Bible conferences and seminars throughout the nation. Dr. Evans has served as the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for over 35 years, witnessing its growth from ten people

in 1976 to now over 9,000 congregants with 100 plus ministries. Dr. Evans also serves as president of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry that is dedicated to restoring hope in individuals , families, churches and communities through the proclamation and application of the Word of God. His daily radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on close to 1000 radio outlets throughout the United States and in more than 100 countries. Dr. Evans has written
over 50 books, including Kingdom Man, Oneness Embraced, The Kingdom Agenda, Marriage Matters and Victory in Spiritual Warfare.
Dr. Evans is the former chaplain for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, and is the chaplain for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, a ministry he has done for over 30 years.
Through his local church and national ministry, Dr. Evans has set in motion a Kingdom Agenda philosophy of ministry that teaches God’s comprehensive rule over every area of life as demonstrated through the individual, family, church and society.

Dr. Tony Evans is married to Lois and they are the proud parents of four: Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony, Jr., and Jonathan.

Celebration of the Life of Jacob Benjamin “J.B.” Allen – Dr. Tony Knox

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Jacob “J.B.” Allen III was an extraordinary Man. “J.B.” was a loving husband and a family man. He lived, loved and served mankind for 91 years. He was a “significant” example to many young men and a heartfelt friend for many other. He was a consummate youth and family advocate and professional. He passionately served children and families in Winston-Salem and Raleigh, North Carolina which was his hometown. He was a graduate of Shaw University and played with great distinction on its football team. He took great pride in his abduction into the University Hall of Fame. “J.B.” served with distinction in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He was a member of Davie Street Presbyterian Church serving is all official leadership capacity except for Teaching Elder (Pastor). “J.B.” love his Raleigh-born folks and welcomed the stranger.
He was nicknamed “Sparkie” and also affectionately known as J.B. “J.B” was considered by most to be a community leader (with and without official titles) because of his dedication to the Garner Road YMCA, the YMCA corporate board of North Carolina, the Mason and his beloved Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Iota Iota Chapter. He was September 20, 1927 and ascended to heaven to be with Our Lord on January 29, 2019.

Tony! Toni! Tone! – It Never Rains (In Southern California)

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The Tonies’ video for their single “It Never Rains In Southern California” from their album The Revival, which dropped back in 1990. Video directed by Lisa Bonet of The Cosby Show fame.

This video comes to us courtesy of our friend sven86. 🙂 Enjoy!

A look inside Tony Alamo’s religious cult from people who survived it

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Tony Alamo wasn’t just a big story in Arkansas, the evangelist and cult leader made national headlines for many years and even created fashionable jackets for famous celebrities like Michael Jackson.

Stop Blocking Your Miracle | Sermon by Tony Evans

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More Sermons from Dr. Evans:

Trying to make sense of God and how He operates is often a fruitless exercise. He tells us that His ways are not our ways, and once we begin to surrender our logic and start trusting Him, He can start working miracles in our lives.

Gain valuable insight through the entire series here:

Dr. Tony Evans is founder and senior pastor of the 9500-member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative, best-selling author of Kingdom Man, former chaplain of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, and present chaplain of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on nearly 1,000 US radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries.

The Urban Alternative (TUA) is the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans, whose mission is restoring hope and transforming lives through the proclamation and application of the Word of God.

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Pastor Tony Smith: “True Church of God in Christ” EXPOSED!

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Pastor Smith exposing the so-called, “True Church of God in Christ,” & “God’s True Worshipers.” These are the churches, which Pastor Smith, use to be a member in, but came out once he saw all the hypocrisy.

Date of Sermon: 01-23-09

Link to sermon on YouTube:

Link to Download whole sermon:

Tony Guida’s NY: Nick Pileggi: Producer/Screen Writer

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Nick Pileggi, legendary author, screenwriter – “Goodfellas,” “American Gangster” – police reporter at 18, describes his fascination for “these” guys, many from the neighborhood: Henry Hull, Frank Costello, Gregory Scarpa, Frank Lucas, wondering why he didn’t end up like them.

Taped: 10-19-15

Tony Guida’s NY is a new talk show illuminating the colorful corners of New York, and the city’s denizens from all walks of life. The series is hosted by veteran television journalist Tony Guida, well-known to New York area viewers from his work with WOR/Ch. 9, WNBC/Ch. 4, the Today Show, WCBS/Ch. 2, CNN, WCBS Radio 880 AM, and CUNY TV’s Arts in the City.
Watch more Tony Guida’s NY at

A Tribute to the Amazing Tony Christie, Amarillo sung by Geir

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This is a Tribute to the Great Tony Christie, I know that I’m not Tony Christie or any other artist I give tribute to, and I certainly don’t pretend to be, but we love doing this song in our Shows and people really get into it, we hope you all like it also….and the live footage should read 2005, not 6 (oops sorry )