The Incredibles (Part 2) | Incredible Family | Pastor Tom Van Kempen | Bethel Church

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Pastor Tom Van Kempen continues our summer series titled “The Incredibles” by continuing last weeks message “Incredible Family”

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Tom Segura : Completely Normal [2014]

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Tom & Kathrine McEnroe: Vindication – Part 01

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Tom McEnroe has served as a pastor in various capacities for 25 years, with many of those years devoted to serving single adults. He is also an adjunct professor of Greek at Western Seminary, a licensed general contractor, avid outdoors person and speaker. Tom has been married to Kathrine for 37 years, and has two children: Tom V, who lives in Southern California; and Alexandria, who received her master’s degree in France and now works at Apple. Kathrine McEnroe has a Master of Divinity from Western Seminary. She currently serves as the Teaching Director for the San Jose Evening Class of Community Bible Study and provides pulpit supply for several Bay Area churches. Her day job is as a Patent Paralegal for a Mountain View law firm. To learn more about our speakers, please visit:

Tom Satre – Man Saves Deer From Drowning in Alaska

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This Violet Wisdom Inspirationcast with Molly Friedenfeld tells the story behind the inspirational story of how one Earthly Angel named Tom Satre extended unconditional kindness to four exhausted deer in the frigid Alaskan waters on October 2, 2010. What happened next was a magical encounter that demands re-telling.

Act of Kindness: Tom Satre and his family were cruising aboard his boat the Alaska Quest enjoying the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness on the water during a day of relaxation when they spotted four black-tail deer swimming toward their 19-m (62 ft.) charter boat. What happened next was a magical story that demands re-telling. Listen to our Light of Humanity program as Tom gives us the story behind the inspirational story of how one man extended unconditional kindness to four lovely creatures and what he received in return was an outpouring of support from the world that went viral on the internet. Website:

The Service: Alaska Quest Charters – Provides a charter service that allows all souls to experience the immense beauty of the Alaskan wilderness in a down home soul searching experience.

Molly Friedenfeld is a Dreamer, Illuminarian, Angel and Faerie Whisperer, and made up of stars just like you!

Molly’s mission is to illuminate the way for other souls to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspire as many who will listen, that they were born to do the same.

Molly also connects Earthly Angels, Lightworkers, and Faerie Folk around the world!

Go in PeAcE and love everyone and every thing, including yourself!

We are The Guardians of Light, Lightworkers, Earthly Angels, and Faerie Folk.

“If there is something unjust in the world,
the souls that have the wisdom and ability to take action,
then have the responsibility to be brave, step forward, and take action.
It is an honorable charge to shine the light
and stand up for what is true, just, and right.

We are not asked to be perfect.
We are asked to make a difference.”

~Molly Friedenfeld

The Guardians of Light “soul” intention is to spread Peace, Joy, Love, and Truth across the four corners of the earth and honor the light within every soul.

The Book of Simple Human Truths
Becoming an Earthly Angel
by Molly Friedenfeld

Email: [email protected]

Molly is also available for public speaking engagements – schools, churches, corporations, and radio interviews, please contact directly at: [email protected]

This beautiful music bed was created by Dan O’Connor

Episode 269 Tom Newman – Minister & Spiritual Explorer Shares Love of Physical Mediumship and More

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Ordained Spiritual Minister, Tom Newman who is also Certified Medium, Healer, and Teacher with a love for physical mediumship!
Tom studied at the Arthur Findlay College and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, a MBA from Nova Southeastern University and a Certificate of Executive Education from the University of Virginia.

He’s been a passionate spiritual explorer and investigator for well over 50 years. He worked as the the Executive Director of the Sarasota Center of Light for 17 years, and in 2013 moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He teaches classes and continues to do readings, either in person or on the phone.

As you’ll hear in this interview, Tom loves to share his extensive spiritual knowledge, insights, and Spirit communication with others. In this episode we hear great stories of the mediumship of David Thompson.

Tom’s website is or

Thank you for listening!

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Dr. Tom Malone – Double Minded Man (Pt. 1 of 3)

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Dr. Thomas Lloyd (Tom) Malone, 91, graduated to Heaven on January 7, 2007. Pastor Emeritus of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pontiac, Michigan and founder of Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Dr. Malone, one of America’s best known and beloved Baptist preachers, had been in declining health for the past five years.

A graduate of Bob Jones College, he also earned a PHD. (cum laude) at Wayne State University of Detroit.

After two brief pastorates in the Detroit area in 1942, Dr. Malone founded the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pontiac which he would serve as pastor a total of over fifty years. For more than thirty years of that time the church was recognized to be among the one hundred largest churches in America.

In 1954 he founded Midwestern Baptist College. In its 53 years, the college has trained and graduated many hundreds of preachers and Christian workers who serve faithfully in churches around the world.

For more than fifty years Dr. Malone was one of the most sought after pulpiteers in the world. Featured regularly on almost every national platform in independent Baptist circles, and a regular guest in the pulpit of every large fundamental church in America, he was a master craftsman in the preparation of sermons and a prince of preachers at the time of the sermon’s delivery. Dr. John R. Rice often referred to him as “perhaps the greatest pulpiteer of his generation.”

A member of the board of the Sword of the Lord Publishers since 1958, he also authored a dozen books which have had a worldwide circulation.

As a private pilot, he credentialed himself with a twin engine instructor rating.

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Tom Lowe ~ Home For Christmas (Official Music Video)

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Tom was asleep in his cabin on The Crystal Serenity. He was having a dream in which the entertainment department were putting together their holiday show. The band master Raphael was playing a Christmas song on the piano and asking if anyone was familiar with it, but no one was. Then the chief electronics engineer, Stan from Bulgaria, who had been fixing lights in the audience, chimed in that he knew the song and began singing along in a jovial baritone to Raph’s playing.

At that moment Tom woke up with the melody in his head. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. It was there that he realized he had been handed down the next Christmas number one hit in a dream by Stan.

He instantly called his neighbour and partner in all things but one thing, Sarah, to tell her the great news.

When Tom arrived in Los Angeles on his vacation he enlisted his friend and trusty record producer, Mitchel Delevie, to help him tweak the melody in the verses and write some lyrics for the second verse. Mitchel got hold of his brilliant band of men, Michael Murphy on piano and B3 organ, Tony Mandracchia on guitars, Randy Landas on bass, and an awesome new guy Jeff Banell who came in and played some feel-good Bacharach flugel horn and trumpet parts that Tom composed on the fly.

Mitchel went to his and Tom’s old chum Iggy Elisavetsky to mix and master the song over two days and Tom put together a video using his iPhone 6 in Los Angeles and Mexico City, and his new iPhone 8 Plus in New York, London and Mellor in Stockport, Cheshire, the village he grew up in.

Special thanks in order of appearance to Mitchel, Corinna, Isabelle, Charlie, Cindy, Sarah, Jeanette, Jacob, Evelyn, Peter, Margaret, Alfie, Elsie, Jennifer, Henry, Maya, Grace, Lucia, Mary and her choir, Hayley, Ben, Sam, Simon, and the kids at Mellor Primary School.

Music and Lyrics by Tom Lowe and Mitchel Delevie
Track produced by Mitchel Delevie at Delevie Studios
Track mixed and mastered by Iggy Elisavetsky and Mitchel Delevie
Video shot and edited by Tom Lowe

Locations (in order of appearance)

Santa Monica, California
The Grove, Los Angeles
Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Mellor, Cheshire
Tarzana, California
Compstall, Cheshire
Hollywood, California
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jump Heaven, Stockport
New York City
The Long Island Rail Road Port Washington Line to Little Neck, Queens
Newark Airport, New Jersey
Mexico City
Harrods, Knightsbridge, London
Natural History Museum, Kensington, London
Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London
West Didsbury, Manchester
Montauk, Long Island