Bees attack man: Arizona man stung thousands of times and revived after deadly bee attack – TomoNews

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BUCKEYE, ARIZONA — A 71-year-old Arizona man is lucky this week to be alive thanks to the quick actions of his wife and emergency responders following an almost fatal bee attack.

According to ABC News, Jerry Mora was working in his backyard on Tuesday afternoon when suddenly a swarm of bees attacked him. His wife heard him screaming and called 911.

Firefighters sprayed the swarm with foam, while others got Mora to safety. He suffered around 20 to 25 stings. To make matters worse, he’s allergic to bees.

When he was put in the ambulance, Mora wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. But firefighters were able to revive him en-route to the hospital. He is listed in serious but stable condition, ABC News reported.


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