Food 4 Thought – Mold, food on the floor & roaches in Hidalgo Co. restaurants

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High demerits are only part of the concern at dirty diners this week.
Health inspection reports show serious health code violations.
Stuff like roaches in a kitchen, mold in an ice machine and food found on the floor are some of the violations in question.
This week’s dirtiest restaurant is Sevilla Café on 241 South Texas Boulevard in Weslaco.
It scored 29 demerits on a health report.
Kitchen cops exposed off temperature beef, missing hairnets, insect contamination along with a cross contamination of foods, according to results on a report.
Colima restaurant on 1402 North Closner in Edinburg also scored low performer status with 21 demerits.
An inspector found food on the floor, missing towels for proper sanitation and dirty equipment.
Click on the video link to see the good, the bad and the dirty dining in this week’s Food 4 Thought!

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (0 demerits)

Sevilla Café 241 S Texas Blvd (29) *Roaches, Mold & Off Temp. Beef*

Colima 1402 N Closner (21) *Food on the Floor, Dirty Equipment*

Weekly Top Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Domino’s 2016 Nolana Ave

McDonalds 2305 W. Lincoln Rd.
Subway 6780 Expressway 83
Taqueria Jalisco 712 N. 77 Sunshine Strip

Vermillion Restaurant 115 Paredes Lane
Café Shiraz 800 E. Alton Gloor
Domino’s Pizza 700 N. Main St.

Denny’s Restaurant 2301 W. University Drive
Church’s Chicken 3469 N. Business 281
McDonald’s 202 W. Monte Cristo Rd.

Food 4 Thought- Roaches creepy crawling their way around Valley restaurants

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They live in filth, spread diseases and are infiltrating a restaurant near you.

Roaches are seen creepy crawling at various low performing eateries across the Rio Grande Valley.

The Pearl on South Padre Island is one of the kitchens with insect contamination.

Kitchen cops report finding one on the wall during a health inspection.

The Director of Marketing, Marisa Castillo, did not want to appear on camera, but admitted swift action is necessary.

“It is an issue that we have to address immediately,” said Castillo. “And we will do so and take it very seriously.”

Roaches also pop up at Janitzio on 1042 East Adams in Brownsville.

Kitchen cops order the restaurant to re-fumigate to get the problem under control.

De Alba Tortilleria & Bakery on 2633 Pecan Boulevard in McAllen turns up a dead roach in the prep area, according to a health report.

But, this week’s dirtiest kitchen goes to Tacos El Pio, a taco stand outside Pharr on Jackson Road near Dicker Street.

It received 27 demerits.

The eatery is no stranger to dirty dining on Food 4 Thought

Back in January it was shutdown for multiple violations.

The recent report for Tacos El Pio shows no sink designated for hand-washing, meat not refrigerated, no soap or towels for proper sanitation, excessive flies and no health permit on site as required.

They’re the kind of violations you don’t have to worry about at Laguna Bob’s on 2401 Laguna Boulevard on South Padre Island, according to the manager there.

“What we’ve always been known for,” said restaurant manager Tom Rich. “Good service… Good food… And now clean.”

Laguna Bob’s, which serves a variety of small seafood dishes, clawed its way to zero demerits.

The Food Patrol awards Rich a Top Performer sticker.

“You put forth the same standards,” said Rich. “You do something… You do it well… That’s what we do.”

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Hidalgo County
Tacos El Pio Jackson Rd & Dicker St (27) *Repeat Dirty Diner/Excessive Flies*

De Alba Tortilleria 2633 Pecan (3) *Dead Roach in Prep Area*

Janitzio 1042 E Adams (7) *Roaches*

Pearl 310 Padre Blvd (16) *Roach on Wall in Kitchen*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

Laguna Bob’s 2401 Laguna Blvd

Fat Daddy’s 1322 International Blvd.
Ranch House Burgers 1015 S. International Blvd.
Taco Landia 3900 E. Hwy 83

San Juan
Garza’s Café 308 N. Nebraska
Church’s Chicken 1612 N. Raul Longoria

El Taco Chuy 121 E. Palmvista

Delia’s Tamales 106 W. Nolana

Luby’s 500 N. Jackson

El Pato 1110 W. University Dr.
Dairy Queen 1224 W. University Dr.
Church’s Chicken 1607 S. McColl
Burger King Exp 83 and Tahoma

Why Gnostic Thought has Pervaded to the Western Church Today

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This video was created to answer the question of why Gnostic Thought has pervaded into the Western Church Today. It was created for the use of Church History I, taught at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary.

Old Church Choir – New Thought Chorus Music – by Zach Williams

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Old Church Choir by Zach Williams, New Thought style. Thom Lich with Stacey Landes and the Mile Hi Choir crank out another great, uplifting song. Feel the Joy! Let the music move your spirit and get deep into your soul.

There’s revival, and it’s spreading
Like a wildfire in my heart
Sunday morning, Hallelujah
And it’s lasting all week long
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
It’s the rhythm of a gospel song
Oh, once you choose it, you can lose it
There ain’t nothing, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
I got an Old Church Choir singing in my soul
I got a sweet salvation and it’s beautiful
I’ve got a heart overflowing ’cause I’ve been restored
There ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
No, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
When the valleys that I wander
Turn to mountains that I can climb
Oh, you are with me, never leave me
Oh, ’cause there ain’t nothing, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
I got an Old Church Choir singing in my soul
I got a sweet salvation and it’s beautiful
I’ve got a heart overflowing ’cause I’ve been restored
There ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
No, there ain’t nothing gonna steel my joy
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Till you find that gospel beat
‘Cause it’s all you’ll ever need, all you’ll ever need
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Till you find that gospel beat
‘Cause it’s all you’ll ever need
All you’ll ever need
I’ve got an old church choir, singing in my soul
I got a sweet salvation, and it’s beautiful
I got an Old Church Choir singing in my soul
I got a sweet salvation and it’s beautiful
I’ve got a heart overflowing ’cause I’ve been restored
There ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
No, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
Oh, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

Songwriters: Zach Williams / Ethan Hulse / Colby Wedgeworth
Old Church Choir lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Music Services, Inc

Mile Hi is a New Thought church in Lakewood, Colorado. Practical and universal spirituality, affirmative prayer, meditation and oneness are at the heart of all we do. Our community focuses on healing, growth, empowerment, positive living, mindfulness and a grounded spiritual path as well as overcoming anxiety, focusing on forgiveness and fostering healthy relationships.

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Food 4 Thought – Worker at rodent-poop-filled store makes stunning admittal

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Derek Davila says he won’t buy food at a store that has a rodent problem.
His statement doesn’t bode well for My Country Store on 3517 Business 77 in Sebastian.
Derek has been the cashier there for the last year.
A state inspector recently busted the store with a number of rodent-related problems.
Records from last month show more than a dozen fresh and old rodent droppings were observed at the food preparation area, by the water heater and on top of shelving.
What’s even more unsettling to people who frequent the store was the fact that workers left a dead rodent on a glue trap while the health inspection was being conducted.
“That’s nasty,” Angel Rios, a customer said.
The Food Patrol asked Derek if he thought those conditions inside the store were sanitary.
“No,” he responded.
He added how they’ve been trying to get the problem under control.
“They just keep coming back,” he said.
Click on video link to see what else is not on the menu in this week’s Food 4 Thought.

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

My Country Store 3517 Business 77 (14) *Fresh and Old Rodent Droppings/Dead Rodent*

Sora Sushi 4920 N Exp 77 (26) *Inadequate Hand-Washing/No Certified Food Manager*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

Las Cazuelas 314 S F St
El Taquito 305 North 1st
Peter Piper Pizza 306 N 77 Sunshine
New York Deli II 122 N A St
Buffalo Wild Wings 1500 W Harrison
Los Asados 210 N 77 Sunshine

Whataburger 615 Salinas Blvd

Sonic 701 S Jackson
Subway 7309 S Cage Blvd
Burger King 2511 S Cage Blvd

Taqueria Don Felipe #2 220 W Main
Paraiso Mexican 5 Mile Line & Mayberry

Taco Rico 207 E 3 Mile
Subway 4416 N Conway

San Juan
Subway 700 I Rd
Pollito Grilled Chicken 700 I Rd

San Benito
Bookmark Café 101 W Rose
Longhorn Cattle 3055 W Exp 83

Port Isabel
Los Cabos 309 Queen Isabella Blvd
Subway 1722 Hwy 100
Dairy Queen 302 Hwy 100

Church’s 1650 Military Hwy
Taco Bell 925 Ruben Torres Blvd

Villa Del Mar 910 E Veteran’s Blvd
Chosita’s Kitchen 1011 W Veteran’s Blvd

Little Caesar’s 548 N Alamo Rd
Carmelita’s 544 Alamo Rd

Food 4 Thought – Country club’s kitchen in Brownsville isn’t up to par

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Valley International Country Club in Brownsville scores a double bogey at its restaurant.
Los Campeones on 95 Country Club Road scores high demerits in back-to-back inspections.
Kitchen cops found expired bread, a cross-contamination concern with open foods, missing towels for proper sanitation and dirty equipment.
Photos obtained by the Food Patrol highlighted dirty conditions in the kitchen.
There were 25 demerits on an initial February inspection.
Los Campeones showed little improvement on a re-inspection one week later with 24 demerits, according to a report shown by the restaurant’s general manager.
Sergio Casas invited the Food Patrol to return after the 29th of February.
That’s when they plan to call the city for a third inspection.
Click on the video link to see the photos from the restaurant and to hear what the owner of a dirty convenience store in Lyford had to say when the Food Patrol came around in this week’s Food 4 Thought.

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Los Campeones @ Valley International Country Club (25, 24) *Expired Bread, Cross-Contamination, Dirty Equipment*

7th St Drive Thru (26) *No Soap/Towels in Restroom, No Thermometer in Cooler*

Weekly Top Performer List: (zero demerits)

Taco Bell 925 Ruben Torres
Luby’s 2124 Boca Chica Blvd
Red Lobster 1075 FM 802
Peter Piper Pizza 1644 Central Blvd

Whataburger 1007 E Hidalgo St

Subway 512 Salinas Blvd
Monte Carlo 1705 E Miller Ave
Taqueria Zamora 200 E Edinburg

Church’s 1117 Veterans Blvd

Nana’s Taqueria 1802 S International Blvd

McDonald’s 1705 E Exp 83
Subway 1715 E Exp 83

San Juan
Jack in the Box 902 Raul Longoria
San Juan Café 1618 N I Rd

Final Thought Unsolved Mysteries The Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre

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Real Names: Steve Teran, Valerie Teran, Paula Holguin, Amy Houser
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Date: February 10, 1990

Details: On February 10, 1990, cook Ida Holgun was in the kitchen of the Las Cruces Bowling Alley, preparing for lunch. In the main office, day manager Stephanie Senac was adding up the previous night’s receipts. Stephanie’s twelve-year-old daughter, Melissa Repass, and Melissa’s friend Amy Houser were with her in the office. At approximately 8:20 am, a gunman appeared and forced Ida into the office, where a second gunman was already holding the other three hostage. The two men forced Stephanie to get them all of the money in the office. They took $4,000 from the safe. After that, the victims assumed that the gunmen would leave. However, for reasons unknown, the gunmen shot each of them in the head.
Around the same time, employee Steve Teran arrived with his two-year-old daughter Valerie and seven-year-old stepdaughter Paula. The gunmen forced them into the corner with the other victims. All three were also shot in the head. Before leaving, the gunmen set fire to a part of the bowling alley.
Minutes later, Melissa called 911. Police and paramedics soon arrived and began treating the seven victims. Steve Teran, his stepdaughter Paula, and Amy Houser were pronounced dead at the scene. Valerie Teran died at the hospital that day. However, Stephanie, Melissa, and Ida survived the attack.
Authorities questioned several witnesses in the case. Stephanie’s brother Steve told police that he had driven past the bowling alley just minutes before the shooting. He saw two Hispanic men walking towards the front of the building. The older man handed the younger man a small briefcase. The older man squatted down and then looked at Steve as he passed by the scene.
Authorities are not certain if the murders were a result of a robbery gone wrong, or if there was another motive. Rumor is that the men planned to rob the place and were angry to discover so many people inside. However, it is possible the murders were drug-related. Ida is sure that she had seen them there before, analyzing customers and the daily operation of the alleys.
Ida is convinced that someone knows the men who committed these murders.

Suspects: No one has been identified in this case. The suspects are described as Mexican, but they spoke perfect English. Suspect #1 was described as a Hispanic male who stood at approximately 5’10”, weighing 160-170 lbs. with brown hair and eyes, a mustache at the time of the killings and no detectable accent in his speech. He was around 28-34 at the time of the killings and would be about 47-53 years old today. Suspect #2 was also described a Hispanic male standing at approximately 5’6″, weighing about 140 lbs. and with gray/white hair and brown eyes; he spoke English with a slight Spanish accent. He was approximately 48-54 at the time of the killings, and he would be around 67-73 years old today. Sketches of them are available, and there are two versions of what they looked like on February 10, 1990, and what they may look like today.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the April 25, 1990 episode. It was also covered on an episode of America’s Most Wanted. A movie recreation, “A Murder In Las Cruces,” has been made documenting it. The suspect sketches were created by Lois Gibson.

Results: Unsolved. Since the murders, the bowling alley was sold and first renamed Sun Lanes, and later, Ten Pin Alley. Sadly, the suspects have yet to be identified or brought to justice. The manager of the bowling alley, Stephanie Senac, passed away in 1999.

“This is my hobby, not a job.”
-The Average Gamer

Changing Your World One Thought At A Time | Shaylin Segura | TEDxCarsonCity

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High School Junior Shaylin Segura uses scientific evidences of how thoughts and environment shape reality.

Shaylin Segura is a junior at Carson High School. Although only seventeen, she has seen the world from very
diverse points of view as she has been homeschooled, attended two separate church schools and 3 different middle schools before beginning at Carson High School as a freshman. She also comes from a multicultural background with a mother born in the United States from Italian descent and a father who came into the US illegally as a toddler from a Mexican heritage. This submersion with the array of kids and teachers and lifestyles that is her life has given her a unique perspective and a versatile personality. Shaylin is passionate about her business class and is the vice president of the New Entrepreneur network. She is also a national Lincoln Douglas Speech and Debate competitor, a tennis captain, and singles player. She has played the flute and violin from very young and loves tennis, camping, reading and her bustling family.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Food for Thought

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Dr. Mike Augsburger serves as Lead Pastor at Soteria Church in Des Moines, Iowa. The text for his message is John 6:1-15.
Chapel has long been considered the heartbeat of Cedarville University’s campus. Every weekday at 10 a.m., students, faculty, and staff come together for a time of dynamic worship and powerful preaching. To learn more and view other chapel messages, visit