Carol of the Bells (Epic Cinematic Piano) – Jennifer Thomas

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Carol of the Bells is a song that has been a favorite of mine for many years. I’ve sort of been known for

performing it around Christmas time as well, and so when I was writing music for my “Winter

Symphony” album, I knew I wanted to include this song.

I wanted it to be a very cinematic version of the music, and so it’s with great pride that this music video

turned out as beautiful as it did – because I feel that it fits the music so well.

This music video features the beautiful and talented 16 year old Carolynne May Guinup as the ballerina.

She endured some very cold weather dancing through the forest of the Olympic Peninsula in

Washington in the month of November. Give her a thumbs up for that! d And YES, we did haul a real

antique grand piano into the forest as well! Someone asked if it was “photoshopped”. No, indeed not.


“Carol of the Bells”

Music by Mykola Leontovych

Arranged by Jennifer Thomas

Orchestrated by Glen Gabriel

Piano performed by Jennifer Thomas

Orchestra performed by players from the Utah Symphony and the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra

Mixed by Brian Vibberts

Mastered by Christofer Stannow


Jennifer Thomas – Pianist

Carolynne May Guinup – Ballerina

Ryan K. McNeal – Director

Tel Stewart – Cinematographer

Alex “Splice” Jones – Editor

Will Thomas – Drone Pilot

Kimberly Starkey – Production Assistant

Noelle McBride – Hair/Makeup (The Moore Theater scenes)

Thank you to:

Urban Grace Church (Ballet studio scenes), Tacoma, WA

The Moore Theater, Seattle, WA and the stage crew

Ballet costumes – Erin Ceragioli and Tacoma City Ballet

Jennifer’s tulle skirt – by IBCBoutique on Etsy

Debra Heesch (The Paramount Theater) for helping us get the Moore Theater

Ron Southworth (my dad) for helping us haul a 1,000 pound antique grand piano through the forest.

Carolyn Southworth (my mom) for watching our cute kiddos while we filmed.

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Alleluia (Piano/Choir) – Jennifer Thomas Ft. Felicia Farerre & Ensign Chorus #LightTheWorld

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The Latin text is:

Alleluia, Alleluia (a praise to God)
Dignus est Agnus (Worthy is the Lamb)

In Excelsis Deo (Glory to God)
Et in terra pax (Peace On Earth)
Alleluia, Alleluia


The story of “Alleluia” is based on the scripture from Matthew 18:12 “If a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?”

A young shepherd boy loses one of his lambs and journeys into the wilderness to look for it, and along the way sees the star of David (the Christmas star), which leads him to the Christ child and his lost lamb. Anna, a runaway teen has had a rough life and is on a journey of hope. The video encompasses the feeling of peace and hope, with the idea that we are all lost sheep, and Jesus is the shepherd who does not let one lost sheep go astray.


Carolynn May Guinup,
(the runaway teen)

Garren Pocock
(the shepherd boy)

The Ensign Chorus
Rob Archibald, Conductor

Felicia Farerre
(soprano soloist)

Chantelle Oppie

Tyler Oppie

Ruby Oppie
(Baby Jesus)

Jennifer Thomas
(Pianist, Composer)


Ryan K. McNeal, Director

Tel Stewart, Cinematography

Alex Splice Jones, Editor

Adam Simmons, Bastyr University Drone Pilot

Will Thomas, Outdoor Drone Pilot

Kimberly Starkey, Assistant/Line Producer

Noelle McBride, Makeup/Hair

Jessica Chavez, Jewelry

Production Assistants:
David Knokey
Darren Branum (and Michelle)
Janaya Almquist
Diane Garding

Christmas Decorations provided by:
Carolyn Southworth
Mary Marrs

Wooden Manger handcrafted by
Brenden Cain


Featuring Felicia Farerre, Ensign Chorus
Original music by Jennifer Thomas
Lyrics by Erika Nisbet and Jennifer Thomas
Orchestrated by Glen Gabriel
Choral arrangement by Jennifer Thomas
Additional orchestration by Nathan Allen Pinard
©Tickled Ivory Music ASCAP
Piano performed by Jennifer Thomas

The Ensign Chorus
Rob Archibald – Conductor
Sheila Bateman – Assistant Choral Conductor,
Assistant Choral Arranger
Bastyr production team assembled and managed by David Sabee
Kory Kruckenberg – Lead Recording Engineer
David Sabee – Recording Session Producer

Select players from
The Salt Lake Pops Orchestra,
and the Utah Symphony
Nathaniel Drew, Conductor
Contractor – Rebecca Moench
Michael Green – Recording Engineer
MetCom Studios, Salt Lake City, UT

Aaron Ashton
Emily-Day Shumway
Martha Thompson
Kathy Langr
Rebecca Moench
John Shin
Julie Wunderie
Rob Landes,
Jakob Hofer
Jesse Massey

Dane Snow
Candi Wagner
Leslie Richards
Whitney Thomas
Candace Wagner
Danae Wardell Snow

Nicole Pinnell
Cassie Olson

Orchestral transcriptions – Sheila Bateman

Mixing by Brian Vibberts

Mastering by Christofer Stannow

Bastyr University – Kenmore, WA
Kol Simcha Sheep Farm – Sequim, WA
Dungeness Wildlife Reserve Park – Sequim, WA
Urban Grace Church – Tacoma, WA

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Frank Thomas – Biography

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Frank Edward Thomas (Big Hurt) (twitter: @TheBigHurt_35)

Positions: Designated Hitter and First Baseman
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6′ 5″, Weight: 240 lb.

Born: May 27, 1968 in Columbus, GA (Age 46.216)
High School: Columbus HS (Columbus, GA)
School: Auburn University (Auburn, AL)
Drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 1st round (7th pick) of the 1989 amateur draft.
Signed June 11, 1989. (All Transactions)
Debut: August 2, 1990 (Age 22.067, 13,416th in MLB history)
Rookie Status: Exceeded rookie limits during 1990 season [*]
Teams (by GP): WhiteSox/Athletics/BlueJays 1990-2008
Agents: Arn Tellem,Michael Moye [*]
Last Game: August 29, 2008 (Age 40.094)
Inducted into the Hall of Fame by BBWAA as Player in 2014 (478/571 ballots).

What Do You Hope? Campaign – Pastor Henry Thomas Wells, Jr.

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“Our church, the Kingdom Life Christian Church, is all about the power of believing. And I know Chesapeake Bank believes in us. When we needed to fund the purchase of our building, they stepped up to the plate and made it work. They were there to help us, so now, we can be there to help others. That’s my hope for the future – to keep working together, so we can all prosper together.”

Chesapeake Bank. We’ll help you get there.
Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

On the Lord’s Errand: The Life of Thomas S. Monson

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This biography of President Thomas S. Monson’s life highlights some of his great memories and experiences. Included in this video are interviews with President Monson, family members, and friends

In the office of President Thomas S. Monson hangs a painting of the Savior, a portrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ by famed artist Heinrich Hofmann. President Monson has had the painting since he was a bishop in the 1950s. It represents an ideal example—the Master after whom Thomas Monson has modeled his life.

“I love that painting,” President Monson says as he gazes at it yet again. “I feel strength in having it near me. Look at the kindness in those eyes. Look at the warmth of expression. When facing difficult situations, I often look at it and ask myself, ‘What would He do?’ Then I have tried to respond accordingly.”

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Ministry of Exorcisms – Father Gary Thomas

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Title of Talk // The Ministry of Exorcisms in the Roman Catholic Tradition of the 21st Century

The talk was given at Colorado State University in the Grand Ballroom of the Lory Student Center.

About // Fr. Gary Thomas, is a Vatican-certified, practicing exorcist. He was raised in San Francisco and is a long-time pastor in the Diocese of San Jose. In 2005, he was selected by his Bishop to attend a Vatican-sponsored course on exorcisms. The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, (Doubleday, 2009), by journalist Matt Baglio describes his training under a master exorcist in Rome, and also gives readers an inside look of the Church’s use of the rite of exorcism, and its role in contemporary life.

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Tess of the d’Urbervilles Audiobook by Thomas Hardy | Audiobook with subtitles | Part 1

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One of the greatest English tragic novels, TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES (1891) is the story of a “pure woman” who is victimized both by conventional morality and its antithesis. Born near Dorchester, Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) set most of his stories in the region between Berkshire and Dorset in the fictional county of Wessex. He was a controversial writer whose work often showed the result of flouting the rigid Victorian moral code — his novel JUDE THE OBSCURE was (allegedly) burned by the Bishop of Wakefield for its shocking content. Hardy was an unflinching observer and in TESS has left us some unforgettable vignettes of rural life in late 19th-century England: the slow death of a flock of wounded pheasants, the monotony of field labour under an iron gray sky, and the itinerant farm worker’s seasonal round. (Summary by Adrian Praetzellis)
Genre(s): Literary Fiction
Tess of the d’Urbervilles
Thomas HARDY

0:28 | Chapter 1
14:02 | Chapter 2
34:10 | Chapter 3
51:32 | Chapter 4
1:19:21 | Chapter 5
1:43:31 | Chapter 6
1:55:40 | Chapter 7
2:07:30 | Chapter 8
2:19:12 | Chapter 9
2:33:55 | Chapter 10
2:57:01 | Chapter 11
3:12:14 | Chapter 12
3:34:16 | Chapter 13
3:43:38 | Chapter 14
4:17:26 | Chapter 15
4:25:35 | Chapter 16
4:40:28 | Chapter 17
5:00:36 | Chapter 18
5:20:23 | Chapter 19
5:40:51 | Chapter 20

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Take My Hand, Precious Lord – Thomas A. Dorsey with Marion Williams

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Thomas A. Dorsey learned his religion from his Baptist minister father and piano from his music teacher mother in Villa Rica, Georgia, where he was born July 1, 1899. He came under the influence of local blues pianist when they moved to Atlanta in 1910.

He and his family relocated to Chicago during World War I where they joined the Pilgrim Baptist Church, and he studied at the Chicago College of Composition and Arranging and became an agent for Paramount Records.

He began his musical career known as Georgia Tom, playing barrelhouse piano in one of Al Capone’s Chicago speakeasies and leading Ma Rainey’s Jazz band. He hooked up with slide guitarist Hudson Tampa Red Whittaker with whom he recorded the best selling blues hit, “Tight Like That,” in 1928 and wrote more than 460 Rhythm and Blues and Jazz songs.

He was soon whipped into shape to do the Lords will. Discouraged by his own efforts to publish and sell his songs through the old method of peddled song sheets and dissatisfied with the treatment given composers of race music by the music publishing industry, Dorsey became the first independent publisher of black Gospel music with the establishment of the Dorsey House of music in Chicago in 1932.

He also founded and became the President of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses. He wrote his classic and most famous song, “Precious Lord” in the grief following the death of his first wife in childbirth in 1932.

It since has been recorded by such diverse artists as Mahalia Jackson, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and Elvis Presley, and was the favorite Gospel song of both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who asked that it be sung at the rally he led the night before his assassination, and of President Lyndon B. Johnson who requested that it be sung at his funeral.

Almost equally well known is his “Peace in the Valley,” which he wrote for Mahalia Jackson in 1937. In October of 1979, he was the first black elected to the Nashville Songwriters International Hall of Fame.

In September 1981, his native Georgia honored him with election to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame; in March 1982, he was the first black elected to the Gospel Music Association’s Living Hall of Fame; in August 1982, the Thomas A. Dorsey Archives were opened at Fisk University where his collection joined those of W. C. Handy, George Gershwin, and the Jubilee Singers.

Summing up his life, he says all his work has been from God, for God, and for his people.


Heartbreaking! Shawn Thomas’ widow meets his coffin at the airport

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18/02/2017 News…

Check Out Latest News:

Moment Shawn Thomas’ widow meets his coff!n at the airport…

Heartbreaking moment a grieving widow meets her hero Army vet husband’s coff!n on the airport tarmac – leaving a plane full of passengers in tears.

Green Beret Shawn Thomas, 35, d!ed earlier this month after a vehicle accident while serving in Niger, Africa
Married father of four, of Woodward, Oklahoma, was based in North Carolina
His remains were brought back to Raleigh-Durham International Airport 
A passenger on the plane filmed the heartbreaking moment Thomas’ wife placed her hand on the flag-draped coffin 
Said the widow wanted her to share the video, which she posted Tuesday online.

A heartbreaking video shows the moment a widow met her Army veteran husband’s coff!n on the airport tarmac, leaving a plane full of passengers in tears.

Green Beret Shawn Thomas, 35, an Oklahoma native and father of four who was based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, d!ed earlier this month after a vehicle accident while serving in Niger, Africa.

His flag-draped coffin was brought back to Raleigh-Durham International Airport and the fallen warrant officer’s remains will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. He had two Bronze Stars and four Good Conduct Medals, as well as other decorations for the time he served abroad, according to the Army Times.

A passenger on the aircraft recorded the moment Thomas’ wife, Tara, came up to her husband’s coffin on the tarmac – and later said the widow had told her to share the video so viewers would understand the sacrifices made by military families.

The footage shows soldiers respectfully taking Thomas’ coffin off of the airplane while the person recording sheds tears.

Tara, all dressed in black, can be seen through the rain-splattered window walking up to her husband’s remains and placing her hands on the American flag, lowering her forehead to the coffin.

More family members then gather around her, their sorrow apparent.

‘It was an honor to fly home with this PATRIOT!’ Lisa West Williams, who shared the video on Facebook, wrote. ‘God bless his wife and family. There was not a dry eye around me.’

The clip has now been viewed more than seven million times, with dozens of comments thanking Thomas for his service and presenting their condolences to his family. 

Williams told WNCT that Tara had thanked her for the footage and wanted it to be posted for others to see.

‘She wanted people to realize that this goes on every day,’ Williams said.

‘There are many men and women that come home in a casket and they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for us.’

The passenger recalled hearing someone else on the aircraft saying, as Thomas’ coffin was brought out, ‘Oh, another angel is coming home.’

Thomas was part of a group of soldiers deployed to central Africa to work with Nigerian soldiers against terrorism and counter Boko Haram.

A spokesman told the Army Times he couldn’t give more details regarding the accident that took Thomas’ life due to an ongoing investigation.
He received a Meritorious Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal after his death, recognizing the work he had conducted in Niger.

An obituary for Thomas states that ‘under his big beard, tattoos and giant muscles there was a small town Oklahoma boy that was grounded by his faith, strong values, and family’.

The soldier is survived by his wife, their four children, his parents, as well as his brother and half-sister.

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