GRAPHIC: Full video of Nairobi mall massacre reveals terror, gunmen shooting shoppers

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(WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) A second batch of videos released on Thursday (October 17) taken from security cameras outside and inside the mall on September 21 shows gunmen crossing the car park and shoppers falling the ground to avoid a volley of bullets as they entered the shopping complex.

Government sources say the material was obtained from closed circuit television cameras in various of the outlets in the Westgate mall.

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Forensic Files – Season 11, Ep 34: Small Town Terror

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A small town in Colorado is on edge after a series of deadly bombings, and police race to find the culprit before he strikes again. Ultimately, it was the bombs themselves, along with the tools used to make them, which led investigators to the perpetrator. Originally aired as Season 11, Episode 34.

Don Lemon: ‘Stop Demonizing People & Realize The Biggest Terror Threat Is White Men’

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“Although the leaders of the white-supremacist alt-right insist their movement is nonviolent, racist rhetoric and hateful ideas can inspire violence if taken to their logical conclusion. A lone individual, encountering white-supremacist propaganda, can become convinced that it is a cause worth fighting for. Timothy McVeigh read The Turner Diaries, a story of a race war written by a notorious white supremacist, before he carried out the Oklahoma City bombings. Dylann Storm Roof frequented racist and anti-Semitic sites before he walked into an African American church and gunned down nine parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina.”

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Take a Ride on the Terror Dactyl Canyon Swing! – Travel Channel

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Travel Channel’s Bert Kreischer takes in the Colorado scenery through this thrilling canyon swing.

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Terror on Church Street Promo

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TOCS was a ground-breaking haunted attraction in Orlando, FL. Opened in 1991 as the largest, permanent haunted attraction of it’s kind in North America, Terror ran for 8 years, 364 days/year frightening guests from around the world. AEO Studios’ Founder/Creative Director, Alan Ostrander, was part of the design team of this ground-breaking attraction. Alan was the Head Make-up/Character Designer (as well as performer lead and Show Manager) for the 8 year run of this Amazing Show.

Haunted Places in Indiana

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Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, and more! Check out our picks for the top 10 most haunted places in Indiana! The Hoosier State is full of the paranormal, supernatural, and otherworldly. From Notre Dame to national parks, bridges, cemeteries, and more! Enjoy!

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