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Thought we were late for the first Sunday mass (9AM Eastern Time), but turned out we were an hour early. LOL. Oh well, it was good then. Was able to take some videos and photos of the beautiful church.

Saints Peter and Paul Basilica is a historic Roman Catholic church at 214 E. 8th Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was founded in January 1852. It was raised to a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI and inaugurated by Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville on October 22, 2011.

Sharon Baptist Church, Knoxville – Morning Worship Service – January 21st, 2018

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Sharon Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This video is from our Sunday morning worship service on March 4th, 2018.

For more information, please visit our website at

Sharon Baptist Church has all licenses to play/stream music via CCLI and other licensing agencies.

Second Audit Of CoreCivic Facilities Begins Immediately

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State legislators granted the Tennessee Department of Correction a one year extension to the organization to grant time for two CoreCivic facilities to fix problems found by a state comptroller audit.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – Cottontown, Tennessee (Natchez Trace RV Campground) (47)

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Correction: Viewed from Cottontown, Tennessee at Birdwell’s Chapel Church of Christ.

At a certain point, we thought we were SOL without eclipse glasses but we managed to find a hardware store that had some left. It turned out that everyone and their cousin brought an extra pair and that it wasn’t such a big deal after all. There was even one person there selling them for $5 and we paid $7 🙁

It’s hard to describe the eclipse without being there. There was a lot of excitement leading up to it and it did not disappoint. When the moon began covering the sun all the birds stopped chirping and it was so quiet. Then we started to hear the crickets and the street lights came on. Our photos definitely don’t do it justice and unfortunately, we were ill equipped to photograph the event. Nevertheless, we did what we could to provide a little snapshot of the eclipse.

The most striking part of it was the sliver of sun visible around the moon and the beautiful wisps of solar radiation. We were also able to see a planet. There were cars and trucks driving by. People just going about their day. We almost wanted to stop them and say, “The moon is eclipsing the sun, you really need to pay attention to this!”.

The next one will be in our neck of the woods in 2024 and we will be in the opposite position that we were in for this one. Instead of being hosted, we will be hosting eclipse watchers in Montreal! Like Dori said though, who knows where we will be at that time. Europe, Asia, South America….who knows?

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American Road Trip Hyperlapse 2238 miles on i-40 from Tennessee to California

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American Road Trip Hyperlapse. We drove 2238 miles on i40 from Tennessee to California. We drove through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. These are some of the notable cities we went through; Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, and Reno.

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5 Most Haunted Places in Tennessee

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Tennessee: it isn’t all Elvis and the Grand Ole Opry (though those things are pretty awesome). There are more than a few creepy places and weird stories in this southern state. Here are 5 of my favorite haunted places in Tennessee.

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“Greenwood Cemetery Nashville TN 2013-12-26 013” by Thomas R Machnitzki, used under CC SA 3.0

“Emerald vintage mist overlay (9738586050)” by Pink Sherbet Photography used under CC BY 2.0

Got CHUNKY at White Oak Ridge, Chattanooga | MTB Trail Rider

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I went with the intention to ride WHITE OAK RIDGE which is a black (advanced) trail in Collegedale, TN and it was so chunky the whole ridge! A lot of fun, but the trail definitely humbled me! Gave me good insight of what I need to work on to become a better rider.

White Oak Mountain at Southern Adventist University have a large variety of trails and I think it totals up to be about 30miles if you rode every trail. Good green trails, couple blue downhill runs and the black trails really give you a challenge.

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The Israelites: The White Man Didn’t Write The Bible (Clarksville, TN)

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