NALT Christians: The Lords in Memphis, TN

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We want LGBT Christians, and all people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered to know that not all Christians believe your sexual orientation is a sin. We welcome you into our church, and there are many Christians out there who would be happy to include you into the family of Christ.

If you are here to comment about your disagreement, please do not waste your time. This video really isn’t directed to you. It is directed to the many, many people in the LGBT community who have been ostracized and think there is no church home that will accept them and love them for who they are.

If you are looking for a local “gay friendly” church, here is one resource that may help:

We also recommend contacting your local LGBT community center if there is one available to you.

Short Video Of The New Church St Pishoy Church Nashville,TN

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St Pishoy Church Nashville,TN Short Video Of The New Church
By Fady Adib Photography

Homes for Sale Oak Ridge TN | Oak Ridge Real Estate

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Homes for Sale Oak Ridge TN | Oak Ridge Real Estate
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Tennessee Homes Sale | Homes for Sale Tennessee

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Homes Sale | Homes for Sale Tennessee

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Homes for Sale Oak Ridge TN | Oak Ridge Real Estate

Trentham Cemetery Gatlinburg, TN

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My visit to the Trentham Cemetery in Gatlinburg, TN. I photographed the entire cemetery. If anyone wants any family headstone pictures I am happy to email them to you. Not all headstones are in the video. Some stones were very worn and I could not see the name on the stone.

part of St Pishoy Church At Nashville,Tn Taken By Fady Adib Photography

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St Pishoy Church
Bishoy Fam
Fady Adib Photography

Day 7 – Gospel Medly performed at the New Olivet Baptist Church in Memphis, TN

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Gospel Medly performed by the New Olivet Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir.

This music performance was staged exclusively for the Pickin’ Up Tennessee project, a multi-media litter awareness campaign produced by Scenic Tennessee.

To find out more about this project and to see more videos, please check out

Clarksville, TN 1999 Tornado Part 1

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Historic Find For Clarksville, Tennessee

On January 22, 1999, the morning of what many people consider to the be the worst disaster in Clarksville, Tennessee history, Donny Haskins took his video camera and filmed the disaster scenes and talked to people on the street. As far as we know, this video has never been seen by the public. Excellent footage of business and civic leaders, in that day, as they try and organize cleanup efforts. The narration of Donny Haskins is a sure plus with his funny, heart warming and off the cuff comments. Anyone who knows Donny Haskins, knows you never know what’s coming out of his mouth.
Think back of what Clarksville once looked like. This video shows the destruction and mayhem and how Clarksville came back, better than ever. Thanks to Donny Haskins!

Abandoned Memphis Tennessee Church UNCUT (DIHYW!)

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Join us, and we will explore the bowels of decay. Hospitals, Lunatic asylums, factories, old mills, and even prisons are just a few of the places we go. The great thing about my channel is I respond to comments, and I always invite you on my next journey. If you like what you see, come out and join me on my next adventure. Half the fun is on video. Most of it is between the camera clips. We jump, climb, and crawl our way toward fun. Let’s go.

Excuse me, but I’ve noticed some of your comments on youtube. You are very articulate, and I think you can help me. I’m trying to make my videos more enjoyable to watch. Would you might taking a quick look and critique it. Thanks for what ever you can do, and please subscribe to our channel if you already haven’t and are interested in what we do!!

Burt & Tom

March Church Security Seminar at Bellevue Baptist Church Memphis, TN

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Trailer for the 1st annual church security seminar held by Lionheart International Services Group March 13-14, 2015

St. George Church Nashville,TN Choir Friday || 02-07-2014

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St. George Church Choir Friday || 02-07-2014
Happy Anniversary to Fr.Serapion

Mulberry, Tennessee

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Mulberry, TN. Founded in 1808, it was once a fairly booming town. With at least 4 stores and 4 churches, a post office and a fire department, she was Alive with life in her heyday. Now, as Lynchburg and Fayettville grow, Mulberry’s population dwindles and shes slowly being forgotten. The last of the stores are rotting down, the post office is hardly in service and the fire truck sits out in the open, rusting away. It pains me to watch a once beautiful town rot, but time changes everything. So God bless America, and God help Mulberry. No copyright infringement intended, All credit for song goes to James Taylor. I do not own this song. I did take the pictures however.