“Worship The Lord” – Faith Temple Church of God in Christ

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Faith Temple COGIC, San Francisco, Ca. Choir came singing “Worship The Lord”

“The Power of a Witness”

Revival Fellowship Holy District Convocation
Sr. Administrative Assistant Samuel Bobo, Sr. – Superintendent
Evangelist Lena M. Willis – District Missionary

August 4-9 2013
Queen Memorial Church of God in Christ
1324 East 24th Street, Oakland, Ca

• Sunday – Musical
• Tuesday – Pastor Harold G. Dacus, Jr. – Pentecostal House of Truth COGIC
• Wednesday – Pastor Pastor Billy G. Dixon, Jr. – At Thy Word Ministries COGIC
• Thursday – Asst. Supt. Pastor Elmer C. Randolph – Zion’s Tabernacle COGIC
• Friday – Sr. Admin. Asst. Pastor Samuel Bobo, Sr. – Queen Memorial COGIC

Chandler Video Production
Gary L. Chandler, Sr. – Videographer
Email: [email protected]

(Drone) Hindu Temple At Marid Iowa, DJI Phantom 4 Drone Video [4K]

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Aerial footage of Hindu Temple in Madrid, Iowa taken in 4K with DJI Phantom 4 Drone.

You can also see Des Moines river.


Music by Bensound:

Unboxing video of this drone is located here:

Saundatti Yellamma Temple

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Saundatti Yellamma temple is in Saundatti taluk, Belgaum district, Karnataka, India. It is an ancient town and a pilgrim centre for hindus. Dharwad is the main junction to reach this place, many bus facilities are available from Dharwad to Saundatti. From Saundatti to Yellamma temple is only 5 km which you can get to this place by auto or by bus.

Pastor Bertrand Bailey Jr Preaches at 7 Last Words Service at Empowerment Temple

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Pastor Bertrand Bailey Jr. preaches “It’s Finished” during the 7 Last Words Service held at Empowerment Temple AME Church on Good Friday 2016 3/25/2016 in Baltimore, MD

Anticipating the Latter-Day Saint Temple in Bengaluru, India

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Often mistaken for a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Pranith shares his experience being born into a Latter-Day Saint family and growing up in the church in India. He offers his viewpoint on the growth of the church in India and the excitement of the Indian saints for the upcoming temple that will be built in Bengaluru.

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Zion Temple COGIC Memphis – Battle Of The Mind: Part II

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On 10/18/15 Pastor Rosman Randle of Zion Temple COGIC in Memphis, TN preached part II of a POWERFUL sermon titled; Battle of the Mind. In our daily life we battle against the mind on what we should do and just struggles of life. Through this sermon souls were saved, minds prayed for and the altar was full of souls crying out to Jesus. Pastor Randle invites you out to Zion Temple COGIC for prayer Monday through Friday from noon until 1pm and to Sunday Worship each Sunday at 10am. Hope to see you there.

Christ Church Apostolic “Pentecost Sunday Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly”

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Pentecost Sunday Service Sunday May 19, 2013, featuring Christ Church Cathedral Choir. Suff Bishop Shawn Tyson.

Lot of shaking going on, not me, but the balcony was rocking… I mean rocking.


Remains of Jewish Temple Destruction in 70 A.D.

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by All Nations Biblical Study Center – Offering Free On-site and Online Bible Courses – studythescriptures.net

All Nations Biblical Study Center was founded in June 2006 in Clarksville, TN, and has been established to offer free Bible courses to all individuals interested in furthering their biblical education. Classes are available on-site and online. The Study Center offers a Biblical Studies Program consisting of 25 core courses focused on the biblical text, highlighting its historical, cultural and linguistic settings. Since inception, All Nations has systematically taught through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and also offered courses in Biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek and provided a variety of biblical background courses. ANBSC hosts a student body from varying life-callings, denominational backgrounds and age groups that come together for the love of learning God’s Word in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Contact Info:
All Nations Biblical Study Center
1186 Fort Campbell Blvd.
Clarksville, TN 37042

The Satanic Temple is Bringing Baphomet Monument to Arkansas

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On August 16th, 2018 between 1 and 3pm on the Arkansas state capitol grounds, The Satanic Temple will host a Religious Liberty rally to speak up and demand that the Arkansas government respect the First Amendment and practice viewpoint neutrality in favor of pluralism, ensuring that all voices are held equal under the law. This is in response to the AR government’s denial of The Satanic Temple’s request to place their Baphomet monument on capitol grounds, even as a 10 Commandments monument was just erected earlier this year.
In a message to supporters, The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson and co-founder Lucien Greaves wrote,

Dear supporter of The Satanic Temple,

This is what it is has come to…

We are taking our Baphomet monument to the Arkansas state capitol next month. On August 16th, we will show the theocratic politicians that we won’t silently stand by as they undermine our fundamental constitutionally enshrined liberties — the liberty to follow our consciences, the liberty to forge our deeply-held beliefs, and the liberty to express our beliefs or disbelief, while afforded an equal voice, without government coercion or intervention. The Arkansas government is actively subverting this bedrock principle of liberal democracy and it is our duty to rise to the challenge.

The Arkansas government has erected a 10 Commandments monument on capitol grounds sponsored by an Evangelist minister in the State Senate who has been allowed to abuse his public office to favor his religious viewpoint in a public forum to the exclusion of other voices. To rectify the unconstitutional appearance of official favoritism for one religion, and to establish a respect for pluralism and religious freedom, we, The Satanic Temple, offered our Baphomet monument to stand alongside the 10 Commandments. The Arkansas government refused our request.

In addition to litigating against this blatant viewpoint discrimination, we’re taking Baphomet to the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock and will be there at 1pm. We need your support.

If you can make it to Little Rock on August 16th, we implore you to come and stand with us. Let’s show Arkansas we will never be passive while our rights are assaulted. Help us to demand that the Arkansas government respect the Constitution. Let’s remind them that Freedom does not exist conditionally. Let’s hold a rally large enough and loud enough that it simply can not be ignored. If you cannot make it to Little Rock for the rally, please consider donating to help offset the cost of this important event here

I will be traveling with Baphomet to Little Rock and I hope to see you there.

Lucien Greaves