Catholic Mass on YouTube | Daily TV Mass (Sunday, January 13)

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Msgr. Sam Bianco

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Daily TV Mass – Sunday, January 13, 2019
» Msgr. Sam Bianco

About Daily TV Mass:
Daily TV Mass is a YouTube channel from the National Catholic Broadcasting Council to provide daily live streams of Mass as a way for our community to stay near to the Church and our Catholic Faith.

Catholic Mass videos are uploaded every day. Please subscribe to our channel for notifications on new uploads.

Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School

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Mother’s Day presentation by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School – May 2015
Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare – Malayalam Mariyan Song

Chollunna nimisham mathavin chare
Chellunnu japamala vazhiyayi….
Kayyilirikkunna unni Eashoyude chare ee njanum irikkum……2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oreyamma…..

Malakha nirathan sthuthi sagarathil en swaram aruviyayi cherum…2
Nairasha vaniyil prathyasha pakarum panineer pushpangal vidarum…2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Chollunna………)

Akatharilekum aathma sugandham snehathil onnaya bandham……2
Manavarkennum madhyastham eki saharekshakayayi nilpu…………2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Cholunna nimisham……)

Recorded via phone!

GVUMC “Super Bowl Sunday” Service Highlights – February 3rd 2019

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0:00 – Prelude
0:48 – Call To Worship
1:31 – Scripture
2:25 – Anthem
5:38 – Scripture
7:19 – Message
25:07 – Response

Music, scripture and sermon highlights from the Traditional and Contemporary Sunday services at Green Valley United Methodist Church in Henderson, NV.

Video and audio edited by Ryan Harrison

Medhane-Alem Evangelical Church, Seattle – Sunday Worship 4/19/2014

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Worshiping and Glorying Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Corner Stone, Alpha and Omega at Medhane-Alem Evangelical Church with worship leader Gelan and all Choir.

Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living Sunday January 27th, 2019

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Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living Sunday January 27th, 2019 “The Light, The Light – How to Use It” with guest speaker, Rev. Catherine Bonin
Holmes is very clear that we need to prove the principles of this teaching in our own lives rather than take his word for it, and this means applying them in our lives on a consistent basis. This power for good in the universe is ours to use, It works all the time and It produces effects in our life as we believe. Join special guest speaker, Rev Catherine Bonin for her powerful message to wrap up What IS the Science of Mind? as she explains How to Use It!

Hope Of Glory – New Creation Church / 2016 Resurrection Sunday song gift

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Who am I
That You would know and love me
Sculpted in Your glory
Before my eyes could see
When I’m lost
Stranded in my frailty
Flesh and blood has failed me
You’ve come to set me free

Here I stand
Before the Great I Am
At the cross
I found my life again
Lift my hands
Surrender to Your name
O risen King, Jesus reigns

When hearts betray Your kindness
Still Your grace is greater
Than my wretchedness
Outstretched arms
A love that bled devotion
Mercy like an ocean
Drowns my sin and shame

Christ in me
The hope of glory
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Empty tomb
My love, You’ve won the victory
I live to tell the story
Of Christ who lives in me

DGK Amanuel Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Philadelphia – Sunday School Construction Story

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This video shows the story of Debre Genet Kidus Amanuel Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Philadelphia Sunday School Construction Story.